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    It's Up To You Maxie.

    Friday, March 26 2010
    Maxie gets a special visitor, Claire witnesses Sonny's rage, and Ethan is set free.

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    Posted by bubbles895 at Friday, March 26 2010 04:37 PM

    Did anyone else find the exchange among Sonny, Carly, and Jason comical? Jason telling them why he didn't let them know about Michael's confession to the siblings was hilarious. He sounded just plain irritated by the entire mess. And I agree with the lawyer/poster about a normal DA not having the time to run around like Claire does. If she opens her mouth about seeing Sonny's out of court rampage, she'd become a fact witness and be off the case. We'll see Monday. Come on writers!

    Posted by 20yrfan at Friday, March 26 2010 04:40 PM

    Is it me, or is Spenelli the most pathetic winny little jerk you've ever seen? Maxie's life is on the line and all he can do is go on and on about 'poor little insignificant me'....GIVE IT A REST! NO WONDER MAXIE'S DYING...HE'S GETTING ON MY LAST NERVE! WHAT A TURN OFF...ARGHHHHH!!!

    Posted by poodles at Friday, March 26 2010 05:01 PM

    Mama: I sure hope he is not still in the hospital. There are women who give birth after 20hrs of labor and their insurance puts them out in a day. I only stayed two days after giving birth to twins. Maybe Jason, drops him off in the morning, puts him in that huge wheelchair and rolls to the elavator...and then picks him up in the eveing. Does he still live with Jason?

    ****Spoiler talk****

    Just heard from runnergirl--Keifer is a victim of a hit-and-run. Does anyone think Michael has made it back? Also Jason and Sam have relationship problems...I tell ya, not much to look forward to.

    Posted by Deeya at Friday, March 26 2010 05:04 PM

    **** Spoiler talk****

    I read that on 3/31 Tracy will be taking Ethan out of town with her so it's looking like Ethan won't be around when Kristina is attacked again by Keifer.

    I also read that Helena is going to tamper with the second test results and will be there when Liz opens them.

    So I guess the baby thing is going to be dragged out. Not looking forward to it. But on a good note, Ethan will no longer be a scapegoat for Kristina getting the smack down.

    Posted by BeanCounter at Friday, March 26 2010 05:05 PM

    Ethan/Luke/Tracy-I am glad that Ethan was released but unfortunately Ethan will still be Branded(remember the TV series with Chuck Connors) as a man who beat a teenager. I am glad that Luke is standing by Ethan but I am a bit surprised that Tracy isn't sure of his innocence. Unfortunately she is dead on about Sonny.

    Sonny/Jason/Carly-I really shouldn't have been too surprised when Carly and Sonny realized that Morgan, Kristina and Molly knew about Michael that they were more concerned about the truth being revealed then the fact that two young children should even know.

    Claire/Johnny/Jason/Sonny-I think it was smart of Claire to anticipate Diane's questions and see how Johnny would respond on the stand. Johnny's reaction would have jurors thinking about Claudia being out of control and support Sonny's defense. I do like the way she served Jason with a subpoena and disregarded the "if looks could kill" stone cold stare. She even witnesses Sonny's tirade. I hope she makes it out alive.

    Lulu/Maxie/Spinelli/Robin/Georgie/Carly-I love how the people in Maxie's life is rallying around her. It was nice to see Lulu care so much about someone she once considered a enemy. I was glad that Carly and Lulu vowed that no man should come between them. Also nice to see Georgie. Lindze should be allowed to come back in another role. I would suggest coming as a counselor who helps Kristina.

    Kristina/Luke-I am glad that he isn't treating her with kid gloves. She really needs to tell the truth.

    Claudia-I considered her to have been abused by Sonny verbally if not physically. After their one night stand, he called her vicious names. During their marriage, he was quite eager to have sex with her then acted as if she tricked him into it. He also witnessed how Anthony treated her and although he defended her, it didn't stop him from doing the same. As for the carnival, she didn't see Kristina and didn't leave her to die. As for Franco, I remember Claudia's death stare (eyes were wide open) and it looked as if she died instantly from the blow from the ax handle.

    Posted by mamajj at Friday, March 26 2010 05:18 PM

    Poodles..LMAO Pushes him to the elevator. That was funny.
    Yeah I think he still lives w/Jason.


    Deeya.. Oh I hope what you say is true & he has a good alibi.
    But like I posted earlier I read Keifer is exposed as the
    abuser. Fingers crossed.

    Posted by BeanCounter at Friday, March 26 2010 05:23 PM

    Hi Seaqagril, My hand is raised.

    Happy Birthday 4myjylli!

    Ransomha, say hello to Johnny for me.

