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    Civic Duty is Hot.

    Thursday, March 18 2010
    Coleman and Alice are called for jury duty, Sam attacks Ethan, and Jason doubts Kristina's story.

    Lulu tries to convince Ethan not to leave while on the Haunted Star, suggesting he wait for Luke. Ethan doesn’t know when he'll return and isn't even sure Luke would believe he's innocent, especially considering Lulu and Lucky don't believe him. He vows he would never beat Kristina up and Lulu asks him to stay and prove it, adding Sonny will find him even if he does take off. However if he stays, he might have a chance with Sonny since he won't want to upset Luke.

    At the police station, Alexis and Mac see the test results taken from Kristina and it reveals Ethan's DNA was under her fingernails. Alexis can't wrap her mind around it and Mac says they still have to prove it was Ethan who beat her up, reminding her Ethan admitted Kristina scratched him and he brought her to the hospital.

    Jason continues to question Kristina about the events of the night she was beaten up. She cries as she recalls certain things and Sonny walks in wondering what Jason is doing. Sonny takes Jason outside the room and tells him that can't happen again. Sonny wants him taking care of the situation instead of making her relive it. Jason tells him Kristina's time line is off, but Sonny doesn’t think it means anything because she went through something traumatic. Sonny wants to know why Ethan is still breathing and Jason reminds him he is Luke's son and they need to be sure before they do something they can't take back. Sonny returns to Kristina who begs him not to kill Ethan. Kristina gets upset as she tries to convince her father not to kill him and Alexis walks in. Alexis assures her daughter no one will hurt Ethan and he will be tried in a court of law. She asks for Sonny's backup on this and he half heartedly agrees the law will take care of Ethan. Sonny leaves, but Kristina worries Jason will still kill Ethan on Sonny's orders, but Alexis promises she will take care of it.

    Alexis finds Sonny by the elevator and angrily tells him they know he's lying and orders him to leave Ethan alone. Sonny says no one beats one of his kids and lives. Alexis tells him it's not about him, but about Kristina and what she wants. She again tells him not to lay a hand on Ethan so he doesn’t cause their daughter one more minute of pain. Sonny relents saying if that's what she wants.

    Alexis goes back to Kristina's room who tells her mother she doesn’t want to press charges against Ethan. Alexis can't understand that and says he will hurt her again and next time she won't be as lucky. Alexis wants her to testify against him when she gets better, but Kristina says she can't do that. Alexis knows she can and will be with her every step of the way.

    Mayor Floyd meets with Claire in the interrogation room and offers his assistance by calling in a few favors and helping select a jury for Sonny's trial. She accuses him of trying to get this case thrown out of court. He denies it, but reminds her nothing sticks to Sonny. She thinks she can get a continuance for the case while Dante rounds up Michael because of what happened to Kristina, but Floyd wants the case tried as soon as possible.

    Dante goes to the island and finds Max and Milo, as Michael hides. Dante thinks he hears Michael, but finds Lola, who works there instead. Dante knows Michael is there and wants Sonny's guards to tell him where he is. Michael listens as Dante and the Giambetti brothers debate whether or not Michael should return to testify. After Dante has left, Michael and Max talk about the trial. Max knows Diane will get Sonny out of this mess and then they can go home.

    Sonny comes home and finds Claire who tells him she will delay the trial, but he wants no part of it. She warns him he isn't untouchable. Dante visits Sonny after Claire has left to tell him Claire has a good case against him so she won't need Michael's testimony.

    Jason runs into Sam as she gets off the elevator and tells her Kristina's version of events don't match up, but Sam insists she isn't lying. Lulu walks up and asks to talk to Jason alone. Sam walks off and Lulu asks him not to kill Ethan. Jason says Sonny has to settle this with Luke, but they also have to find out the truth or something will happen they will all regret.

    Sam goes to the Haunted Star and physically attacks Ethan who doesn't fight back, but grabs her arms as Jason walks in. Ethan tries to explain what really happened the night Kristina was attacked. Sam doesn’t believe him and Jason tells him because of who his father is and the fact that he didn’t run, he's safe, but if he finds out he is guilty, all bets are off.

    At the hospital, Nikolas can tell Elizabeth is disappointed he is the father and informs her he had a second set of tests done because he can't trust Helena, so there's hope for her. She won't hold her breath over the test being tampered with and just wants to get well so she can go home to her kids. Nikolas wonders how he fits into that considering he's the father of her baby. She says they will work out a shared custody arrangement and hopefully in time they can all be friends again.

