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    Revolving Doors.

    Wednesday, February 17 2010
    Dante, Liz, Luke and Sonny entertain a myriad of visitors.

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    Posted by BeyondReason at Thursday, February 18 2010 04:13 AM

    only2soapsilike & Aussie-gal: Luke always had a name for some before Spin. Laura: Angel, Lulu: Cupcake and the return of Robin Christopher's Skye: Blaze

    Looking forward to Skye coming back but if they age Lila she will be older than Cam and he is the only child in PC that's still the same age. Please, someone correct me if I wrong but didn't Liz have Cameron before Alexis had Molly?

    Posted by 4myJylli at Thursday, February 18 2010 04:25 AM

    ttoyou, I defnitely think Lucky should care about Liz and her well being, after all she’s the mother of the two boys he calls his own. Maybe the question should be, "Why do I still love her, after all she's done to me?" And that to me would be the million-dollar question he should find the answer too and in doing so, maybe he’ll realize that loving someone doesn’t always mean that you are meant or should be together.

    Also thanks for providing the date when Jason decorated for Spin. I missed that eppy because I was traveling that week. Can’t wait to watch it.

    firebird85, I don’t think she’s acting either, but like I said, it would be a riot if she was playing the looney-tune-card to get him back.

    cbru, Lucky does need some serious therapy. I hope he either recognizes this on his own or someone points it out to him. I’m also with you and don’t want them back together. There is nothing there for me. I want him to forgive her and help in raising the boys and if the third one is his, take responsibility for that, I don’t want them together as anything else or for that matter anytime soon. They maybe better off if they spend some much needed time apart.

    Aussie-gal, with Skye coming back I hope they have a good s/l for her and don’t mix her up with Luke/Tracy.

    STORM04, great comments about Liz/Lucky/Helena. With respect to your comment that Sonny protected Kate as oppose to Michael, that’s not the way I saw it. The gun was aimed at Sonny and Kate was closest to him while Michael was at a distance. Sonny saw the reflection of the gun aimed at him (not Michael) before Ian fired the shot, his natural instinct was to duck for cover taking Kate along with him. As far as he was concerned since the gun was aimed at him and Michael was a distance away he felt Michael was safe. How was he to know that the shot would ricochet and hit Michael instead? I may blame Sonny for lots of things, Michael getting shot while he protected Kate IMO was not one of them.

    Monkey83, Glückwünsche on your German midterm.

    Hera, great post. Agree with everything you wrote about Sonny/Carly/Jax.

    BeanCounter, love your "He Who Can't Keep His Pants Zipped" comment.

    lilmafia: Oh my, that is hilarious. Anyone reading that but especially his teacher would really raise their eyebrows to what kind of family you have there.

    Posted by TXMN at Thursday, February 18 2010 06:07 AM

    BeyondReason: Great point about Luke and his nicknames. Who can forget Luke's nickname for Alexis. Every time Ms. Davis enters a scene, I think to myself. well hello Natasha. I know, technically that's her birth name. But, only Luke calls her that. Those two always play so well off one another.

    Speaking of Luke, I always enjoy his scenes with Tracy. To me, you can never have too much Tracy. Her wit always brightens my mood. Anytime I encounter a quarrelsome family, my mind tends to go back to scenes from so many Quartermaine fights. Every year, I love the family's thanksgiving difficulties. The music they play---we gather together to ask the lord's blessing---always brings a tear to my eye. John Ingle has such a wonderful voice. Ah, I digress.
    Anyway, the bickering between Tracy and Monica always brings a smile to my face. Seasons change, people come and go, but those two will always find a way to get under each other's skin.

    Posted by Ringleader at Thursday, February 18 2010 06:42 AM

    ransomha - on how everyone in PC seems to love Sonny but so many on this site don’t – I’d offer that sometimes you need an outsider’s perspective to see how “frogged up” (not the words I really wanted to use, but my words would get me banned!) a person or situation is. Also, as GH is fiction, everyone in PC feels about Sonny what the writers tell them to feel and that’s not the case on this site. Oh wait, I’m being told that my script has been changed and now I suddenly think Sonny Corinthos hung the moon! LOL

    Runnergirl – welcome back! I have to say that I really admire all you current and former lurkers. I simply don’t have the self-restraint to lurk. I HAVE TO put my 2 cents in -- if you haven’t figured that out already!

