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It's Up To You Maxie.

Friday, March 26 2010
Maxie gets a special visitor, Claire witnesses Sonny's rage, and Ethan is set free.

At the police station, Alexis tells Dante and Lucky that Kristina is not pressing charges so Ethan can be released. Dante tells Ethan he's free to go and while they process his paperwork, Luke thanks Alexis, who makes it clear it's her daughter's choice, not hers. Ethan comes out and Luke drags him away.

While at Kelly's, Kiefer and Sam discuss Kristina's decision not to press charges. Kristina gets upset and runs off.

Sam brings Kristina home and they learn from Alexis that Ethan has been released. Alexis tells Kristina she dropped the charges because she respects and believes in her.

Ethan and Luke find Tracy at the Haunted Star who still isn't convinced of Ethan's innocence. She tells Luke he's giving Ethan the benefit of doubt, but Sonny might not be so generous. They discuss the situation and Luke tells his son he is the only one who will believe he is innocent until Kristina tells the truth. Alexis comes to see Ethan to warn him away from her daughter. If he contacts her in any way and Sonny finds out, how he deals with it will be up to him.

Luke visits Kristina to ask her to tell the truth.

Sonny tells Jason he wants Kristina to heal, so if that means he lets the case go to court, he can live with that. Carly walks in the house to tell them Michael knows about Kristina and wants to come home. Carly thinks letting them talk to each other will help both of them, but Sonny worries Michael will tell his sister that he killed Claudia. Jason informs them all the kids already know. Sonny is hopeful he'll be acquitted because there is no one Claire can put on the stand who can hurt him. Jason leaves and Carly talks to Sonny about Luke, Ethan and how what happened to Kristina relates to Sonny's past. Sonny is confident the evidence will convict Ethan, but Carly reminds him Kristina might not want the same kind of justice he does. He says neither he nor any of his children will ever feel trapped and helpless again.

In the garage, Claire tells Johnny she won't put him on the stand because his testimony will make Sonny seem persecuted. He becomes furious, but Claire says Dante was right – he's too volatile to be a good witness. Johnny retorts Dante's only objective is to protect his father. Claire will take the warning under advisement, but tells him he still won't testify.

Jason goes to the restaurant and meets Conan who just started working there because his uncle knows Bernie. Conan has big plans for the place, but Jason cuts him off as Lucky comes in and tells Jason Ethan is free. He wants Jason to go to bat for Ethan with Sonny. Claire comes in and Lucky makes his exit. Claire gives Jason the list of questions he may be asked if he's called to testify for the prosecution.

Dante sees Morgan at Kelly's who questions him about Sonny's trial and if Dante wants him to go to prison. They sit down to talk as Sonny walks in and tries to make Morgan understand Dante's job and the situation better. Sonny will accept whatever happens, but he will regret that he and Dante never got a chance to know each other. Dante gets up to leave and Morgan says the jury will see that Sonny is not guilty and then the three of them can go to a Yankees game. Dante somberly says the Yankees will have a good year and leaves.

Sonny and Jason meet up in the office and Sonny learns the charges against Ethan have been dropped because Kristina doesn't want to go through a trial. Claire comes upon them as Sonny tears the room apart and tells Jason he wants Ethan dead.

Dante finds his mother at the police station who is waiting for Claire and he tells her about talking with Sonny and Morgan. As they chat, Johnny barges in wondering how far Dante is willing to go to protect his father.

Lulu brings some magazines to Maxie in the hospital and tells her she looks beautiful. She may have some bed head, but she wears it well. Maxie wants to hear about her and Dante, so Lulu confesses they still haven't had sex, but she really loves him. Maxie suggests she not sabotage herself and confides in Lulu that Spinelli knows about her thing for bad boys and that's how they ended up in the storm drain in the first place, as Spinelli wheels himself in. Lulu leaves as Spinelli shows Maxie a photo of a flower that he's not allowed to bring in, but it will welcome her home. Spinelli blames himself for putting her in the hospital, but Maxie is thankful he never gave up on her and just loved her. He thinks it sounds like she's saying goodbye and he won't allow it. Spinelli leaves after Maxie falls asleep. Georgie appears to Maxie who assumes she came for her. Georgie replies, "That's up to you Maxie."

Out in the hall, Robin tells Lulu Maxie's blood pressure is really low so they have to watch out for organ failure. She adds they have to have hope, but they aren't sure she will pull through.

Carly finds an upset Lulu at Kelly's who tells her Maxie might not make it. Carly tries to reassure her everything will be okay, but Lulu isn't convinced. Carly assures her she's there for her and Lulu is grateful the trial hasn't come between them. Carly tells her no man will ever come between them.

Next on General Hospital:

Claire goes to Jax for advice.

Alexis warns Luke.

Dante finds Ronnie questioning Morgan.

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