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    The Desired Result.

    Monday, March 29 2010
    Claire pushes Sonny's buttons, Spinelli gets his wish, Ronnie targets Morgan, and Alexis goes after Luke.

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    Posted by kingG at Monday, March 29 2010 03:11 PM

    I like sonny because in a way it like watchin myself growing up being abused theirs no mob for me to join but If anyone put their hands on me or my children honestly they wouldnt get a chance to do it again. And if anybody accused me of beating a woman i would be pretty pissed to. Johnny got on the stand and lied. jax is tell claire how to push sonnys buttons. i'm looking forward to sonny not going to jail and kristina she's been around her dad she know hes a good guy. Claudia lied until she died sonny always told the truth he would never love her and that he didnt want anymore kids she only got pregnant to save her own skin and johnny acted like she didnt sleep with ric and like her and sonny planned the baby. Johnny garbage and so in Candyboy

    Posted by Ringleader at Monday, March 29 2010 03:19 PM

    ransomha - I don't think that verbal abuse is equal to saying something that someone doesn't want to hear, I think it's more than that, but I can see how you (or others, not picking on you, just answering) would think the term is overused these days. There are certainly times when I agree with you. But, to answer the situations you brought up, yes, I think Lulu was abusive to Liz. Jax and Carly, I can't speak to because I haven't really been reading the recaps very closely and I'm not actually watching the show, so I don't really know what was said. Jax telling Carly that she was picking Sonny over her kids and him (Jax) - no, I don't think that's abuse -- of course, it depends on the way it was said too - if it was littered with profanity and name calling, yes, that's abusive. Just because a person is hurt or angry doesn't give them the right to spew venom at the person they're angry with or who hurt them. But, I think when deciding if something rises to the level of verbal abuse, you have to also look at the duration of it. A one time loss of temper in which someone calls someone a nasty name - no, not abuse, just bad judgment. Repeatedly calling that same person that same nasty name (or other nasty names) - yeah, at some point that crosses the line into abuse.

    And on Claudia and your "any DECENT woman" standard, what about Sonny being a "DECENT" man and not forgetting Kate from nearly the minute he married Claudia and almost immediately pursuing Olivia? I also would guess that Liz is not a DECENT woman, because she basically did the same thing? Granted, Liz and Lucky were not married (like Sonny and Claudia), but (unlike Sonny and Claudia) they WERE emotionally invested in each other and had at least implicitly agreed to be monogamous.

    I'm not sure how to express this without sounding condescending or pretentious or whatever (hazard of the written word versus spoken word), so I hope you (and everyone else) takes this in the spirit it's intedned. I find it interesting to see where you (and everyone else on this board, for that matter) draw the line in terms of applying real world standards to the GH characters versus not doing so. I've written before that each of us has that invisible line that we're just not willing to cross, even for a fictional show like GH, and those different perspectives make this board so entertaining. You seem to hold Claudia to real life (any "decent" woman) standards, while justifying Sonny's behavior in shooting Dante in the chest. I, on the other hand, am willing to justify Claudia's actions, while taking Sonny to task for shooting his son, THE COP, in the chest at point blank range.

    I've written before that I've tried to understand what makes me draw the lines I've drawn on what I will and won't accept in terms of soap storylines. I still haven't come up with a good answer, even for myself, so trying to explain it to someone else would be impossible.

    Posted by ransomha at Monday, March 29 2010 03:42 PM

    Ring: Don't see how you can compare Liz,Nic,Lucky s/l. One doesn't excuse the other. My point is, if she was going to have sex with another man, WHY on earth did it have to be Sonny's brother? AND...she was not opposed to going to a hotel with Sonny so, why have sex in Sonny's home? Don't you think even for Claudia that was low? Claudia was wrong about that in my opinion. The marriage was a business deal. They had a few good evening together but, Claudia wanted the title, and thinking a child by Sonny would wipe out everything else.
    While I totally agree with you, we let things slide on the people we like and want to hang the people we don't. But, the brother thing was not cool ( for Liz either) even though it has nothing to do with Sonny and Claudia's marriage. And I do think there are things "decent" people don't do.

    Posted by ttoyou at Monday, March 29 2010 03:46 PM

    Ransom, neither Claudia nor Sonny were/are decent people.

    Posted by ransomha at Monday, March 29 2010 03:47 PM

    ttoyou....hahaha ya' think?

    Posted by mamajj at Monday, March 29 2010 03:50 PM

    Hi all.
    Well the end of the show had me LOL. The whole trial is
    ridiculous. Did you see Coleman sitting there. He will never find Sonny guilty. And Alice writing in her note pad.
    Johnny lying. And what is Kristina doing there? Her
    mother needs to put her under lock & key. I mean if she doesn't want anybody talking to her she shouldn't be roaming around town.
    Sam is going to feel like such a fool when the truth
    comes out. Poor Ethan. Did you see the look on his face?
    Oh Jax don't you have a hotel to run, a baby to raise
    or a wife to divorce??? Go away.


    Ring..So glad you are feeling better.
    Lucky..That is great news about you niece.So happy
    for you & your family.
    Fubu...I hope your cousin comes around & does what she needs to do to get better. Just keep on her. I hope it
    all works out.

