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    Revolving Doors.

    Wednesday, February 17 2010
    Dante, Liz, Luke and Sonny entertain a myriad of visitors.

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    Posted by hera at Wednesday, February 17 2010 10:16 PM

    As for the epis - I hope that you all won't mind me talking about some aspects of previous epis on today's epi recap thread. Thanks in advance.

    Jax/Carly/Sonny - I have written before that I think that Sonny and Carly are perfect for each other because she seems to be the perfect mob queen to Sonny's mob kingpin. What pains me is to see the children suffer for Carly and Sonny's life choices. I have difficulty with people, real or fictitious, who make a living on the exploitation, misery and murder of other human beings. I still remember when Sonny first appeared on GH - he ran the strip clubs and kept all the strippers drugged out. Now that he wears Armanis hasn't change my view about this character. Sonny loves his children and wouldn't hurt his children. However, protecting one’s child/ren is a given and mandatory for all parents and is not the sole prerequisite for good parenting. IMO he may be the worst father on GH. As someone who works with children and youth who are not in any way biologically related to me, I would lay down my life to protect all my charges if danger presented itself.

    I am indifferent toward Jax. The problem that I have with Jax is that he is motivated by his hatred for Sonny which is stronger than his love for Carly. I have always thought that he married Carly to get back at Sonny. It goes all the back to the Sonny/Brenda/Jax triangle IMO. He should never have married Carly.

    Olivia – I don’t care for her because Kate was shoved off GH to make way for her. However, I do love how she is a lioness, protecting Dante. She is trying to make amends with Dante. I hate Olivia and Sonny together.

    Sonny – He needs to have more regular sessions with his therapist to treat not only his bipolar disorder, but also his narcissistic personality disorder. He is delusional when it comes to Dante.

    Dante/Lulu – I do love these two. I love Lulu’s lioness instincts. I am really looking forward to Dante getting out of hospital.

    Skye - Great news about her return. Hopefully she will return with a SORASed Lila Rae. I am hoping that this is another sign of the Qs becoming more prominent on GH. I am really looking forward to the Ward girls coming onto the canvas.

    Dr. Kelly - Yippee!! Dr. Kelly has finally made an appearance. I really like her and would love to see her more often. Why not hook her up with Matt?

    Where is Lainey???? Kate???? Bring them back!!!!!

    Nik – My momma told me that if I don’t have anything good to say about someone, then I shouldn’t say anything. I so wanted to reach into my TV screen and punch Nik in the face - for his telling Lucky that he is being cruel to Liz and for asking about a paternity test … Grrr … he needs to go back to his Greek island, never to ever return to PC. I wish that Nik would do the honorable and noble thing and leave Liz and Lucky alone so that they can figure out their relationship without his interference. He is such a selfish character. He’s another one who needs a good psychotherapist.

    Scrubs – so cute. I want Anna and Robert to come back. It doesn’t make any sense to me that Robin is oblivious to Lisa’s connivance. I love Robin’s loyalty to Liz.

    Alexis/Mac – loved Mac bringing Alexis’ fav cookies to her. IA with TXMN that the looks on Mac’s face and Molly’s face were priceless. I so hope that Alexis and Mac become a bonafide couple. I love Mac – he’s a good guy and he deserves real love. Alexis is also a great character and also deserves to be with a good guy for a change. These two could be quite a hot couple. We need more 40-something couples on GH who are on the right side of the law.

    Jasam – Gosh, those scenes were great. I loved Jason’s facial expressions with Molly – just so funny. The framed picture of Jasam is very sweet. Nice to see it back. These two are hot. It was great to see the Davis girls together. We need more Davis girls scenes.

    The kids – love, love them so much. They are really great. Any time that they are on the scene, I am very happy.

    Diane – LOL! That scene when she showed up in her French lingerie at PCPD with sex/bed hair was hilarious. I love CH. She is a gem.

    Sonny/Luke – really liked Sonny’s basic comments about his bipolar disorder condition. Good stuff.

    Posted by hera at Wednesday, February 17 2010 10:27 PM

    LnL2 – Those scenes were amazing. The acting was superb. I just can’t say enough about the acting of JJ and RH in these scenes. They are rocking their scenes.

