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    The Desired Result.

    Monday, March 29 2010
    Claire pushes Sonny's buttons, Spinelli gets his wish, Ronnie targets Morgan, and Alexis goes after Luke.

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    Posted by poodles at Monday, March 29 2010 05:34 PM

    Hi everyone:

    I guess Johnny is good as dead. Why would he take the chance, and lie about Sonny beating Claudia? I know he wants Sonny to pay for what happend to his sister, but to lie is just suicidal.

    I was thinking about Kristina wanting to drop the charges against Ethan (now I know we know he's innocent) but if she was my daughter, I would never agree, that it would be best to drop charges and allow her attacker to go free. I think it would be empowering to stand up and get an conviction.JMO.

    ****way off topic**

    FUBU: I think you could add color and interest by, anchoring your seating area with a colorful area rug. Also if your have lamp shades, replace with a color design. You need to create a focal point and I think your bay window will work. Could you tell me the dememsion of the actual size of the window and how many feet on each side. What I'm thinking is to extend the window treatments, beyond the window area and this will make the window appear larger. Also I think you should use simple panels, in contrasting hues. Of course pillows are a must. Use different shapes and textures. The use of art can really make a room. If you have a large piece, pick one or two colors and use these in the room. Remember filling a wall with art, photos, etc. to use large, attention grabbing pieces. Or you can group a collection together. What you don't want is, a bunch of small paintings, phots, etc. spaced out on your wall. Also, is it possible to use your ottoman, as a otttoman with your oversized chair? I would like you to have a coffee table, possibly metal, iron, or even a interesting wood. Your sectinal sofa is great, but what you don't want is everything to be to macthing. A coffee table would allow you to place color elements, such as a bowl of something colorful, maybe glass balls, etc. You want to achieve, Balance, Rhythm, and Harmaony. Balance-the size of your furinture and how it is placed. Rhythm-using one or two colors and pattern, and repeating it throughout your livingroom. Harmony is achieved, when the other two basic elements of design have been followed. I also forgot, your mirror sounds beautiful. Maybe using this in your foyer, by the door. I apoligize for rambleing on, when I was nine years old, I remodled my Barbie Dreamhouse, and have never stopped.

    Posted by ransomha at Monday, March 29 2010 05:35 PM

    Oh brother....Dante gets mad so he's like Sonny. Can't he just be a mad Dante? If he cooks dinner is he just like his mother?

    My husband just nagged at me and I told him he was being verbally abusive! He laughed at me.

    Seaqagirl: I like your style!

    Posted by Ringleader at Monday, March 29 2010 05:46 PM

    So, in rare quiet moment, I think I had a realization about why I defend Claudia so much, where as Sonny, well, not so much. LOL I think it's because I feel that the way the character (yes, I do know she wasn't a real person!) was WRITTEN was pretty sexist. TSW really wanted us to believe that in all the many, many years of violence and mayhem in Port Charles that Sonny and Jason have been involved with (either causing or defending), NOT ONE SINGLE TIME has a single unintended person (or innocent victim, if you will) EVER been hurt by something they did. Seriously, that's harder to believe than another return from the dead for Stavros Cassadine! What would that be, like three times now?

    But in the reverse, in the VERY short time she was in Port Charles, Claudia couldn't get ANYTHING - not one single thing she tried to do - right. To me, that came across as pretty sexist and simply out of protest for the way the character was written (compared to Sonny and Jason), I think that's a large part of why I defend Claudia. It may not be the right way to look at it, but I think that's part of it for me anyway.

    I agree that a lot of the things that Claudia did were very, very wrong. But I really don't think, in the context of Port Charles and GH, that she did things that were so much more horrible than many other characters. Sleeping with Ric in Sonny's house was probably not a good idea. But I really do see that situation pretty much the same as the Liz/Lucky/Nic storyline. In some ways, I think what Liz did was worse than what Claudia did. Sonny went into the marriage as a business deal, right? He was "honest" about it, so Claudia knew exactly where she stood with him - and that was nowhere. Claudia knew Sonny would show her zero loyalty and trust, so what right did he have to expect loyalty and trust back from her? And what damage did Claudia do to Sonny's "relationship" with his brother Ric? None, since they hated each other before that and still do.