    Posted by Rody at Monday, March 29 2010 04:12 PM

    Sonny is so stupid, he would still be after Ethan, if Kristina told him the truth. He would accuse her of lying, just to cover up for Keifer. A hyperactive jerk. Excuse the expression!
    That's right Johnny, drop the bomb on him. And after he goes to jail, whether he did it or not. Let that not be the same way Ethan feels about his determination to think he beat his daughter, when he really didn't.
    What goes around, comes around Sonny boy. That's the price you have to pay for being a mobster. Keep on lying Johnny, So we can send this ham head jerk to the slammer.
    Why did you have to be a mobster. It was your decision. Nobody force or begged you into it. You paper gangsta. You's been a wanna-be since childhood.

    Posted by cbru at Monday, March 29 2010 04:22 PM

    Cowboys, ITA with your post today. Once again, we have the boohoos from Kristina. And when Alexis confronted Luke about going over the her place when she is not there, I was LMAO! When is she ever there? One would think that between Sam and Alexis, they would not be leaving Kristina by herself, especially since Ethan is out on bail. Alexis is still clueless and Sam is right behind her.

    When Alexis hits Keifer here comes another cover-up. Protect your butt at all costs lady and again accuse Ethan of something he did not do. I will have no sympathy for her when she admits what she did.

    An apology to Ethan will be the last thing on Sonny, Sam, Alexis or Kristina's mind when all this comes out. I am sure we will see much browbeating on how it wasn't their fault and Kristina will be patted on the head ad nauseum and told it isn't her fault. Oh yes it is. She has had numerous times to tell the truth and continues to lie. I think Ethan needs to sue all of them.

    Sam will now attack Ethan because he was talking to the waitress. Jason, I am sure, will stop her and then he will be in the doghouse because Sam couldn't possibly be wrong. Ethan needs to call the cops and have her arrested when she pulls this crap again. Sam is doing the same thing that she is accusing Ethan of doing.

    Spin and Maxie-boring. She finally admitted that the spark was not there and that she will have a hard time with that. I agree with fairyprincess. Put her with Johnny and bring back Winifred.

    Johnny lied on the stand today, but he also has been around Port Charles long enough to know that Sonny never has to take responsibility for anything. As far as I am concerned, with his outburst with Jason and today, the real Sonny is coming through loud and clear. As long as he gets his revenge, because in his mind it is what they deserve, all is well in his little world. This trial is a farce as I know he will walk like he always does, but I am glad people are seeing him for what he is.

    I had a problem today with Jason absolving himself of responsibility with regards to Ethan. He certainly has no problem with circumventing the justice system when he does Sonny's bidding.

    Dante is turning into a chip off the old block.

    Hi aussie, bean, been, beyond, da_kid, enad, FUBU, storm, monkey, tipsy, tt, TN, NYD, TX, mamajj, cynic, fairy princess, cowboys, hera, rans, ring, blessed, starlett, poodles and anyone I missed.

    Posted by BeanCounter at Monday, March 29 2010 04:27 PM

    Dante/Ronnie-Although I don't like Ronnie trying to get information out of Morgan, he was just doing his job and approached Morgan in a friendly way. Besides, Morgan was in the police station not at home. Dante needs to learn to keep his personal and professional lives separate or reconsider his career.

    Maxie/Georgie/Spinelli/Johnny-I liked having Georgie back if only for a couple of days. Nice scenes with Johnny and Spinelli talking to a unconscious Maxie. Sad to note that Maxie has a ephiphany so to speak and will not remember.

    Claire/Jason/Jax/Sonny-I have to give Claire credit. I would have run for my life if I was in her shoes. She just gave a salute and went to Jax for some advice which was good. I have a feeling someone's buttons are about to be pressed.

    Coleman/Judge/Diane-Love the judge in this trial and how he chatised Coleman for his comments about Johnny and Sonny. Loved the look on Diane's face when he repeated them to the judge.

    Claire/Johnny/Sonny-Johnny uses the Obi Wan Kenobi method of testifying pressing the button and there he goes!!! Have a feeling that the self-defense strategy is sunk.

    Luke/Kristina-I liked that Luke did not treat her with kid gloves but was still with compassion. I liked how he related his experience without making it about him. I had a feeling that she was about to reveal the truth until Sam walked in.

    Luke/Alexis-Alexis threatens to go Cassadine on Luke. Considering Luke wiped out most of her family, that isn't much of a threat especially from a wimp like Alexis.

    Posted by Seaqagirl at Monday, March 29 2010 04:36 PM

    Hi all - I guess the writing really is on the wall for Johnny. Can't imagine why he'd go to court and lied about Sonny physically abusing Claudia. He has to know that Sonny will come after him after this is all over, so I guess the writers are setting the stage.

    And as usual, Mr. Corinthos was true to form. The man simply cannot control his temper! 2 major outburst in a matter of a couple hours (soapland time, of course).

    And someone really needs to put masking tape over Sam's mouth. I am so SICK of listening to her. I know she's supposed to believe her sister unconditionally, but her behavior is so ridiculous. Frankly, I'm sick of ALL the Davis women right now (well, save for Molly). A

    Ring, Storm and Rans - I'm really enjoying the Sonny exchange between you guys right now. You guys know my thoughts on Sonny, so I won't repeat them here.

    Rans, I must say your unwavering support for Sonny is really quite admirable, if IMO, over the top. As Storm asked, what can Sonny do to get you to see him as he truly is? Is there anything that he does that you won't accept, or excuse away?

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