    I found the chapel scene and the hospital rooftop scene very powerful and moving. The look of terror and fear on Lucky’s face when he found Liz on the roof ledge. Lucky finding Liz first made so much sense. Lucky knows Liz so well. He understands her better than anyone else. I was in tears for the whole scene – how Liz leaned back and Lucky held her tightly after she grabbed his extended his hand. The look on both of their faces. Very powerful.

    Liz does not want the baby to be Nik’s, that much is clear. Liz is not interested in having a relationship with Nik. If the baby is Lucky’s, then she may feel that she and Lucky may have a chance to reconcile, some time down the road.

    The look on Lucky’s face when Dr. Kelly told Liz that he was pregnant tells it all – things just got so much worse for him, when he thought that it couldn’t get any worse.

    As for Lucky still caring about Liz after everything that she did – that’s pretty understandable. These two have a long history together and they are raising two children together. These two will always be a part of each other’s lives.

    STORM - Lucky as a doormat? Ummm, ... we will have to agree to disagree.

    Steve W. as an enabler? I never once heard him encourage Liz to continue her affair while staying with Lucky. He encouraged her to be honest with herself. Liz needs to figure out what she wants. He was clear that if Liz wants to be with Nik, she should end it with Lucky. He didn’t tell her what to do, but that doesn’t make him an enabler.

    I am the type of girlfriend who will tell her girlfriend if a boyfriend is not good enough and if he is not treating her well. Needless to say, I have lost one or two girlfriends along the way. What I eventually learned was that telling my girlfriend about all the things that are wrong with the boyfriend did not do any good. She has to figure it out on her own. The best that I can do was to be a support and help her to see what she may not want to see and to trust that she will come to awareness. I can't tell another person how to live his/her life no matter how badly I want to. Now if the boyfriend is violent or abusive, that’s a whole other ball game.

    Ultimately, Liz is fully responsible for her behavior. She has to figure it out for herself. No one can make you see what you don’t want to see. Anyway, I see Liz’s massive guilt as a clear indication that she knows that what she was doing with Nik as wrong. So why didn’t she stop? Isn’t that the million dollar question? How hard is it to change one’s bad behavior? How hard is it to see yourself caught on a treadmill running to nowhere? Changing one’s unhealthy behavior is hard, hard work.

    Helena is so WRONG to say that Liz is promiscuous. I find the tossing of this word around to describe Liz very curious. When did sleeping with five or six men during a ten year period make a woman promiscuous? Liz sleeping with Nik three times and Lucky once does not qualify as promiscuity in my book. I am sorry, but I don't agree. I can’t think of any female character on GH who is promiscuous. The only one who came close was Dr. Kelly who had a sex addiction s/l on GH: NS.

    I find the level of cynicism and suspicion about Liz’s recent behavior among some posters interesting as well. IMO the writing in the scenes are very clear that Liz is not faking anything. As for her seemingly fine behavior in today’s epi, one brief moment of lucidity is not proof that Liz is all hunky-dory. Wanting to believe that everything is fine in the morning is understandable and desirable, but it doesn't change the mess that is her life. Liz, at that moment, was in denial over the seriousness of her emotional problems. Seriously, a good night sleep is going to make everything fine? Her comment that she will go to Shadybrook for her kids, not for herself, is another indication that she has a way to go before reaching mental health. She has to get better for herself.

    Contemplating suicide is a complicated emotional state. Mental illness is not a sign of weakness. Too often people make that assumption. The human mind is a very complicated and complex thing. There is still so much to be understood about the human mind. Having a meltdown or a breakdown is not necessarily a bad thing. Depression and despair sometimes can be an appropriate response to an emotional trauma. Addressing the trauma which is the root problem becomes the focus of care.

    IA with some posters who see a kidnapping s/l with Helena and Liz. That’s my guess too. This would be coincide with RH taking her maternity leave in a few months time. I figure that RH will leave during the summer. It makes more sense to have Helena kidnap Liz in her late third trimester.

    I keep wondering how TPTB will salvage Nik and Liz in this sordid s/l. Nik and Lucky joining forces to rescue Liz would be a step in the right direction, but I see Lucky and Nik being estranged for a very long time and/or never reconcile.

