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    Revolving Doors.

    Wednesday, February 17 2010
    Dante, Liz, Luke and Sonny entertain a myriad of visitors.

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    Posted by 4myJylli at Thursday, February 18 2010 08:18 AM

    Ran, I must say, we don’t always agree, but girl, do you have a way of making me pause then back-track to look at some things the way you obviously do. I may not come away seeing or thinking the same as you, but it's appreciated that you're able to make me do that along with other posters as well. It truly is awesome posting with all of you.

    I’ll also agree with you that PAGAL must be Lisa’s mother the way she’s always trying to prop the actress Brianna because she never post a comment about any of the other characters/actors. Very interesting.

    STORM04, another excellent post re: Liz/Lucky/Steve/Helena.

    FUBU, wow great post. Your personal stories are always so touching, but with the harsh realities of everyday life and the choices/decisions that people are often times forced to make. Thank you for sharing those personal stories.

    Posted by GH_Addict at Thursday, February 18 2010 08:24 AM

    Good Afternoon!

    Monkey-Congrats on your German midterm!

    Hera & Runnergirl-Welcome back!

    Mamajj-***Spoiler Talk***-A couple of weeks ago I saw under the spoilers that Michael gets a love interest...

    Aussie-I too have noticed that Spin has been talking more like a normal person. Maybe Sonny has gotten to him

    Onto the Show...

    Steve-I couldn't believe Steve said that Lucky shouldn't should be the one to keep helping Liz.

    Liz-I'm happy that sending Liz to Shadybrook wasn't drawn out.

    Dante-Loved how Dante put his anger aside & teamed up with Olivia to smack Rayner around. I loved Lulu's dress today. I'm ready for Dante to gete out of the hospital.

    Scrubs-They were cute and looked like a real marriage. Bicker & make-up. Although Lisa wouldn't be standing there with that big smile on her face while talking to Patrick.

    Michael-Even though he pretty much was there for a favor I do think he feels bad for Dante for everything that has gone down.

    Thats about it, waiting for something else exciting to happen. Like anything with Jasam


    Posted by FUBU at Thursday, February 18 2010 08:40 AM

    Thanks Hera, I am a big believer in the parent/child bond. As many issues as I have with my mother I cannot think of ever fully cutting her out of my life. I try to deal as best I can and live my life. As many mistakes as my mother made when I was growing up she never once apologized for any of them. She said that she did what she thought was right at the time. As a parent myself I can someone see how that works.

    However I find myself constantly on guard with my own children so that I don’t do to them what was done to me. And if they come to me as adults and say you know what you did when we were children really messed us up then I would be apologizing before the words are even completely out of their mouths.

    I know that Sonny and Jason break the law but I grew up with half of my family doing the some of the same things they have done. Do I hate the things they did, yes? Do I hate the person no? I didn’t grow up in one of those Sunny Delight commercials my world was full of what most would call the smears on society but there were family. We don’t always get to choose our family we can however choose the path we want our lives to go into once we reach legal age. Some chose the path that is familiar to them others branch out.

    I guess that is why I don’t quite see Sonny and Jason the way some do.

    Posted by da_kid at Thursday, February 18 2010 08:48 AM

    I am a true Sonny fan. Sonny told Dante his story to help Dante understand, and hopefully not hate him for the rest of his life. Anyone who deals with the effects of childhood on human development knows that a dysfunctional childhood usually has an adverse affect on human development. We also hear stories all of the time about people who have terrible childhoods who overcome those experiences and make something of themselves. But there are more Sonny stories than there are success stories. Even if we see the successful adults who have made something of themselves, when their spouses are interviewed, they reveal that there are still a lot of issues that the adult is dealing with. We just see the successful side, but unfortunately a child cannot be physically, mentally, or sexually abused, along with being neglected by the most important person in their life, their mother, and come out of it smelling like a rose without any hangups. I'm just surprised that Sonny has any nurturing qualities at all toward his children considering what he went through, so let's not be so fast to dismiss Sonny's past, even if we hate what he has become.

    Posted by FUBU at Thursday, February 18 2010 09:08 AM

    Da_Kid I could not have said it better myself.

    Posted by lilmafia at Thursday, February 18 2010 09:14 AM

    Storm I definitely respect you opinion on Michael being shot, but I have 2 more cents to put in. I don’t see any issue with Sonny shielding Kate. Maybe this comes from my experience with guns, so I’ll try to explain myself. Someone who knows guns (and Sonny definitely does) knows that a trained marksman will follow a moving target with the gun barrel. It’s called trailing your mark. No account for a ricochet, Michael was out of the line of fire. If Sonny would have gone over to Michael he actually would have taken the snipers aim towards Michael. Kate on the other hand was already in the line of fire and therefore Sonny took her down with him. If I had been in Sonny’s place I would have done the same thing. JMO.

