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    The Desired Result.

    Monday, March 29 2010
    Claire pushes Sonny's buttons, Spinelli gets his wish, Ronnie targets Morgan, and Alexis goes after Luke.

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    Posted by poodles at Monday, March 29 2010 07:09 PM

    meant to say dispicable.

    Monkey & ttoyou: I too, like maxie and Spinelli. i was happy that she wanted to return to Spin. Wow, it would be nice if everyone had that choice. A choice.

    Posted by ransomha at Monday, March 29 2010 07:11 PM

    silicon: such a poet!

    Anyone think to give Ethan a lie-dector test?

    Goodnight all.....

    Posted by Ringleader at Monday, March 29 2010 07:15 PM

    When AZ first brought up the idea to Claudia, she ran to Jason to try to get him to marry her instead, believing it was her only way out of marrying Sonny. I remember it clearly, because Claudia said while she knows Jason didn't like her, he was at least civil to her, where Sonny treated her like trash. I don't think Claudia ever thought saying no to her father's idea that she marry Sonny would have been an option. Whether she wanted to do it independently or not, I don't really know. The way the character was written she was so all over the place that I don't really know what her true desires were. I think that, if she did want to be with Sonny of her own accord, it was only because he was a stand in for her father - not because she truly loved him. I mean, what about Sonny was there for Claudia to love (those dimples can only carry a guy so far)? He treated her like crap both before and after they got married, he got her pregnant, denied his own child for months because he didn't like the mother, after she lost the baby at the hands of one of his children, he comes to her in her HOSPITAL ROOM to ask her to lie to cover it all up to save one of his other kids, promised her another baby and then, finally, reneged on that promise as well. Boy, I can see why I'm still single, if that's really what a woman would love! LOL

    So, one more thought before I sign off for the night about Claudia and Dante. First, I think Claudia trying to sleep with Dante was just as much about trying to stick it to Olivia as it was about trying to get pregnant to pass the baby off as Sonny's. In fact, I think if Dante had not turned her down and Claudia did get pregnant by Dante, I think she would have been perfectly happy to let Sonny know it was Dante's baby. Sonny's already got kids coming out his ears - including a grown adult son that he just found out about (Dante). But Sonny doesn't have ANY grandchildren yet - at least none that we know about (so far). If Dante did get Claudia pregnant, she wouldn't just be another one of his baby mama's (a large club by any measure) - she would be the mother of his FIRST grandchild. That might have been better for Claudia than the baby being Sonny's.

    Okay, now I'm off to bed for the night. I'll be interested to hear what anyone thinks of the theory I laid out above. It really is too bad we'll never know what would have happened. I mean, how long has Claudia been dead now and we're STILL writing about her. So much potential in a character just wasted.

    Posted by poodles at Monday, March 29 2010 07:21 PM

    What did Georgie have in her hair? Was it a feather?

    Poor Jason, after having to put up with Sonny's tantrum, and then Sam's ranting about Luke, he couldn't even have a peaceful moment to eat a hamburger at Kelly's.

    Posted by aussie-gal at Monday, March 29 2010 07:23 PM

    Hey everyone…..

    I know some of you will be shocked by me saying this but even I’m getting tired of Sam’s tirades against Ethan. I know it’s her sister but enough is enough. I cannot wait until Friday when the whole truth comes out.

    You all know I love Jason & Sam and I suppose this is just a temporary feeling about Sam. She’s my favourite on the show and it pains me to admit it her actions are wrong.

    Is anyone actually interested in Maxie’s storyline because I’m not. Same goes for the Liz debacle. Same old, lame old.

    You know, something occurred to me on the weekend. I think Guza is projecting himself in Sonny. Someone who likes to think he’s above everyone. Just a thought…..

    poodles, I agree with you about Johnny. He will be a target when Sonny gets off. Notice I said WHEN not IF because we all know Sonny won’t go to jail.

    Ring, glad you’re back.
    I couldn’t agree with you more regarding Liz & Lucky. They mutually agreed that they would make their relationship work. And, they would be monogamous etc. Liz has told Lucky many times that she loves him – well until the next man comes along. She seems to only love Lucky when she has no-one else.

    However, I can’t agree with you about Claudia. She put hits on so many people it became a joke. She was a cruel evil woman. There’s no doubt about it. Don’t forget that she asked Jerry to find Michael and bring him to her. And, I don’t think it was to have a chat with him. She had sinister plans until Sam & Jason saved him. She only got pregnant to save her own life because she knew the truth about her role in Michael's shooting was coming out.

    Hey yourself cbru, 4my.

    STORM, how is the P90X coming along? Have you lost any weight?

    Hi ENAD!