    Although Lucky wants to do the right thing, Lucky remains very conflicted. His love for Liz is the stronger impulse in this moment – he wants to help Liz. That’s his big heart speaking. Yet Lucky is still processing the shock of this betrayal. That’s the reason why he doesn’t understand why he still cares for Liz after all the hurt. There is a disconnect between his heart and his mind right now. He is trying to do the right thing with Liz which is to be compassionate. He hasn’t even begun to forgive her. He is in crisis mode right now.

    As for Liz, she is still guilt ridden. That hasn’t changed. She now has grasped the full nature of her mistake which has overwhelmed her. How can her mind begin to wrap itself around the full magnitude of her actions? Why wouldn’t she be an emotional mess?

    As for Lucky and Liz, I don’t think that this pregnancy will bring them back together. Some time down the road, LnL2 will reunite, but I don’t seeing it happening for a while. The LnL2 reunion will commence when both Liz and Lucky come into awareness of their unhealthy attachment to each other. None of which negates their love for each other. These two have true love IMO.

    I foresee some more great acting from both JJ and RH and I am really looking forward to the unfolding of this latest chapter in this s/l.

    Posted by hera at Wednesday, February 17 2010 11:42 PM

    aussie and enad - I wasn't watching GH as regularly back when Liz and Jason spent the night together. I too thought that they got together for some revenge/consolation sex due to the upset and pain of seeing their respective partners having sex with other people. I remember Jason and Liz getting close when Lucky "died" in the fire, but they never slept together back then, I thought. I think that there is some real affection between these two, esp. with Jake, but that's all it is IMO>

    Posted by Cynic at Wednesday, February 17 2010 11:54 PM

    I was thrilled to see Olivia stand up to the bullying Rayner. He was totally out of line threatening a hospital patient the way he did. Olivia need not be intimidated by his threats, she can give back as good as she gets. He is trying to spike her guns by putting her on the witness stand to bully her, well it won't work.

    I really wish that they would bring Rick back. It would be such fun to see Rick siding with Dante against Sonny, and maybe Olivia taking up with Rick. Letting him go was the worst thing TPTB have done in years.

    I hope Liz stays quietly in Shadybrook for the next few months. I am getting really tired of the whiny little girl who always needs to be rescued. She is crying over being suspended. For heaven's sake, with Nick taking care of her and the millions she got out of Jason for her one night stand, we should all be so lucky.

    Posted by only2Soapsilike at Thursday, February 18 2010 12:25 AM

    i agree i hope Micheal or Morgan don't change Dante mind about putting Sonny in Prison cause Sonny need to go to Jail for the crime he has done i have to admit i have never liked Sonny his a cowword having everyone bow down to him to save him Carly,Micheal,Morgan,Jason i think Sonny can take care of him self i mean that all Sonny thinks about is him self and he think he can talk to Dante in to confesing him Killing Claudia Dante's so hope not going to do that

    i Don't think Liz is being really fare here i mean yeah she's hurting and Confused and yeah i feel a little sorry for her but it's all a show again i mean here's sweet insaint Elizabeth in the Cold on Valintine's Day nor less and here's Lucky to save the day again i hope she gets the help she needs and i so hope she get her life together and not remain with Lucky again and i so hope this Baby's a Girl cause it be nice and what with helena why won't she die already stupid dragon lady thats awsome how Luke has Nicknames for everyone
    Ethan= Doger
    tracy= spankybuns
    Helena= DragonLady

    i also hope Laura return's for a bit on the shows be nice for her to see her Children and stuff

    Posted by hera at Thursday, February 18 2010 12:28 AM

    I wrote something in an earlier comment that didn't makes sense - Liz having a brief moment of lucidity is not proof that she is all hunky-dory. I meant to write that Liz sounding like her self is not proof that she is all hunky-dory or anything. It absolutely startling that a health care professional like Liz is unable to register in her mind that an attempted suicide is very serious and all she wants to do is to go home, have a cup of tea and spend time with her kids. She is disconnected from her emotions.

    lil - I think that you asked a question about how could it be that Liz didn't know that she was pregnant, esp since she is a nurse. Is that right? As hard as it is to understand it, if a person is in denial, then she can explain away anything. She could be telling herself that she has been under some serious stress and we all know that stress can cause a woman to miss a period. The thing that stretches the credibility of this explanation is that Liz is three months pregnant, so she has to have missed at least two or three periods. Again it's the power of the human mind that Liz could have explained it all away when it simply doesn't make sense. If something is so terrible to contemplate, then one won't. I refer back to magrat's comment/analysis about Liz and Lucky from last week. The human mind will choose not to face something so terrible - it will see what it wants to see or not to see.

