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    You've Got Some Mother.

    Tuesday, April 06 2010
    Dante lets out his anger, Kiefer meets his end, and Ethan is still on the hook.

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    Posted by da_kid at Tuesday, April 06 2010 04:02 PM

    I understand Sam taking her sister's side and believing her, and I understand all of you who keep saying "that's what any sister would do" but what I don't appreciate was the way she went over to Ethan's and kicked and hit him several times. That makes her no better than the abuser, IMO. Her reaction ticked me off more than anyone else. I don't even think she has the good sense to see that what she did was wrong. She's just like her dumb sister, that's why she believed her.

    Posted by mamajj at Tuesday, April 06 2010 04:04 PM

    Tipsy...Ethan had an accident involving Maya the
    first day she was on the show. So hopefully Maya will step up fast & let the cops know they were involved in a minor
    accident. I am sure it won't be to hard to figure out there
    should be some paint on his car. And I would think you would have more than a dented fender after hitting someone.
    Like hood damage...windshield know some major
    damage. But this is PC so what do I know??

    Posted by braash at Tuesday, April 06 2010 04:11 PM

    I have tried really hard to like Dante but I'm done trying. He is an idiot. Sonny was just trying to thank him and he snapped on him and even ended up punching him. You don't punch your father whether you like him or not. Is Dante an abuser now? And he criticizes Sonny for having a temper.

    Posted by mtnrose at Tuesday, April 06 2010 04:22 PM

    No, Kristina doesn't need to be punished for telling her "vicious" lie, she needs counseling. There is a weird mindset that occurs when a woman is abused and it's amplified in the very young. Humiliation and embarrassment is so overpowering. When you work in the field one of the first things you learn is the first story is almost always a lie... it takes real courage to tell the truth. I think they have done an amazing job with this storyline... it looked real and the story felt real. Both actors that play Kristina and Kiefer were excellent in their parts. Kiefer's tears and accusations that she made him do it...were a perfect portrayal of an abuser who rarely believe it's their fault. I didn't think either actor had it in them but wow, they did a great job. Bravo GH... I hope there were lots of young girls watching.... and thinking. And I really hope to see some apologies to poor Ethan!

    Posted by braash at Tuesday, April 06 2010 04:25 PM

    Blame Sonny for everything!!!! Willowk I completely agree with you about Dante trying to blame Sonny. Kristina did not blame Ethan because she was scared of what Sonny would do to him. She did it to get back at him. If she was so worried about that all she had to say was I don't remember. That doesn't excuse her for blaming an innocent man. Everybody on that show and the people on this message board just love to blame Sonny for everything. The only thing Sonny did wrong was to care about the crazy girl to begin with.
    Dante is going to feel so stupid when he finds out that Michael is the one who killed Claudia and that Sonny is on trial because he is covering for him. Yeah that's really a man who's selfish and only puts himself first. If he wants to call someone selfish he needs to look at his lying hypocrite of a mother. I can't wait for the truth to come out about Michael.

    Posted by Seaqagirl at Tuesday, April 06 2010 04:26 PM

    Sam, Sam, Sam! Best, or worst line on today's show came from, tada! Samantha Brainic McCall!

    Sam, after having jumped to conclusions yet again that Ethan beat up her little sister a 2nd time, and after Jason got her to shut up long enough to tell her that little sister lied and finally confessed that she was actually beaten up by her boyfriend, she said, "Ah, it all makes sense now". Brilliant! Applause, applause!!

    And the next award goes to her mother, Alexis, for not blinking a single eye when she heard from her teenage daughter that the boy she's been dating has been hitting her for months, and mother had not a single idea! Lovely parenting! All she could say was, "you're a beautiful, beautiful girl, and this was not your fault."

    The only person that had the most plausible reaction to all this is 11 year-old Molly, who's too innocent to even imagine anything but romantic fantasies about relationships, but had the presence of mind to be really shock to learn that there are men walking around in sheeps clothing. But as they say, "And the child shall lead them."

    Posted by aussie-gal at Tuesday, April 06 2010 04:30 PM

    Well finally Kristina tells the truth and not a moment too soon. Now we know why they had Ethan have the fender bender with Maya. She’ll now have to speak up and mention their accident.

    So Keifer flatlines. Good for him. Is that it for Keifer? I hope not, because I want to see the town turn against just as they have done w/ Ethan. But I do applaud GH for doing this storyline justice. It’s a message that needs telling. Kristina is a typical teenager who feels unloved. She would either protect Keifer so that he doesn’t leave her OR protect him so she doesn’t look like the fool for staying with him for so long.

    We all have to remember that everything that is happening is purely for soap storyline. It’s written that way to create a longer ongoing storyline to give the viewers more angst.

    Dante – gosh, I just love him! Way to go. I’m so glad he punched Sonny. That man needs to be put in his place. So he’s blaming Olivia for protecting Dante from Sonny’s lifestyle? What a great guy? NOT!!!!

    poodles, Alexis and that runaway Toyota….very funny! I’ve heard about the Toyota problems over there. Luckily, they’re okay here. Hey, I’ve got a Toyota.

    been, you’re too funny this morning!

    enad, welcome back my friend. Missed ya….

    REAL, welcome newbie. We’re a friendly bunch.

    da_kid, don't worry. I think that apology to Ethan is coming.

    Posted by FUBU at Tuesday, April 06 2010 04:30 PM

    Welcome Real
    Congratulations Smurf

    Posted by cowboys fan at Tuesday, April 06 2010 04:40 PM

    Da_Kid, your post is so right on the money.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Tuesday, April 06 2010 04:42 PM

    braash, I'm telling y'all. Ehan is going to end up being a lot like his daddy. Just watch and see.

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