    Posted by luckyinlove at Monday, March 29 2010 07:23 PM

    Hello and good evening everyone. I spent most of the day sleeping, so I had to watch today's epi on youtube.

    All of the well wishes for my niece are greatly appreciated. She was released from the hospital today and is doing well. It was like one day they were not sure if she was gonna make it and a couple days later it's like she's closer to her normal self.

    As for today's epi-

    I am starting to back away from my total love of Dante. The look on Morgan's face said it all. You can be upset about what someone is doing, but to threaten bodily harm for talking to someone is out of line. I by no means like Ronnie, but to threaten to kill him what Sonny would do.

    Luke is the man! He genuinely wanted to help Kristina and she was going to tell him. Why did I know even before they went into the house that someone was going to interrupt them. Alexis(Natasha), as someone else stated, going all Cassadine will get you killed by Luke. I guess she thought it would scare him off, I hope he laughs in her face for that one. I know he won't because he understands she's fighting for her child. But don't think just because you are friends, Luke won't take your Cassadine threat seriously. People continue to take his kindness for weakness. BIG MISTAKE!

    OMG, Sam is on my last pregnant nerve. I just want to Jackie Chan/Jet Li her lately. LOL

    Sonny needs serious therapy. I mean he can't even control himself when he knows someone is trying to bate him. WTF
    What kind of mob boss can't control himself in front of company.

    Maxie/Georgie/Spinelli, I loved today. I forgot how sensible Georgie was. I have not liked Spin lately because of all the self pity, but today I was in love with him. He understands that he may not be enough for Maxie, but loves her enough to let her go if she so chooses to be with someone else. Now that's true love. AND YES I WAS CRYING LIKE A BABY WHILE WATCHING THE SCENES BETWEEN THESE THREE!

    Posted by Ringleader at Monday, March 29 2010 07:25 PM

    poodles - I agree that Claudia shouldn't have tried to trick Sonny into having a baby with her, but again, that is a soap staple. Heck, that happens in real life too (too often if you ask me). But Claudia paid a VERY high price for that act. She never expected to actually love her child, but she did - and then she lost him before she ever got a chance to hold him even once. That baby both awakened and broke Claudia's heart in a very short period of time and she had no one who really even felt bad for her about it. Everyone around her was only concerned with protecting Michael and then Kristina.

    Thanks to all for the well wishes on my renewed health. Now I'm going to bed so I can stay well. Goodnight all!

    Posted by luvsteplyn at Monday, March 29 2010 07:25 PM

    Sad Day for all today. First dear k is still lying about that trash, and accuse the man who showed enough class to help her. I remember Dante talking to Lulu at Crimson
    and saying he wanted to show Morgan and Micheal a better way to do things. Well today he proved he's Sonny's son.
    threaten Ronnie in front of Morgan not only scared him but,reinforced all the bad things he's been taught....
    GH you just ruined a good love story (Dante & lulu) and made
    me loose respect for the charter of Dante

    Posted by Monkey83 at Monday, March 29 2010 07:25 PM

    While I was no where close to being a fan of Claudia's (granted she almost had me a few times during her pregnancy) she really was doomed from the beginning. TPTB brought her on to the show to serve a specific purpose, and really didn't make her very likeable. They wrote her into a corner, and it was too late to try to redeem her. Like the Stacy character on OLTL, by the time people started to like her, we found out she was being written off the show. I really like there was great potential for Claudia, and it's sad that we never really got to see what she could do. I think her and Sonny would have made a great pair, maybe one that could have rivaled CarSon (please no one shoot me)...

    I've been trying to figure out if I belong in the Sonny hater group or the Sonny lover group. And I still can't figure it out. He's one of those characters that I can appreciate and he's a big part of the show, but I don't really have strong feelings one way or the other about him. I think it's partly because I can't really decide how I feel about him shooting Dante point blank the way he did. I don't like it, because I like Dante, but at the same time, Sonny IS a mob boss, and that's what happens when someone in the mob finds out they were betrayed. And I know that Dante must have at least thought that there was a chance something like that would happen. Like I said I just hated it so much because I knew Dante was his son and I really like Dante.

    Back to today's show. I was watching it at work, so the volume wasn't up loud, and it appears I missed something Maxie said about not having the spark with Spinelli or something. I did catch her say something to the effect of "no bad boy will love me like Spin does"...and it made me think for a minute that part of what she likes about Spin is how much he loves her. Not that that's wrong in and of itself. But I hope she's not staying with him just cause she knows he loves her, flaws and all. I want her to want to stay with Spin because SHE loves HIM... Sorry if that didn't come out the way I'm thinking it in my head. I think she really does love him, I just hope she realizes it before it's too late..

    Posted by Monkey83 at Monday, March 29 2010 07:28 PM

    See, ttoyou? our little group is getting bigger by the minute.

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