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    It's Up To You Maxie.

    Friday, March 26 2010
    Maxie gets a special visitor, Claire witnesses Sonny's rage, and Ethan is set free.

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    Posted by poodles at Friday, March 26 2010 02:36 PM

    Hi been. where have you been...we missed your comments.

    Posted by aussie-gal at Friday, March 26 2010 02:37 PM

    dietcoker, actually you're wrong. I looked up Jason & Liz's kiss and a couple of updates around that time and the comments when they kissed were 41 (August 29, 2008). I looked at random dates throughout 2008 when they were together and comments ranged between 30-50 not 300! I'm not sure where you got your information from.

    But, if you look at it that way, there are more comments now that Jason & Sam are together - sometimes even over 100 depending on episode.

    On topic:

    I'm glad that Claire witnessed Sonny's tantrum too. I still don't know if Sonny would plan to kill Ethan if he promised his daughter and Alexis he wouldn't.

    I cannot wait until this all comes out in the open.

    Seaquagirl: hand raised!

    poodles, thanks!

    FUBU, my best wishes to your cousin.

    Posted by Butterflyrose34 at Friday, March 26 2010 02:45 PM

    Forgot to say I feel bad for Jason. He has to listen to Sam go on and on about kristina and how she was abused too so she understands what her sister is going through and how Ethan should pay and then she has to listen to Sonny saying essentially the same thing all the while knowing Ethan is innocent and not able to say so because both Sam and sonny or so volitile. Then he has to keep Carly in check, keep Micheal on the island, make sure buisness is running smoothyly and get ready to testify at sonny's trail! (by the way I've never heard of a prosecutor giving witness a list of the questions she's going to ask. Does anyone know if this is a common practice? Somehow I think not) Jason must be exhausted. I wouldn't blame him if he got on his motorcycle and skipped town and let everyone clean up their own messes for awhile. Poor guy deserves a life of his own for a change.

    Posted by NYDrama at Friday, March 26 2010 02:57 PM

    Hi kids!
    I'll be ready to pull out my hair soon, now that the kids are off for Easter break. After the gorgeous weather we've had now the temps have dropped! It was freezing out there today.
    Johnny-I think EVERY hot man on GH should be acting their scenes shirtless. Bravo Johnny! He is going coo-koo though. He did look yummy.

    Sonny/Carly-just magical together. I really forget how great they are together, until they share those scenes. Wow!

    Sam/Jason-wow! What an eye opening scene for her. I don't think I could have been that good about seeing Kristina's side in all that. As I said before, it would be much more difficult to be clear headed and rational after knowing my own little sisters were beaten. Especially if I myself had experienced that sort of abuse. She cooled it down real quick. Sam has been acting her a$$ off during this traumatic time! I am loving the fact that she has been able to relate and give us a better picture of her past abuse too. I really enjoy when the writers give us more of these eye opening nugguts to fill in the gaps to these characters. It gives me a better picture of where they're coming from and it really makes sense. She's a fiercely protective woman who has been there in a very ugly, lonely way and cannot fathom her little sister having to suffer such a a tragedy. Bravo Sam!!!

    Krissy-is blowing it out of the park these days! Her acting has rivaled any vet on the show and I commend her and the wonderful casting job on getting this young talent. She is perfect for this role and playing it beautifully.

    Sonny-I am loving him too. Of course he's fit to be tied! HIs daughter has suffered the same ugly ordeal his own mother had. How could he not be so affected? He knows first hand how hopeless and helpless they were back then and ever since, has vowed to always protect those he loved. Imagine now that his own daughter has suffered the same way? So young? It doesn't matter what his profession is or how he lives his mobster life w/other gangsters and back stabbers, he is still going to feel pain when a child has been brutally abused. I think it's quite laughable when some think he is making this about himself. How? He's the father of this young girl, it's where my father or most other fathers would be standing too. It's bazaar to think that he would not be forced to relive the one thing that has haunted him since childhood. It's more than dejavu', it's just disgusting to have lightening strike twice like that. Because we know so much about Sonny's character and his past, it's easier to see this. JMO.

    Ethan-pls, pls, pls stay the hell away from Krissy! When I saw him released, all I could think of was, "who will be his aliby for the next time?" He is as dumb as Dante's been when it comes to stuff taking risks. Just dumb.

    Luke/Sonny-powerful stuff! Really enjoyed the fierceness of these 2 and as difficult as it is to have to see these 2 friends in such a dark way, they can really make it real. Loved them both!

