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    Revolving Doors.

    Wednesday, February 17 2010
    Dante, Liz, Luke and Sonny entertain a myriad of visitors.

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    Posted by aussie-gal at Wednesday, February 17 2010 05:24 PM


    ********* SPOILER TALK **************

    She's returning on March 31st!

    Posted by aussie-gal at Wednesday, February 17 2010 05:29 PM

    Bean, loved your comment about Sonny "he who cannot keep his pants zipped". You're absolutely right!

    I'm looking forward to seeing Liz in Shadybrooke. It's going to get really soapy now. I really feel for Lucky and I hope TPTB make the child Lucky's this time.

    Posted by only2Soapsilike at Wednesday, February 17 2010 05:36 PM

    i have to say the show the past few day have been okay and off but i have to say why is sonny wanting to get on Dante's good side for how can anyone forgive someone for almost killing you and it was nice that Lucky saved Elizabeth but i truly don't think them getting back together is the answer i'm truly hoping the Baby's Lucky's for once but i don't think it is and i have to say i like Dante and Lulu there cute and i have to point out that Luke and Tracy are kind of cute to and what about Alexis and Mac that was a strange pear but kind of cute

    Posted by mamajj at Wednesday, February 17 2010 05:47 PM

    Hi all.
    Well I am glad Liz didn't put up a big fight about
    getting help. I just hope Helena doesn't kidnap her
    tomorrow. Let the girl get healthy. She wasn't even there
    for an hour before Helena pounced on her.
    I wonder if Michael will tell Dante the truth. Then
    Dante will try to protect both Sonny & Michael. That
    would be interesting.
    LOVE Diane. So funny.
    Aussie... You say Skye is coming back? That is fantastic.
    Watched her on AMC & when she moved over to GH. Is it the
    same actress? Robin? I think that was her name. Oh Tracy
    will not be happy to see her. That will be fun to watch.

    Posted by poodles at Wednesday, February 17 2010 05:53 PM

    Hi everyone:

    Hope everyone has had a good day. I thought GH was ok--after yesterday anything would be just ok.

    I think I now understand Sonny. He wants Dante to know,that he love's his children and would never hurt them, but in the name of business he would kill a non-family member. I guess it's a lot like most fathers. They would and wouldn't do a lot of things for their own children. Sonny, just happens to be a mob boss, so the things he would and wouldn't do are different, but it's all because they love their children.

    I wonder how long Liz will be in Shaddy Brook?

    Cowboy: I'm still laughing from your post.

    Tipsy: The olympics and Vancouver are awesome! We have been recording them and watching them into the wee hours of the morning.

    Ring: your amazing with all your feline rescues. I wish more people would take the time and the initiative to spay and neuter their pets. I'm so glad their are people like you who care. Keep up the good work.

    lilmafia: Your twins sound adorable.

    Have a great night everyone.

    Posted by cbru at Wednesday, February 17 2010 06:17 PM

    Call me cynical, but Liz seemed normal to me today too. Guess she realizes she has Lucky back right where she wants him. This just seems like deja vu to me when he rescued her years ago. I really hope since Liz is now in Shadybrook she will learn to stand on her own two feet. Maybe Lucky needs a few sessions with Lainey too. I don't see this as much as love as he has this need to keep saving her.

    I thought it was rather odd that Lucky told her about Shadybrook rather than her brother. And then Steve takes her there. Anyway, I am with you NYD. Let's dust off the old rocker and have Liz sit in it without speaking ala Laura. I don't think I can handle months of crying and the pity party. Glad Helena was there to spice things up. Liz will definitely not get the poor Liz from her.

    Sonny needs to give it a rest. For one thing I am not buying this instant daddy and son trip. I agree ring, Dante can make his own decisions, plus he sees Sonny for the murderous thug that he is. And Sonny can't figure that out. The man is totally delusional.

    Liked the scene with Lucky and Luke. I agree that Liz needs Lucky-I have a question with her motives. What she wants is to be able to do what she wants and then absolution from him and if her latest behavior doesn't prove that, nothing does. Lucky is her security blanket and she knows that he will forgive her anything now. I'm sorry, but personally, I think the biggest mistake he could make is getting back together with her. No one has heard this before, but I don't want that to happen-HAHA!

    Go Scrubs-Lisa needs to depart.

    Off Topic.

    Ring-did you have any luck with your little one? A few years ago, a wild little stray adopted my house. I started feeding her and eventually she let me pet her. I never could get her into the house, but she felt safe enough to have a litter in my garage because she knew she was safe and could get fed. They all took off one day, never to be seen again. I have always had dogs and they are my babies.
    They drive me batty at times, but I wouldn't want to be without them.

    Hi aussie, bean, beyond, been, ring, rans, tipsy, da_kid, kini, cowboys, fire, heart, lumi, poodles, lovely, NYD, cynic, hera, starlett, enad, FUBU and anyone I forgot.

    Posted by Seaqagirl at Wednesday, February 17 2010 06:19 PM

    I just read in the "Comings & Goings" section that they've now cast both a mother and father for the Keifer kid. I'm guessing **not a spoiler** that they'll probably do a domestic violence s/l. After all, kids Keifer's age don't become bullies and abusers overnight. I'm guessing he grew up with that in his home, and that's how he learned how to treat women? Should be interesting if the writers handle it well.

    And 'booo' to the writers for doing yet another 'WTD' s/l with the same character, and giving her a 3rd child with a 3rd man! How unimaginative - actually, boooooring!

    And I'm guessing we'll see another Helena kipnapping s/l? Since the Liz actress is preggers in real life, and she will have to take a maternity leave, what better way to write her out for a while by having that psychotic Helena whisk her off somewhere so she can indulge in her "Cassadine heir" nonsense. Pleeeeeeze, shot me now!

    Posted by lilmafia at Wednesday, February 17 2010 06:22 PM

    Aussie - Skye would be great. I hope it is the same actress.

    Bean - Love your Sonny comment. I'm a Sonny fan but had to LOL at that one.

    Well the boys just wandered off to bed. I'm off to spend some time with hubby. Happy posting

    Posted by aussie-gal at Wednesday, February 17 2010 06:31 PM

    lilmafia & mamajj, it is the same actress!

    So are they going to address Liz's ongoing infidelity at Shadybrook? It's not the first time she's cheated. Makes me wonder.

    lilmafia, you're lucky your son didn't say this on his report:

    Dad Sonny, kills people
    Uncle Jason, kills people too but he's cute
    Uncle Luke, gambles a little too much
    Uncle Lucky, has a drinking problem
    Aunt Liz, can't be with one man at a time
    Aunt Carly, always gives birth in dangerous circumstances
    Sister Kristina, lets her boyfriend hit her

    The list goes on....

    Posted by mamajj at Wednesday, February 17 2010 07:23 PM

    Aussie... Thanks for the info. I wonder how old Lila
    will be? Maybe they will make her like Morgan & Molly's
    age. To bad Rae isn't coming back w/her. I really liked Rae
    as well.

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