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    You've Got Some Mother.

    Tuesday, April 06 2010
    Dante lets out his anger, Kiefer meets his end, and Ethan is still on the hook.

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    Posted by FUBU at Wednesday, April 07 2010 06:09 AM

    TN, Carly is about to lie on the stand in court to keep Sonny out of jail. Him loving Dante has nothing to do with it. She and Jason are doing all they can to protect Sonny and there for protecting Michael and Sonny needs to get his head in the game.

    What good will it do for them to have gone through all of this when Sonny himself will not help. It is understandable that he wants a relationship with Dante but Dante is a cop and a cop who is h e l l bent on bringing Sonny down. He is a cop that was able to fully infiltrate the organization and there for he poses a huge threat to Sonny and his way of life.

    No one said that Sonny should not try to forge a relationship with Dante but he needs to keep in mind that if he insists on staying a mob boss he has to be wary of his son the cop. Do you think Luke goes around telling Lucky all of the illegal things he does? Let’s be real here, Carly was right in calling Sonny out.

    Right now son or not son Sonny and Dante are enemies only a fool would forget that when your life is on the line and Sonny’s and Michaels life is on the line. If Sonny goes to jail then Michael will confess out of guilt, Carly is fighting for her child and so is Jason. Sonny’s is divided but he needs to get through this trial then he can start trying to break Dante down.

    Posted by Mrs. S at Wednesday, April 07 2010 06:10 AM

    Hopefully Maya Ward will tell the truth about the car accident that she and Ethan had, which should eliminate him as a suspect immediately. I hope the writers don't waste time on a who done it with Ethan as a suspect.

    Posted by enad19 at Wednesday, April 07 2010 06:15 AM

    Good morning fellow posters!

    Thank you 'Mafia, and 4myjylli. I am by no means in agreement with Sam when she attacked Ethan, but I totally understood the impulse. Then let us look at things objectively, if Sam had attacked Kiefer, many of us would be cheering wouldn't we. The only problem was that Sam believed her liar of a sister and attacked the wrong guy. Again, she was wrong. But would we feel differently if it was Kiefer's butt that she kicked. Many of us would be singing a different tune.

    NYDrama excellent post about Sam/ Alexis and how some people in the actual situation would have reacted. The only problem was that I didn't get when Sam said that it made sense when Jason told her that Kiefer was the abuser since she never suspected him in the first place. Now I just hope that they properly express their regret at how they treated Ethan and I am still waiting for Kristina to be shown the error of her ways. Sure, it was not her fault for being beaten, it is never the victims fault, but she definitely had a hand to play in Ethan being accused and going to jail and to some extent, she even had a hand in Alexis running down Kiefer, because if she had named him during the first serious beating, his scrawny butt would have been behind bars or there would have been a restraining order against him by now.

    Posted by enad19 at Wednesday, April 07 2010 06:35 AM

    Dante seems like a nice person and I am by no means a fan of Sonny's, but I can tell that sooner or later, Dante will be singing a different tune about Sonny. Everybody that gets close to Sonny tends to like and care about him eventually, even when its not clear to someone like me, obviously TSW have designated this nincompoop as the main character on this soap. However, I have to be fair and say that not everything that Kristina does should be laid at his feet. Alexis, even more so than Sonny should be blamed as well. I have noticed a pattern with Alexis over the years, she is an opportunistic user. She hates the mob world, yet she actively became involved with Sonny and had a child by him, she kept that child away from Sonny, wanting no part of his world, but yet she went ahead and married Ric, Sonny's half-brother/ mob lawyer. She didn't have any use for Sonny until Kristina became ill after Kristina got well; she didn't have any use for Sonny again, until Kristina was kidnapped, the funny part of it was that she practically convinced Sonny to use mob tactics to falsely accuse Sam of kidnapping Kristina. The only occasion that Alexis seems to have any time to think of Sonny as a parent to Kristina is when she is in the grips of a crisis with her. She knows the root of Kristina's problem. Kristina feels unwanted by a father who fought bitterly to keep his sons, she is ignored, but Alexis knowingly continued to give her child mixed signals about Sonny and uses the violence card when she feels a mind. She is and will forever be a hypocrite when it comes to how her kids are treated, when Claudia got ran off the road and Michael thought he did it, she was eager to throw him to the wolves, but as soon as it was suspected that Kristina was responsible, she said that the guilt that her daughter felt was enough punishment. When Sam told her that she spoke to Jason about Kristina being abused, she scolded Sam telling her that Jason is all about violence, but she clearly doesn't have a problem using Jason as a resource when he went to fetch her delinquent child.

    Yes, Sonny erred with his daughter because he should have fought for Kristina like he did for Michael, but at the same time, none of these people are model parents. They are terrible parents in fact. However, Sonny shouldn't be blamed for every bad thing.

    Posted by FUBU at Wednesday, April 07 2010 06:40 AM

    Enad, I could not have said it better myself about Alexis, great post.

