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    The Search Is On.

    Monday, November 02 2009
    Carly finds a place to have her baby, Jason gets out of police custody, Lulu is in danger, Jax and Sonny square off and Kristina understands her mother a bit better.

    Lulu comes to Jason’s and learns he is in lock up from Dominic and Spinelli who are trying to track Claudia’s car. Dominic tells them to look through the footage Spinelli has found and he’ll try to call in a couple of favors.

    In the interrogation room, a handcuffed Jason pleads with Lucky to let him go after Claudia. Lucky knows Jason just wants to eliminate her, but Jason wants Lucky to think about his kids and what if Claudia put a bullet in their brain. Jason begs Lucky to let him go and just as he seems to be willing to comply, Mac comes in and angrily calls Lucky away.

    Jax and Michael come home blaming themselves for what happened. Morgan comes downstairs and asks where his mother is. As Jax delicately tries to tell Morgan what happened, Michael blurts out the truth.

    Alexis is unhappy with her girls for being where they shouldn’t have been that night when Sonny comes over for help finding Carly. Diane is in Philadelphia and he needs Alexis to get Jason out of jail. Alexis sends her girls out of the room and tells Sonny she thinks the police should take care of this, not Jason, who will probably kill Claudia. Sonny begs her to help get Carly and the baby out of this alive.

    Carly wakes up from the crash and gets out of the car when she doesn’t get a response from Claudia. She slowly and painfully grabs a flashlight and walks away.

    Dante goes to Ronnie for help with Claudia and Carly, but he wants the PCPD to take care of it. Ronnie thinks Dante should be using this situation to get info on Sonny, but Dante can’t believe he had to stand by and watch Claudia drag Carly away at gunpoint. Ronnie accuses him of being too soft again and Dante storms out.

    Sam and Johnny come to see Jason and Johnny suggests they strike a deal with the commissioner, promising to make sure Jason doesn’t kill Claudia if he lets him go. Jason doesn’t trust Johnny to not help Claudia so Johnny leaves. Jason asks Sam to find out if Spinelli found a lead.

    Lulu and Spinelli continue to work as Sam walks in. Sam gets Jason’s gun and leaves with the information the two of them found.

    Olivia comes to help Jax with the kids and he says he wants to take out a chopper to look for Claudia’s car. Olivia tries to reassure Jax it’s not his fault, but Jax berates himself.

    Lulu worries to Spinelli about Carly as Dominic returns. Lulu wants to check out the Zacchara mansion and Lulu and Dominic head out.

    Alexis comes to the police station with Sonny to get Jason out. Mac won’t let Jason go because he will kill Claudia, but Alexis reminds him he can’t arrest someone on a crime they may or may not commit.

    Lucky returns to Jason and tells him Mac took his handcuff keys and there are guards on him. Lucky instructs him to sit quiet and Jason orders him to go out and look for Carly. Lucky tells him Mac doesn’t believe he can be objective on this case because Carly is family and his dad and sister were witnesses to what happened. Lucky thinks Mac has a point because people do crazy things in the name of family. Mac comes in and lets Jason go. After Mac leaves, Jason says he appreciates that Lucky was going to tell him go himself.

    After Jason takes off, Alexis asks Sonny to wait to talk to Kristina until she comes to him.

    Molly brings Kristina some hot chocolate and Kristina tells her sister what happened at the party. Kristina didn’t know her father could be so cruel and understands why Alexis was keeping her away from him.

    Lulu and Dominic come to the Zacchara house and run into Johnny there. Lulu goes to search for Carly and falls through the floor into a pool of water.

    Carly comes to an abandon house and after doubling over from a contraction, thinks she needs to get the place ready for her baby. She starts to build a fire but doubles over in pain again.

    Alexis comes home and tells Kristina she got Jason out of police custody. Kristina tells Alexis how awful she thought Sonny was tonight and thinks maybe she needed to see it. Alexis tries to explain Sonny to her and Kristina wonders if she is like him. Alexis only sees the good things about Sonny in her. She tells her Sonny wants to be a part of her life and no matter what she chooses to do, she has to remember that her father loves her.

    Despite Mac grounding his plane, Jax heads out to find Carly. He opens the door to Sonny who has come for his boys and is surprised to see Olivia there. Jax and Sonny argue over where the boys should be and what happened with Carly. The boys run downstairs and Sonny tells them they are going home with him. Jax tells him the boys aren’t going anywhere.

    Jason goes home and gets updated on what Spinelli found about a car similar to the one Claudia took, but that Dominic, Lulu and Sam have gone in the wrong direction. Jason packs a bag and says that’s good because he will deal with Claudia his own way.

    After tracking down a dead end lead, Sam returns and Spinelli tells her Jason is tracking down a more promising one.

    Jason drives to find Carly and pulls over after seeing something.

    Carly's contractions continue as Claudia bursts through the door.

    Next on General Hospital:

    Carly delivers her baby.

    Michael finds Claudia and Carly’s accident site.

    Dante risks his own life to save Lulu.

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    Posted by naijahunny at Monday, November 02 2009 01:33 PM

    looks like a good episode. JJ's Lucky and Jason sighting? Looking forward to it. Stuck in school, will watch and comment later. Have a nice day guys

    Posted by MRM123 at Monday, November 02 2009 01:35 PM

    Loved todays episode!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by sharkaz at Monday, November 02 2009 01:48 PM

    Hhmm, Olivia should tell Sunny Dante is his son and soon. Imagine living all your life not knowing who your father is -only he's right in front of you and vise versa.