    Blesseddiva – exactly! If Sonny were not so “revered” on GH, I don’t think I’d hate him so much. And, as ransomha has pointed out before, I won’t deny that the Claudia thing was what really pushed me over the edge regarding Sonny.

    STORM04 – The way I see it, Michael getting shot was a DIRECT result of Sonny’s overinflated ego. Yes, as lilmafia pointed out, it was a legitimate meeting with Customs Agents, BUT, Sonny was still the biggest mob boss in PC and for him to go anywhere and have his kids around him and not have guards was idiotic and arrogant. Sure, Sonny’s motivation was good (wanting Michael see him in a legitimate setting doing “legitimate” business – of course, how “legitimate” is that business when it’s used to launder mob money…), but he put everyone in danger with his actions.

    Off Topic:

    lilmafia – your son’s homework was great! LMAO

    poodles& cbru – thanks for the kind words! It makes me feel less like a crazy cat lady when other people tell me I’m doing the right thing. My little friend is now becoming a regular – she’s there for food every AM, so hopefully I can get her in the house this weekend. I saw her trudge off through the snow today after she ate and it just broke my heart thinking about how cold it must be for her.

    Posted by STORM04 at Thursday, February 18 2010 06:53 AM

    BeyondReason: I think we have to agree to disagree on Sonny being responsible….he set everything in motion as far as I am concerned.

    Hera: Yes, I wholeheartedly believe Lucky is a doormat…How much does a person who claims to love you have to hurt you before you realize that they really don’t. The problem is he is stuck in the past…Dr. Phil said yesterday “the person you marry is not the person you divorce” which makes so much sense. Liz is not the same person she was when they were 15. He should have left Liz the moment he found out that he was lying to him about Jake.

    Love is more than just saying “I love you” it about your actions and what Liz has done to lucky is what one would do to an enemy. She has repeatedly betray him over and over again...and when she threw in his face in the hospital that he was drinking…I really wanted to start screaming at her and tear into her the way Lulu did…granted it was Lucky’s choice to drink, but she act like she had no role in it. Like the fact what she was sleeping with his brother was totally irrelevant to the situation at hand. It is like taking a crack head to a crack house and when he start snorting, you become appalled…

    Helena is right, Liz is promiscuous because the night that lucky proposed to her; she went to have sex with Nicholas…so yes I totally agree with Helena’s opinion of her. In my opinion, being promiscuous is not just about the number of sexual partners but it also entails indulging in (casual and indiscriminate) sexual relations and that is exactly what she did when she slept with Nicholas…she indulge in indiscriminate sexual relations. I don’t see her still professing her undying devotion to Nicholas…She is such a fraud. I will concede to the fact that her not dealing with the fact that she was raped might be a contributing factor to her behavior, but it does not excuse it.

    As for Steve Webber, yes I think he is an enabler, on the 1-12-10 episode, he asked her why she dropped her kids off in the middle of the night and after she told him it was about Nicholas, he preceded to tell her that lucky was to blame for pushing the marriage issue…am I the only who missed the part where lucky was holding a gun to Liz head as she accepted his proposal? I might need to go back and watch the episode, because I completely missed it.

    His partying words to her was “ find yourself respect and go from there” that is the best advice he can give to his little sister who woke up her kids in the middle of the night to run after her brother’s fiancée. “Thanks bro, I will start working on that, right after I go have some sex with my fiancées brother.”

    Posted by ransomha at Thursday, February 18 2010 06:59 AM

    ring: I agree with you. Everyone says what they are told to say so, then why is every one hating Liz, Sonny etc? They are only saying/doing what they are told. If you watch it that way or talk about it that way it takes all the fun out. Am I clear at all?