    Poodles, I have two cats and I keep them out of the utility room. I do have to change the air filters. I have to be careful doing that as well. When I changed one of the filters, the cat I had at the time jumped into the hole. Fortunately, I had quick reflexes and caught her. I put Luke and Leia on the porch when I change filters.

    Posted by mamajj at Friday, March 26 2010 05:30 PM

    Bean...Luke & Leia... OMG so cute.
    Mr. Peanut likes the freezer & the fridge.
    Funny Kitties.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY 4myjylli.

    Posted by cbru at Friday, March 26 2010 06:02 PM

    Hey Seaqagirl-count me in too. This is just so vintage Sonny. Whenever he has to justify what he does, he brings up his past. Unlike Luke, Sonny always blames his actions on someone else. And after his tirade today, I continue my dislike. No one can tell him anything because what he says goes. Personally, if Sonny does kill Ethan or have his gofer Jason, do it, I would think Luke would be justified in putting a bullet into Sonny. Hopefully, that would shut him up!

    I really hope it is true about Ethan being gone when Keifer beats the crap out of Kristina again. I want to see all these self-righteous who could never be wrong people groveling at his feet-Alexia, Sonny, Sam and that annoying little twit, Lulu.

    Kristina needs to pay for all the havoc she has wreaked-fat chance of that happening. All the adults in her life will be smacking themselves upside the head and telling her they should have seen the signs earlier. K will get patted on the head and told it wasn't her fault that she lied-BULL!

    Does suck up Sonny actually think Dante will forget that he shot him point blank?? Too bad Dante didn't witness this latest episode with his poor, misunderstood father.

    I am not a lawyer, but I was scratching my head when Claire gave Jason a list of questions. I know this is lala land, but do TPTB really think the viewers are that stupid?

    I agree with the other posters. Spin and his poor me, pathetic persona is way past annoying. He needs to grow up!

    Georgie and Dylan should both come back. Glad everyone is going to there for Maxie.

    Hi aussie, bean, been, beyond, enad, FUBU, da_kid, tipsy, lovely, poodles, cynic, hera, rans, ring, storm, mamajj, monkey, lucky, starlett, tt, TN, NYD, TX and anyone else I missed. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

    Posted by STORM04 at Friday, March 26 2010 06:07 PM

    Sonny is a total PSYCHO! I think being polar is the least of his problem…LMAO…what a wack job! (I can’t stop laughing)… And please let me apologize upfront for my language, because this is unreal! I really hope I do not offend anyone.

    SONNY TO MORGAN: "I am proud of Dante”

    Really sonny? Which part Sonny? The cop part or the part that he lied about you shooting him point blank like a dog? Somehow I incline to think it is the latter and not that the former, because I am sure if Dante was not your son you would not be singing that tune, because he would have been six feet under and you would not lose one night off sleep over it.

    I stand corrected, there is something more pathetic than a man with no self confidence….it is a man who is a total hypocrite…excuse my language, but what B I T C H thing for a man to be talking out of both side of his mouth who claims to be a mobster to be reckon with
    And I just love the fact that 3 adults are discussing and almost seems proud that a group of CHILDREN knows about a murder and have not spill the beans…WTF…these people had NO BUSINESS pro-creating…IMO THEY ARE THE WORSE PARENTS IN THE WORLD... NO… THE UNIVERSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And may I be a little presumptuous here:

    SONNY: God, why did this happen to my daughter?

    GOD: I am sorry Sonny, I just had some trivial issues to deal with and I apologize for that… please do not be angry and lose your temper and start throwing things around. I am really really really sorry….there was this stupid earthquake in Haiti and other one in Chile…some stupid people in some third world countries was praying and wondering where their next meal was going to come from …and something about clean water and HIV epidemic in Africa….anyway, I am just sorry that you did not have my undivided attention, since that is what you are so deserving off…I really hope you can forgive…I really do. What can I do for you? Strike Ethan dead? But Sonny isn’t that going to devastate your daughter? I thought you wanted to protect her? And I know I was busy, but I thought she asked you not to kill Ethan and you promised , but then again you have promised me many times that you would make changes in your life? I think it was when Kristina was in the hospital, and again when you shot Carly in the heard, and then there was when Michael got shot, and most recently when you shot Dante…so please forgive me, but I am beginning to wonder if this is a pattern!

    DANTE- Please turn in your bad and spare all of the humiliation of becoming of watching you becoming another corrupt cop…PLZZZZZZ… I beg you!

    I cannot believe that Kristina was about to close the door on Luke…that girl got some serious cohones

    Sonny freaking out and ordering Jason to kill Ethan while tearing his office apart- Predictable

    Jason standing there cool, calm and collect-expected

    Clair standing there …Priceless…

    (Not sure if is it is good as the MasterCard commercials, but I had to give a try, because that last scene was PRICELESS)!

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