    Lucky and Liz, on the other hand, had their whole relationship built on a foundation of loyalty, trust AND mutual respect and Liz violated all of that by being with Nic. Not only did it ruin Lucky's relationship with Liz, it damaged Lucky's relationship with Nic and put a good bit of strain on Lulu's relationship with Nic by forcing her to take sides among her brothers. Maybe Liz and Nic didn't do the deed under Lucky's roof, but the where is far less significant to me than the who (a brother you hate versus a brother you had a relationship with) and the what (condoned extramarital sex versus a behind the back affair). I guess that's just me.

    And, just to be clear, don't think Liz is a bad person necessarily because of the affair with Nic (just as I didn't think Claudia was an inherently bad person). I just want to compare the two situations objectively to try to show that many of the things that Claudia did (and was crucified for) were not much different or worse than things that plenty of other characters (ones that are well liked) have done on GH before (or since). JMO, of course. Everyone is free to disagree - that's the great part of this board.

    Posted by 4myJylli at Monday, March 29 2010 05:50 PM

    Ran and Cowboys fan, simple answer, yes I do have a list saved. In fact, I have a few lists saved because I post from home, work and my laptop. I pretty much know all the regular posters.

    Posted by Ringleader at Monday, March 29 2010 05:52 PM

    Seaqagirl - "The writers will do their "let's demean another educated, intelligent woman by showing that even someone who tried to put [Sonny] in jail is not immune to his charms"." - so true, so true! (and so, so very sad!)

    Posted by ransomha at Monday, March 29 2010 06:01 PM

    ringleader.....sit down for this...I totally agree with you! Liz's affair was worse then Claudia's. The best point you made was the Sonny hated Ric anyway....but, in a weird way that made Sonny hate Claudia all the more. At least if she was sleeping with a man Sonny considered worthy he may have respected the fact that she could attract someone "cool"...with Ric, he thought he was a loser.

    Posted by FUBU at Monday, March 29 2010 06:03 PM

    Ring, please feel free to debate any point with me I enjoy the stimulant. As for Sonny giving up control he did not handle Deke, Scully did and although it took his problems away he never got to deal with them in a healthy way.
    It matters that he was not the one to stop Deke. Yes he is very grateful to Scully but it took something away from him not to be able to do it himself. He did not stop Deke and he felt as if he should have been able to. But a helpless kid with no power and control can only do but so much.
    Police are in control most people think so but when you hate the police the last thing you would want to become is one of them. What is left of a kid born and raised in Bensonhurst, NY with no support group and from an abusive household?
    The police failed Sonny and the bad guys helped him when he needed it most. Like you said you probably would have went in the same direction as he did.
    Sonny’s world is crumbing around him and for most people that would send them into a state of hysterics. Regardless as to what he has done when your world is crumbing your world is crumbling.

    OFF TOPIC……………………..
    Thanks Poodles for the advice, I will try what you stated. The bay window is like 12 inches on one side 24 in the middle and 12 on the other side. I will buy a few pillows and some paintings. I will also use the automan as it should be used and bring out the coffee table for what it was supposed to be used for. It is glass with a hard wood/marble thing going on and round by the way.

    Posted by FUBU at Monday, March 29 2010 06:04 PM

    TN how about the fact that Ethan also did not have any bruising on his hands, the PC police department sucks.

    Thanks Mama my middle finger is stick itching to pluck her.

    Posted by Ringleader at Monday, March 29 2010 06:08 PM

    umakmesik - just to nit pick ('cause it's what I do best), Claudia tampered with that condom to get pregnant well before Dante ever came to town. Claudia tried to get Dante to sleep with her AFTER she had already lost her baby with Sonny. And NO, before anyone asks, I don't think that makes it any better or any less gross, but I'm a stickler for proper chronology.

    ransomha - I too think there are things that "decent" people just don't do. I think that "decent" people don't shoot cops in the chest at point blank range. But Claudia was involved with Ric BEFORE she married Sonny and he told her she could keep doing whatever she wanted after they married. When Sonny expressed such complete disinterest in what (and who) Claudia was doing, why should she change a thing - even if she was involved with Sonny's estranged half-brother. Sonny said he didn't care, so if he was always so "honest" with her why shouldn't Claudia take him at his word? I'm just sayin'...

    Posted by violetaflores at Monday, March 29 2010 06:13 PM

    Sonny really needs some professional help. I remember a doctor named Gail Baldwin who had a prominent role treating the disturbed citizens of Port Charles. I believe that Lainey is still Sonny's psychotherapist and if Sonny's family feels that he's on the edge, they have an obligation to call her. This dude is ready to blow up. Again.

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