    Posted by Cynic at Monday, November 02 2009 01:51 PM

    I liked the way Lucky calmly and quietly refused to give in to Jason's demand to be set free. Mac took him into custody to prevent a murder begin committed. Lucky stood his ground without resorting to violence or anger. BUT, I do wish Jason would grow up. I am really, really tired of his glowering sulks.

    Haven't we seen this scenario before, someone in danger stumbling to a strange house in a storm? Didn't someone end up hanging by their fingertips over a collapsed bridge?

    Olivia seems to be replacing Elizabeth as the confidant to go to when a man needs comfort and advice. Ha! the biggest liar in town.

    Posted by Ringleader at Monday, November 02 2009 01:57 PM

    Jason has just become as much of an insufferable jacka$$ as Sonny and Jax now. When Carly and Sonny were blaming themselves for Michael getting shot, Jason was repeatedly telling them "it was an accident" but now he acts like Claudia pulled the trigger herself or intentionally targeted Michael in the hit. Are we really to believe that, in all the time that Jason's been killing people on Sonny's orders, he's never once hit an innocent bystander? NO ONE has that kind of accuracy, not even SWAT team sharpshooters. And then take in to consideration the conditions (a.k.a. - random shootouts) Jason's been involved in and they want us to believe his bullets have never gone even slightly astray? Gimme a frickin' break! Instead of hearing any words actually coming out of Jason's mouth now, all I hear is "hypocrite, hpyocrite, hypocrite." It's absolutely disgusting.

    And, SPOILER TALK, if it does turn out that Michael kills Claudia to protect Carly and then everyone covers it up (even though it was an accident or justified or whatever), I will be signing an even louder chorus of "hypocrite, hypocrite, HYPOCRITE!!!" every time I see Jason's face. It's okay to cover up when (or if) Kristina or Michael or Jason or Carly or Sam or any of the "chosen" ones takes a life, but Claudia's expected to come forward, confess all her sins and ask for mercy from the heartless, merciless Sonny and Jason? Sorry, but that's suicide, plain and simple. The ONLY chance Claudia had to possibly make that work would have been to tell Sonny right after she lost the baby. I still think his reaction would have been the same, considering how cruel Sonny was to Claudia on Friday saying it was a blessing that their baby died, but MAYBE, there's a small chance that Sonny would have been able to forgive and move on without getting revenge (as everyone expected Claudia to do when Kristina caused Claudia's accident and killed her baby). Doubtful, but if there was ever a chance that would happen, that's when it would have been.

    Now, having said that, I'm going to try to refrain talking about Claudia's actions, her motives, etc., as that's all pointless now. But I do think the other characters reactions to her and the hypocritical double standards they (Sonny, Jason, Jax, Olivia, etc.) use are still valid talking points (like above) so I will continue on with that, at least until there's something better to post about anyway!

    Posted by Ringleader at Monday, November 02 2009 02:04 PM

    Oh yeah, and I almost forgot about Alexis - WTH, she's helping Sonny get Jason out of jail? Seriously like no one else could find Carly but Jason? GMAB! And you could have made a case for holding Jason on suspicion of attempted murder or conspiracy to commit murder. The whole room heard what Sonny accused Claudia of doing and then heard him order the no-neck Giambetti's to "take her." It doesn't take Einstein to figure out what would happen next - and I doubt a jury would have any reasonable doubt -- even if Robin was utterly clueless.

    I can't wait for Sonny and Jason to finally pay for all the terrible things they've done. I really, really, really hope this new character TRULY gives them both all they deserve and more!

    Posted by ghforlife at Monday, November 02 2009 02:06 PM

    Hi All...did not get a chance to comment on the last few shows...first, want to say that I have enjoyed watching this secret finally come out...even my son (only 12) wanted to see it...he could not understand that it took this long:)

    It was good to see Lucky with Jason...amazing though, how they can "write" so differently for Jonathan...if that were Greg, he would all up in Jason's face and I could not see him going for the keys. Anyone else feel that way?

    As far as the hunt for Carly...I SOOOOO do not want to see Jason save the day. He is really getting on my nerves, someone needs to knock him off his high horse.

    Hey Ring...I have to add to your Jason statement...that wasn't he also saying when Michael got shot...that this was the life...he kept preaching the danger, etc. So I agree...obviously he has not learned anything from the shooting...for me it is a they can stop the violence, but instead he is out for blood.

    Posted by ttoyou at Monday, November 02 2009 02:07 PM

    Well, I thought today was rather anticlimactic myself. Yes, Lulu fell into water, and yes, Carly found a place to give birth, and yes, Jason was released from jail, and yes, Spinelli was researching the internet. The only person I found intriguing on today's show was Kristina, who, I hope will never forget who she saw her father for who he really is and now understands why her mother kept her away from him all of her life. He is a monster and she saw that with her own eyes. But because it's a soap she'll forget.

    Posted by ghforlife at Monday, November 02 2009 02:11 PM

    I also have to say Kudos to Mac...I truly feel he was trying to prevent a crime, but hey, he should have really thought about it...this might be the only murder that they would be able to convict Sonny and Jason for.

    Posted by ghforlife at Monday, November 02 2009 02:13 PM

    ttoyou...totally agree about Kristina...I also felt are dating a boy who is just like your dad. It was refreshing to see her be honest with Alexis and I too hope this is something she will remember.

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