    Posted by aussie-gal at Thursday, February 18 2010 02:40 AM

    Hey, BlessedDiva had an idea. Why not put Liz w/ Matt? If it doesn't work out w/ Lucky, there's always Matt.

    Sorry hera, I mean IF it doesn't work out w/ Lucky.

    Only2soapsilike, I also like Luke's nicknames for people. Tracy is sometimes Wifey. And Alice's name for him - Mr Luke.

    Hey, has anyone noticed that Spinelli is speaking less Spinelli-speak and more normal?

    Tipsy & poodles, I'm absolutely loving the Olympics. We have four dedicated channel on cable. Each destination has their own channel: Vancouver, Cypress, Creekside and Whistler. So you're never short of something to watch on either channel.

    HOWEVER, what is with the ringing of those darn cow bells? They work my nerves that's for sure. I have to turn the volume down.

    Hello to everyone!

    Posted by aussie-gal at Thursday, February 18 2010 02:53 AM

    mamajj, Shaun White....OMG! That's the long haired dude right?

    The snowboard leaps he does are breathtaking. He flies SO high and turns when you think he's going to fall.

    Congratulations on Shaun's Gold and Scotty Lago's Bronze! Wow, I wish I could do that. Makes me want to take up snowboarding!

    Hey, maybe I'll make the next Winter Olympics in Russia? Yeah if.

    Posted by TXMN at Thursday, February 18 2010 03:30 AM

    Good morning all.

    So much happened in yesterday's episode. I'm not sure where to begin. Allow me a personal thought. Aaron Revrem might be my favorite child actor ever. Granted, I've only followed soaps since high school (about 7 years or so), I find that the Morgan character always brightens up my television set. Even if I'm only paying half attention, I really focus when he's on air. Anyway, his scene with Dante towards the end of the day today was touching. Those two have such a unique bond. Maybe, I'm channeling my inner baseball fan. But, I can't get enough of their Yankee talk. It helped forge a bond that persists, even though Dante threatens to send their father to jail.
    Tuesday's scenes with Morgan and Carly broke my heart. I think Morgan spoke for every child suffering through divorce. This event threatens to shatter his world. Sure, Sonny is his father. But, Jax has played an indelible part in his life. Now, Sonny appears headed to jail and Jax seems prepared to divorce Carly and exit Morgan's life. Tragic, but wonderful theatre--brilliantly played by Revrem and Laura Wright.

    Posted by TXMN at Thursday, February 18 2010 03:44 AM

    On to today's show.

    LnL2: Wow! What an amazing performance by JJ and RH. Liz tried talking Lucky down but he remained resolute---she needs to seek professional help. A cup of tea and sitting on the couch with her boys is no cure for what ails her. It seemed like, in that moment, Lucky woke up from the drunken stupor that his life has become recently. It's like a light went on---the love of my life needs me desperately. I'm kicking the bottle and will be a rock for both she and the boys.
    Maybe, it's been my own struggle with alcohol. I've used it to cope through crisis. I've also had an A-HA moment, when I snapped out of the fog that surrounds your life when booze is your savior and summoned the will to get up and help those in need. It seems like a crisis of faith, or family, propels you to arise from your darkest hour and act. Or, maybe I'm reading way too much into Lucky's performance.

    Luke/Lucky: "Why do I still care about her, dad?" It's simple Cowboy, you just love her. Luke always gives the best advice. "Trust your instincts." He's right. He knows just what needs to be said at the right moment.

    Steve Webber: Oh my goodness, I'm so glad TPTB put Scott Reeves on contract. His scenes today were powerful. Instead of scolding Nik, he talked rationally to him. He knew this wasn't about him or his emotions---it was about helping LIz. He also brought in the cavalry when he sought out Robin and made sure Liz had a friend talk to her before Liz headed off to Shadybrook.

    Aussie: From your lips to God's ears. I'm thrilled that Robin Christopher is headed back to Port Charles. Skye is an awesome character. I'll never forget her eulogy at AJ's funeral. So powerful---so real. It brought tears to my eyes.

    Hera-Welcome back!!!

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