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    The Desired Result.

    Monday, March 29 2010
    Claire pushes Sonny's buttons, Spinelli gets his wish, Ronnie targets Morgan, and Alexis goes after Luke.

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    Posted by smurf18 at Monday, March 29 2010 01:47 PM

    I have to agree with cowboys fan at this point. Kristina has had plenty of time to do the right thing. If I were her, I would want Kiefer off the street and away from me. Every time he comes around she is scared of him anyway. Their relationship is toast. Sam seems more upset about things than Alexis. Way to go, Luke. But I doubt he will be the one that she would listen to. Where is Michael? I know she would listen to him.

    Off topic-
    thanks for all the support from everyone. We just take things one day at a time. Hopefully by April we can celebrate 25 years in style!

    Posted by bluemeeshy at Monday, March 29 2010 01:48 PM

    Do you think there was enough crying today? I am so sick of Sam. I'm sick of Kristina not being allowed to tell the truth. I hate how the writers are carrying out this storyline. I think two of the coolest parts of the day were Johnny visiting Maxie and Dante getting in a fight with Ronnie. I am so happy that Dante is showing his big brother status.

    I feel bad for Sonny in a way. He's upset about his daughter and he hss this whole trial thing going on and that witch of a prosecutor has to see him loose it. I still feel like Claire is not all she appears to be. I think she's probably got a skelton in her closet if you know what I mean. I missed Lulu and Dante being together today. They are one of the main reasons I watch GH.

    Posted by shakay67 at Monday, March 29 2010 01:49 PM

    Hey cowboys fan I'm with you on everything you said.Kristina is going to wish she had told the truth when Keifer attacks her again.Sam just gets on my last nerve.Your comments about her gave me a laugh that I needed.

    Posted by ransomha at Monday, March 29 2010 01:53 PM

    Ringleader: Glad you are feeling better.
    To comment on your answer to me about Sonny's verbal abuse. First off, I think that is a term that is way over used for anyone who says things others don't want to hear. If you feel Sonny was abusive to Jason and Spin then I guess you would have to say that Lulu was abusive to Liz. She screamed at her, called her the worst names in front of a hospital full of people. Was Liz being abused? Did Jax abuse Carley when he yelled that she was putting Sonny over her kids and him? When he was saying terrible hurtful things to her? How about Olivia screaming at Sonny in a restaurant, bringing up all his faults and past mistakes. Thats verbal abuse too? I guess most of us would be guilty of verbal abuse at one time or another.

    Also, Sonny may have told Claudia she could have sex within their marriage, but any DECENT woman would not think that sleeping with her husbands brother in HIS home would be acceptable. Come on now, she couldn't be that stupid. And I disagree that Claudia was better to Sonny then him to her. He was HONEST going INTO their arrangement , she entered it "with dirty hands".

    Posted by reina soares at Monday, March 29 2010 02:28 PM

    i love dante protecting his brother he may have a temper like sonny but he uses his for all lthe right reasons,thinking of other before himself, i would like to see dante just take morgan to his home neirborhood and show him how to play stick ball with dante family from his mom side. i am glad sonny lost it to bad he wont go to jail because he is be tried for the wrong crime. i like seeing geogie i wish she didn't die off the show they should have sent her a way so she had the opunity to come back, i am glad liz is ready to come back, and did you see the coming up stuff keifer finally gonna get his cant wait..and sam needs a time out

    Posted by TNbuckle at Monday, March 29 2010 02:31 PM

    Hi GH friends. I don't get a chance to get on much lately so please forgive me if anyone else has already said this.

    Ever since the day of Kristina's attack, I've been wondering how long its going to take someone (anyone!) to notice that she had to have been attacked by someone who is left-handed. The first thing I would have done as the cop would be to find out if Ethan is left-handed. When it wasn't mentioned I thought maybe lucky was in shock about his brother being accused but it would occur to him eventually. Still nothing. Has anybody else had these thoughts??

    Posted by ransomha at Monday, March 29 2010 02:34 PM

    Johnny lied on the stand so what good is his testimony ? So sick of Claire and this trial. With a juror like Coleman, this whole case is mute. Why waste time?

    Ronnie was way out of line trying to trick a kid. How does a mob bosses kid just walk around town alone anyway?

    FUBU: Good post on Sonny yesterday. I need you....NYDRAMA...could use a little help here! FUBU...put your trust in HIM....

    Posted by reina soares at Monday, March 29 2010 02:34 PM

    i cracked up laughing when sonny said about the justice system, kristina is at faught not the system may the department for children is at faught for letting sonny into his kids lives and or the damage he done. even morgan knew not to say anything to the cops even if the cops were wrong it already program into him. the juror were funny to and as a juror myself it is nothing like that.comedy in the afternoon

    Posted by leather at Monday, March 29 2010 02:43 PM

    Sam i have back you up on all occasions,What i gave you ,give to Ethan.
    Sonny i hope you go to prison.
    Spin,i can't wait until your off the scene.
    Johnny go to it.
    Danti protect your brother,Its not the first time you told people to leave Morgan alone.
    Jason please give the information out about Kiefer and the Kill him.

    Posted by velvetmom at Monday, March 29 2010 03:03 PM

    I've noticed that Kristina always seems to want to come clean with people other than her mother and her sister, Carly, Lucky and Luke. I'm really not liking Sam or Alexis right now. Too much talking and not enough listening is going on. Jason immediately saw the discrepancy in Krissie's story - why didn't Sam the P.I. notice it? I'm sure that once the truth comes out neither Sam or Alexis will go to Ethan and Luke to apologize. I know from reading various spoilers that Alexis is going to find Kristina beaten up again this week and that Kiefer is the one who did it and in her haste to get her daughter to the hospital she (Alexis) is going to accidentally hit Kiefer with her car and NOT STOP! Sam is going to encourage her mother to keep quiet and once again, Ethan is going to be arrested because he's going to have a dent on his bumper. I hope that Kristina tells the truth on Friday.

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