    Aussie: Loved your version of Dante’s homework.

    Monkey: Gluckwunsche fur die prufung

    Hera: Gia loved Wicked. And I’m with you I could talk hrs on fashion. The jacket I ordered after reading about it on the fashionista section came in. It is the one Sam wore last fall and I love it. Blur leather is awesome !!!!

    FUBU: I agree that as long as Sonny was taking Michael to a legit part of the business, he wasn't purposely putting him in harms way. Part of the life is part of the life.

    Posted by hera at Thursday, February 18 2010 09:22 AM

    Hi everyone! Great, great, wonderful comments. So much fun to read. Thank you all for sharing such thoughtful comments.

    TXMN and GH addict - Thank you very much for the welcome back. It's great to be back.

    TXMN - ITA that Lucky was amazing yesterday. He really did get snapped back to reality. JJ did a great job in conveying his epic inner struggle with being compassionate with the mother of his children and his deep, deep hurt and anger at the betrayal. It was a brilliant scene. I too love Aaron Refvem - he was amazing in his scene with Carly. The heartbreak. I was so moved by it.

    ring and 4my - You both may think that I am a bit nutty but I think that you are both right re. Kate/Michael's shooting. In terms of the actual events of the day, Sonny acted accordingly because Michael was physical far away from (if I remember correctly)the reflection of the light from the rifle which led Sonny to push Kate to the ground. Yet in the wider context of Sonny's life, his mob life exposes all his children to a world of danger.

    FUBU - it wasn't me but 4my, though I did enjoy reading your post and I thank you for sharing your family stories. Though I think that Sonny is a terrible parent because of his life choices, I still can see that he does love his children. As you pointed out, Morgan and Michael grew up with their father's love, while Kristina never had her father's love growing up. Yet, as ring outlined, Sonny has done some morally reprehensible things which I found disturbing. Still I don't outrightly dismiss Sonny and Jason even if I may sound like it. They both are complex characters and there are shades of gray in their lives. I don't see them as evil and bad characters. Same with Carly. The three of them make questionable life choices and they enjoy the riches and benefits off of blood money. I find that distasteful. They could have made different life choices. What you said about your mother sounds similar to my relationship with my mother. After years of resentment and anger, I eventually came to see that my mother did the best that she could - she really had a very difficult time in this country because she couldn't speak any English, had no qualifications, and she just didn't understand what life was like for me as an immigrant kid growing up in a non-English speaking household. My mother had no choice but to take any job that she could to make sure that all her kids had a safe roof over their heads, clean clothes on their backs and food on the table. So I have little patience for affluent women who can afford to stay at home being all judgmental towards other women who don't have that class privilege. Over the years, my mother and I have talked a lot about what it was like for both of us as I was growing up and some of those conversations were painful and difficult. My mother actually did apologize for all her mistakes with me and I have apologized for not being more compassion with her. Our relationship now is quite good, healthy and balanced for which I am grateful. Again thank you for sharing your personal stories. I always appreciate reading them.

    Posted by ttoyou at Thursday, February 18 2010 09:22 AM

    FUBU, thank you so much for sharing your personal life with us. Your sharing broadens and expands my life. I'm often very moved by what you share. My life was different than yours in many ways but being one of ten children I can say that there wasn't a lot of love that went around us siblings
    but there sure was a lot of discipline, some physical. But that was well before Oprah, so who knew any better?
    Again, thanks, FUBU

    Posted by lilmafia at Thursday, February 18 2010 09:23 AM

    FUBU - I too see Sonny and Jason differently. It's all about perspective. Some would call my dad a bad parent. He's definately no boyscout!! And when his trusted lawyer was retiring he made a new one Not that I didn't chose my life, it was my choice. My loyalties to him and my "uncles" at times could put my lic to practice in jepardy and lets not forget my husband is his go to guy. But I was a part of this life growing up and I chose to stay a part as an adult. (My brothers all chose different paths b/c free will reins.) But I love my father, and he is a great dad to me. And that's all that matters.

    Posted by ttoyou at Thursday, February 18 2010 09:28 AM

    And da-kid, I'm with FUBU, couldn't have said it better or more succinctly.

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