    Posted by Ringleader at Wednesday, April 07 2010 06:43 AM

    I wanted to post on a few things. On Alexis telling Kristina that she did nothing wrong - first I have to start with a disclaimer, I no longer watch the show, so I may be assuming a wrong context in what I'm about to write - if so, please disregard this paragraph. I can understand a mother telling her daughter who was just beat up again that she did nothing wrong. I don't think that Alexis meant Kristina was NOT wrong to lie about Ethan being the one that hit her. I think Alexis was addressing the immediate situation of Kristina getting beat up and meant to say that Kristina did nothing to deserve being beaten up by Keifer when she said Kristina did nothing wrong. It was an imperfect choice of words, but a realistic reaction if you ask me. Many a parent wouldn't have the perfectly precise words for their child in a time like that, so I can understand what Alexis meant even though what she said seemed to be different than that. NOW, if Alexis doesn't later hold Kristina accountable for lying about Ethan being her attacker, all bets are off. But I will cut Alexis a little slack right now - only on that particular choice of words, though. The rest of her behavior is atrocious.

    I can see Sonny being PART of the reason Kristina did not name Keifer as her attacker. Even as a Sonny hater I won’t ever say it’s all Sonny’s fault (even though I’d love to be able to say that). But for those who said that since Sonny wasn’t around Kristina for most of her life, so how any of it could it be his fault, I’ll tell you how. In a very short period of time, Kristina has seen Sonny publicly berate, abuse and humiliate Claudia, and then order her death (when he told Max & Milo to “take her”). AND Kristina knows that her father very recently tried to kill a cop who turned out to be her brother because Dante had crossed Sonny. Sonny doesn’t have to have been hugely involved in Kristina’s life for the violence of Sonny’s world to impact her greatly. Sometimes in moments of crisis, things that happened more recently stick in our minds than the day in day out values with which we are raised. Not that I think Alexis should win any mother of the year awards for the job she’s done with Kristina, but I don’t think you can completely discount Kristina’s concern over what Sonny would do to Keifer as PART of the equation.

    I don’t think it’s legitimate to talk about Kristina’s concern about Sonny to explain why Kristina lied and said it was Ethan who attacked her – that motivation was completely separate from her desire to protect Keifer (from the legal system and Sonny). But I think it could be a legitimate PART of the reason for her not to have named Keifer. And no, I don’t think it was “okay” for Kristina to lie about Ethan and put him right in the middle of Sonny’s fire, but hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, right? AND if that “woman” happens to be an immature teenager who just got viscously beaten by her boyfriend who’s supposed to love and care about her AND who’s parents (or their families) have known tendencies towards vengeance and mental instability AND if that teenager has serious daddy issues impacting her decision making – well, I think you have the perfect storm for all heck to break loose. JMO

    Off topic:

    WOO HOO! Go Huskies!! UConn – where the men are men and the women are CHAMPIONS!!!! (gosh I love that T-Shirt!)

    The first half of that game was the ugliest piece of basketball I’ve EVER seen, but like true competitors and winners, UConn gutted it out and came away with a win. Congratulations to an incredible Stanford team who, along with Baylor in the national semifinal game, played their hearts out!

    Posted by Luv GH at Wednesday, April 07 2010 06:49 AM

    Haven't posted in a while, but I must say yesterday's episode was one of the best I think in a while. And it seems Dante has a little bit of his father's temper!! LOL!

    Posted by BlueCow at Wednesday, April 07 2010 07:13 AM

    I move that we put Molly on the PCPD...I think she would be able to crack more cases than the Keystone cops!!

    Posted by FUBU at Wednesday, April 07 2010 07:46 AM

    Ring, I could get what you are saying about Sonny being partly responsible for Kristina lying if it were not for the fact that girlfriend didn’t say I don’t know who beat me she deliberately lied on Ethan and she said it was because he rejected her. Now again how is that Sonny’s fault? And once again I ask who has Kristina known Sonny to kill or have killed.

    When he ordered Max and Milo to take Claudia he could have had plans to sell her to a sultan in the middle east for all we know. As for the yelling and abusive words most people who are getting knocked upside the head daily would probably prefer that.

    Was he really supposed to sit Claudia down and say to her, you know what you did was wrong don’t you? How many of us would have the ability as you so stated to use the perfect choice of words or behave in a perfectly respectable manner with that kind of news gut punching us?

    Most fathers would want blood from any guy knocking their little girls around. Kristina is not the first nor will she be the last young lady to protect her abuser and most women do it knowing that their fathers are not going to literally kill the guy. Had she really been concerned with her father acting like a mob boss shooting first and asking questions later then she should not have given them anyone’s name. So that means it is okay for Sonny to kill Ethan but not Keiffer? Girlfriend has issues and she can blame her father all she likes but the truth of the matter is her mother is largely responsible and so is Kristina. She is not a five year old still learning the rights and wrongs of the world. She knows right from wrong which is why she keeps lying as much as she does.

    The part the really gets me is this. She was more upset with Ethan for not returning her feelings and brushing her off then at Keiffer who beat the crap out of her. Can someone please explain to me the inner workings in the mind of an abused victim?

    Posted by FUBU at Wednesday, April 07 2010 07:47 AM

    Is there not one of you who think it was great for Dante to punch Sonny who think your parents would allow that from you if you did the same thing to them no matter the circumstances?

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