    Posted by PAGAL at Thursday, February 18 2010 07:05 AM

    I agree with everyone about Lisa not getting involved with Patrick - BUT if you've never seen Brianna (who plays Lisa) in Criminal Minds or other shows, you've been missing something. She's a brillant actress. I think GH needs to put her into a romantic situation but NOT with Patrick. She blew me away in Criminal Minds. GH do NOT let Brianna go but put her into a role that is up to her standards!!! She's brilliant!

    Posted by FUBU at Thursday, February 18 2010 07:12 AM

    Good morning CBRU, Enad, Cynic, TT, TN, Bean, NY, Hera, Kini, Krys, Rans, Zen, Ring, Da_Kid, Aussie, Poodles, 4My, Beyond, Been, Cowboys, Leather, Dillon, Blesseddiva, Fire, Star, Tipsy, and anyone else I missed.

    So does this mean that Sonny will have to marry Olivia to keep her from testifying against him in court?

    Why did I burst out laughing when after Luke told Sonny that Liz was pregnant and didn’t know who the father was and Sonny said what that is horrible? Sorry but the way he said it had me cracking up.

    Way to go Michael let Lulu know the roll she played in this whole thing.

    Lilmafia, I agree that Carly chose to make Sonny the father of her children knowing what kind of life he leads. Heck they reap all of the benefits from it so trying to blame him for Michael being shot is overkill. As for Olivia she has to take some of the blame for Dante being shot because she should have at the very least told her son who he was trying to take down the minute she found out why he was in town. Also too funny Dante’s homework assignment.

    Storm, I agree that Sonny should have been jumping to save Michael no matter who else other than another child of his was standing beside him.

    Leather how is Carly promiscuous? Of all the men she has been with she was married to four of them. Sonny, AJ, Jax, Alcazar, she was in a relationship withTony J. and she and Jason were clearly f-buddies.

    Aussie, I would love for sky to come back but who are they going to pare her up with?

    Okay, now on to the drama of the day.

    I can see where a lot of you think Sonny is the worst father in the world. To me a bad parent is one who neglects, and or abuses in any way. Sorry but Sonny does not neglect and or abuse his kids. If you think about it he spends just as much time with his kids as any divorced father with the exception of Kristina who Alexis keeps on a leash.

    My husband grew up in a house with a stepfather (his bio dad died when he was two) who in my opinion abused him. His stepdad was ex-military and very strict. As the oldest boy he was very hard on my husband constantly telling him that if something happened to him (the father) that it would be my husband’s responsibility to take care of his mother and younger brother. This is what he was told all his life.

    He was raised in a time when men believed they had to be hard on boys to raise them into men. Where hugs and words of encouragement were few and far in between if received ever. There was a lot more that went on and unfortunately I see it in how my husband acts with my son. We are in constant battle over how my husband handles just about every situation you can think of when it comes to my son.

    My husband’s father worked every day and took care of him, his mother and his younger brother who just happened to be his bio son. His younger brother was not treated the same way as my husband and this is where my real problem comes in. As a mother there is no way in h e l l I would ever allow anyone to mistreat my child.

    However his mother obviously looked at the bigger picture of having a man in the house to take care of them and to raise her children.

    Like with most men my husband has no patients with children, my bio dad didn’t as well. He is not a terrible father but there is plenty of room for improvement. Now if you ask my husband he would tell you that he adores his father because he made him into the man he is today. As far as he is concerned his stepdad did no wrong and if he did he has no problem with it because he did it out of love and for the right reasons. I met my husband’s stepfather and got to know him pretty well before he died and he was not a horrible man. Would I have wanted him raising my children no, but then times were different then. Single mother were not a dime a dozen like they are today.

    We look at Sonny and see that he is selfish, arrogant, cruel, etc. but when his kids look at him they see dad. The bond between a parent and a child is very strong, even when the relationship is not what most people would constitute as normal or good. Kristina’s biggest problem with her father is that she did not grow up secure in his love the way Michael and Morgan have. I promise you if she did girlfriend would be singing a different tune.

    I once watched an episode of Oprah where there was a woman on the show who was a stay at home mom. The show was about the benefits and consequences of working mothers. Her stance on the whole thing is that if you cannot stay home with your children then you should not have any. Basically you were a horrible mother.

