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    The Desired Result.

    Monday, March 29 2010
    Claire pushes Sonny's buttons, Spinelli gets his wish, Ronnie targets Morgan, and Alexis goes after Luke.

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    Posted by ttoyou at Monday, March 29 2010 05:13 PM

    Tnbuckle I also have to question your comment about being left handed. I'm assuming you drew that conclusion because K's left side of her face was swollen. As a left hander that thought doesn't hold. Believe me when I say that all left handed people are ambidextrous. We can use either hand for whatever. But if I'm wrong about my conclusion please enlighten me. Seriously. I've always enjoyed your posts. &)

    Posted by STORM04 at Monday, March 29 2010 05:13 PM

    I love this guys crack me up...I was laughing so hard that my cheeks hurt...I am going to go do my p90x and I will post later.

    Hope your guys are having a great evening!

    Posted by Seaqagirl at Monday, March 29 2010 05:16 PM

    Rans - clearly you're a person of great passion and loyalty! Can't fault that.

    I don't think I've ever mentioned, but I've never hated Sonny - just hate who he is, and stunned that women fall for him like he's the last available man on earth. Want to bet that if the Claire char stays around she'll been the next woman (who should know better) to grace his bed? The writers will do their "let's demean another educated, intelligent woman by showing that even someone who tried to put him in jail is not immune to his charms".

    Posted by cowboys fan at Monday, March 29 2010 05:16 PM

    reina, Dante is using his temper for good right now. But what about later down the road. I'm telling you, daddy is coming out of him.

    Posted by ransomha at Monday, March 29 2010 05:16 PM

    4Myjylli: Do you have everyones names saved? Come on...spill....


    Posted by Canadagirl17 at Monday, March 29 2010 05:22 PM

    Hello everyone:
    Dramatic day on gh today. Sonny loses his temper.I hate that Johnny lied on stand. Sonny never hit Claudia.He didn't respect her. Claudia was mob princess. She did love her baby until it died.Sonny was s-o-b about it when the baby died. He said insulting things to Claudia.Then covering up for Kristina when she causes the accident. Sam was too much today.She was so mouthy. Shut up already Sam.
    Kristina was about to tell the truth. Rotten timing with Sam and Alexis coming in.Spinelli and Maxie was cute today. Come on Ladies we would all want to have someone tells us they love us(usually a husband or best friends)and that you matter to them.If you were in a hosptial fighting for your life.Morgan was nice to bring Dante a fav yankee mug.Dante was a protective brother.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Monday, March 29 2010 05:23 PM

    ransomha, I asked 4Myjylli the same thing not too long ago. That's pretty good.

    Posted by faith101 at Monday, March 29 2010 05:24 PM

    Johnny are you serious...? People who live in glass houses.!. Then to know that Michael killed Claudia & then to lecture Dante about Sonny going down for a crime he didn't commit? Please do a recast on Claire...acting skill are limited!

    Posted by Canadagirl17 at Monday, March 29 2010 05:27 PM

    off topic`:
    FUBU thank your kind words.prayers are always nice.

    Posted by Savannahnicole at Monday, March 29 2010 05:29 PM

    Did anyone else notice that Alexis asked Sam to stay with Kristina until she got back? I mean, clear as day, "Can you stick around?" Sam said yes, then her next scene is with Jason at the restaurant and Kristina's at the trial. What happened? How can you go on and on and on some more about wanting to protect your little sister and then when asked to stay with her, you go see Jason? It's not like she can say "Oh, well, Alexis came back so I can leave," because Alexis is with Luke.

    I didn't like the Dante and Ronnie thing either.Dante's whole thing is he's nothing like Sonny, but then he goes and does something ridiculous like, "I will cut you heart out." Yeah, I can understand wanting to protect Morgan, and Ronnie was seriously out of line trying to trick and eleven year old, but was it really necessary to have him get physical, just like Sonny would?

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