    Georgie/Maxie-Georgie looked beautiful! That was a really touching scene. Best scene thus far, since Maxie's been hospitalized.

    Spin-I really can't take him these days. He's beyond pathetic, for me. I'm sorry I feel that way.

    Jason-it's time to start taking tips from Johnny, you too can squeeze in some shirtless scenes if you try. Just do it!

    Kiefer-bravo to casting for getting this guy to play such a nasty SOB. He couldn't have been creepier. Now, here's a character that I believe is worse than Sonny. He's so young and already has no respect for women, the law, nor does he want to take responsibility, he's selfish, brutal, evil, etc....

    Claire-still an annoying character. Shows up everywhere, bullying the whole town,especially the tough guys. What a piece of work.


    Posted by aussie-gal at Friday, March 26 2010 03:08 PM

    ButterflyRose, I don't think Jason minds Sam one little bit. Going by the way he scooped her in his arms and kissed her, he devours her!!

    NY, I too feel sorry for Spinelli. He's embarrassing. Enough with the woe is me attitude. I'm getting tired of it. Grow up! Not you NY, Spinelli!

    Posted by luckyinlove at Friday, March 26 2010 03:20 PM

    Just finished watching today's epi via youtube. I am just dumbfounded at this point. Why does Sonny blame the justice system because his daughter doesn't want to go through a trial? He could just as well be found not guilty as guilty. If he kills Ethan she will blame herself for his death. Either way she'd be living that night over and over again. Why can't Sonny see past his own needs/wants?...oh, I forgot who I was talking about.

    Posted by luckyinlove at Friday, March 26 2010 03:26 PM

    I am also not feeling the whole PC amnesia concerning Keifer. I will forgive people not remembering seeing him manhandle Kristina before(for now). But everyone forgetting he's her boyfriend or even exists is so weird. I mean since this last incident began, the only two people to question whether Keifer could be the culprit is Carly and Michael. Carly voicing this to Jason gets shut down because Sonny is on the verge of losing it. GMADB! It's ridiculous how much people stop themselves from doing the right thing, lest Sonny's feathers get ruffled. Sedate the man, then tell him. See if that helps.

    Posted by mamajj at Friday, March 26 2010 03:33 PM


    SPOILER TALK***************
    Good news folks I read next week the abuser is revealed.
    This better be true or I am going to be pi$$ed. I am not sure how much more of this I can take.

    Georgie looked great. I really wish they didn't kill her.
    They should have just sent her off to school so she
    could have come back.
    I am a little surprised w/Tracy. She should stand w/Luke
    and defend Ethan. JMO

    Posted by luckyinlove at Friday, March 26 2010 03:37 PM

    mamajj---Trust me, Tracy going against Luke will bite her in the butt when Skye shows up next week !

    ***SPOILER TALK***

    Mama, I hope you are correct with the reveal. I am sick of everyone treating Ethan like he's the second coming of the devil.

    Posted by NYDrama at Friday, March 26 2010 03:37 PM

    I'm so sorry I'm so behind w/some of you ladies...missed alot of stuff:
    Lucky-I hope and pray for a quick recovery for your niece. Keep her laughing, it's the best medicine. Regarding your bed rest.....I had that w/my 2nd child and it was right around Christmas time, so I had to cancel ALL CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!! Imagine? It was a time I learned to delegate, and my sisters were incredible! It was scary, but like others said, keep your focus on what's truly important now and you and the babies will be just fine. I did get to catch up on alot of reading, one of my BIG luxuries. Also, got to catch up on phone calls too. If you are like me, time to make calls is scarce, so this is a good time to let someone know you were thinking of them. Top idea though, would be keeping a journal, if you haven't already done so. I keep a separate journal as my "Grateful Journal" and write in there often, as I remind myself of all the things I am grateful for. It's really more of a running list that has no option but to grow as you realize the many "gifts" you recieve, big and small. It has proven to be an uplifting experience for me and I highly recommend it. Especially on "down" days.

    Fubu-I'm sorry I must have missed your post on your niece, but pls know that I will pray for you and your family too. I have not had time to catch up much these days.

    Rans-hmmmmmm, so now you want to follow in Olivia's footsteps? Enjoy his yummy-ness. Pls, pls tell him how much we enjoy his yummy-ness too, especially his shirtless scenes.

    Poodles-when you take a theme, you take it all the way! God bless you and your patience and attention to detail. When it's taco night at our house, I prepare all the fixings and we sit and eat! I should try your idea just to throw my famiy off! Flan? You are brave! I think I'll stick to sombrero's and marocca's.

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