    Let me tell you I could literally have reached inside my TV and slapped the taste out of her mouth. As a mother I would love to be able to afford to stay home and raise my children. But unfortunately in order for my husband and I to raise our kids in a decent area we both have to work. Not to mention that it is every woman’s prerogative to work or not to.

    Does this mean that our female doctors should not be allowed to have children unless they give up their careers or police women, lawyers, nurses, congresswomen, teachers, etc.?

    But according to her if you worked you were a horrible mother. We all make choices before we have kids and after that may negatively affect our children. Most of use make the best choice we can with what we have at that time and hope for the best.

    Sonny may be a lot of things but a terrible father, I don’t think so. Nik does not break the law and yet Spencer and any other male Cassadine children born to him are in constant danger from being kidnapped by Helena. So should he either not have any more kids or kill his grandmother? To me he is a horrible father because like Blesseddiva said, he obviously gave up Spenser for adoption or sold him on E-bay.

    Posted by magrat at Thursday, February 18 2010 08:00 AM

    Thanks for all the thought-provoking posts, everyone!

    Personally, I love Olivia. She made a big mistake and is trying to deal with it. Since she has been in love with Sonny or the image of what Sonny can be all her life, it's a little easier to understand her wanting to hold on to her secret and her hope that he will come into being the man she sees. Who among us hasn't deluded ourselves that we were in control when we were not? Anyway, the actress is fine, and I love the toughness--she held out on Sonny and she stands up to him and AZ and Rayner. I see Dante and Sonny as amused by her and warily respectful while wanting her to be different. So how long will she and Sonny think they can hold on long enough and everything will change? Sonny actually seeing and not liking the man in the mirror--hey, it could happen--maybe??????????lol

    Posted by Ringleader at Thursday, February 18 2010 08:15 AM

    ransomha - I was trying to sound clever about the characters only saying what they are told to say -- sometimes that stuff doesn't come through very well in written form.

    While I do realize that this is all made up stuff, I still apply the same rules I live my life by to the fictional characters on the show, and by those standards, Sonny falls way short for me at the moment. Sonny's sudden remorse for shooting Dante rings hollow to me. What if Dante had only been Olivia's son or the son of someone he grew up with back in Bensonhurst or even a complete stranger? Would Sonny feel at all bad that he inflicted that kind of pain on someone else by taking their son away? No. But because Dante's HIS son, all the rules change.

    I think I’ve just gotten to the point where I’m fed up with the overall direction of the show where Sonny is glorified while others who do the same things (i.e. Claudia, Jerry Jacks, AZ, Helena) are vilified. My distaste for all things hypocritical or "double-standard-y" (LOL, did I just make up a word?) is well known by now to the regular posters -- and that's what I perceive to be the crux of the show right now.

    I also have a HUGE issue with people (on TV or in real life) not owning their own "sh-tuff" and I see a ton of that from Sonny lately. There was this great cartoon (either The Far Side or Non Sequitur, I can’t remember which) where a guy was in therapy lying on the iconic couch with his therapist sitting in a chair behind him. Next to the therapist, there was an easel with a spinning wheel on it called the "Wheel of Blame." There were big pie pieces in various sizes for "parents," "society," "boss, "government," "teachers," "the environment," and even "astrological sign" and then there was a tiny little sliver for "you". And the therapist says something like, "Let's give it a spin and see who's fault this is." That's how I see Sonny right now and it annoys me.

    Sonny acts like his past and the circumstances that got him into the mob should somehow qualify as a pass for all the subsequent crimes he’s committed. It doesn’t work that way. Just because he had a rotten childhood that led him to Joe Scully doesn’t make it okay that he shot Karpov in cold blood (knowing Karpov had nothing to do with Kate getting shot) or that he tried to kill a cop or that he ordered “Domenic” to kill Tommy Soto when Domenic fingered Tommy as a traitor or kidnapped Johnny and beat him severely for something he didn’t do -- the list could go on and on. If he was honest with himself, Sonny would admit that he loves being the big mob boss that others are afraid of and he wouldn’t change it if he could. He says he would, but ultimately, he’d end up right back where he is now because he loves being able to intimidate and scare people into doing what he wants. JMO

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