    Nikolas goes home and finds Helena. He tells her about the paternity test and she tells him she's moving in to help him. He assumes she already has a room made up for her and knows better than to fight her. Helena just wants to help raise the baby as a true Cassadine. Spencer comes out and learns he's getting a sibling. He asks if he will get a mommy too, but Nikolas say no. Helena says she will be moving in and it will be heaven. She's thrilled they will have a new Cassadine to pick up the family torch. After Nikolas takes Spencer outside. Helena adds, "And burn the Spencers to the ground."

    Kate comes to Jake's and plants a kiss on Coleman. She thinks it's time for her to reevaluate her priorities since her assistant landed in the hospital. He asks her how he can get out of jury duty because he doesn’t want to get up early in the morning, it will take away from their afternoon lovin and he doesn't want to decide some guy's fate who was dumb enough to get caught. Kate tells him showing up to do one's civic duty is hot and she will help him with his wardrobe.

    At the Q mansion, Tracy leaves messages for Luke, as Edward and Monica discuss the possibility of Ethan attacking Kristina. Alice comes in humming and they give her a list of jobs to do, but she smiles and tells them she can't because she has jury duty.

    Coming up:

    Sam and Jason have differing points of view.

    Opening statements are made.

    Maxie worries.

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    Posted by beenaroundalongtime at Thursday, March 18 2010 01:29 PM

    Beyond, Happy B-day on March 20th. Also, to everyone Happy 1st day of Spring. I will not be available until March 30th.

    Take care.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Thursday, March 18 2010 01:29 PM

    Alexis was right when she got in Sonny's face and told him this wasn't about him and he needs to be a father to Kristina.

    Sonny said Luke would get Ethan out of town. Hello! Like you did with Michael. I guess that Sonny is the only man allowed to protect his kids and Luke can't do the same.

    If you don't want a man to hit you, then you should not hit them. I think that Ethan should have kicked Sam the same way she kicked him. That would have ended all of that. Then here comes Jason saying he'd better not hit her. Well she needs to keep her feet on the floor. Sonny and Jason act like they would never do anything violent to a woman. I guess when they were out looking for Claudia, they were going to invite her to a tea party. They would put a hit on a woman in a New York minute.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Thursday, March 18 2010 01:30 PM

    Oh, and all the folks with jury duty. They can't serve on Sonny's trial. They know the jerk.

    Posted by beenaroundalongtime at Thursday, March 18 2010 01:30 PM

    4my, Happy B-day (26th). That's also my brother's b-day. Enjoy!!!!

    Posted by luckyinlove at Thursday, March 18 2010 01:34 PM

    So Nikolas is still waiting for the other set of DNA tests...but he reveal the truth when his tests show that Lucky is the father?

    I'm hoping Jason will speak to Lucky about the timeline issue with Lucky. Because apparently no one else cares that her story isn't adding up.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Thursday, March 18 2010 01:35 PM

    I forgot another thing regarding Kristina, I'm glad that Jason had not already killed Ethan the way Sonny ordered him to, or Kristina's pleads with her father not to kill him would have been a little too late.

    I'm glad that Jason is thinking about the time frame, because nobody else is. Lord knows, Sonny is not.

    And Mack seems surprised the the skin underneath Kristina's finger nails matched Ethan. Everybody knows she scratched Ethan.

    Posted by luckyinlove at Thursday, March 18 2010 01:37 PM

    cowboys---I guess Ethan shouldn't have grabbed Sam to stop her from assaulting him. Because Jason looked like he was ready to put a bullet in him right then and there, even though he's beginning to doubt Ethan beat up Kristina. Just being accused makes you suspect no matter what the situation(Sam assaulting Ethan and NOT the other way around).

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Thursday, March 18 2010 01:39 PM

    Before I even get into the obvious.
    Kate, the high society diva AND Coleman? That is NOT plausible, especially due to her career. Jax and Kate, that would work.

    Poor Ethan.

    Umm, how did Dante know how to get to the Island? The location is secret. In fact, I have watched GH even before Sonny became a character and I have NEVER heard the address. Also, if Dante can find it, why can't the Feds, PCPD and ADA Claire the Hun?

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Thursday, March 18 2010 01:41 PM

    If he is a REAL Cassadine, then Nicholas won't reveal that he is not the father of Liz's baby.
    But I guess we have to see how much he wants Elizabeth vs. How much he wants a relationship with his brother Lucky. That will speak volumes as to his character!

    Posted by luckyinlove at Thursday, March 18 2010 01:44 PM

    Blessed---That's all true. I am hoping the Laura side of his DNA will get the best of him. I don't want a long drawn out process that makes me wish all the characters involved would disappear(already half way there, sadly) as with the case of Sharon/Ashley/Nick on Y&R.

    I guess soap juries are different from real life juries.

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