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    The Aftermath.

    Wednesday, September 09 2009
    Jake, Dominic, Max and Edward are taken to the ER, Kristina remains missing, a life is claimed and Johnny is wounded.

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    Posted by kupp at Wednesday, September 09 2009 02:32 PM

    Writer's i felt, real sorry for Jason he looked so hurt after seeing what happened to Jake today. Lucky was with Liz which was great for a change, he really doe's love both boy's very much. I hope that this will bring Lucky and Liz closer, yet she keep's thinking about Nick his brother, and Jason has seen Liz and Nick together kissing twice now. What doe's this really say about Liz, yes she's hot in the pant's again maybe she and Nick will have a baby together, or maybe she will have twin's one by Lucky and the other by Nick. This should tell Jason and Sam, that this is how Liz is.

    Posted by firebird85 at Wednesday, September 09 2009 02:39 PM

    Ebony, I felt that Steve Burton displayed more emotion in that scene than any words could convey. Equally touching was when Jason grasped Sam's hand.

    Claudia looked distraught as she searched for Kristina. I hope her thoughts for revenge is over.

    I only have sympathy for Olivia being a mother whose son is hurt. Otherwise I was digested by her flirtations with a married man. Maybe, she should practice some of those words that she prays.

    Posted by TNbuckle at Wednesday, September 09 2009 02:41 PM

    I'm confused by the recap. At first Molly, Kristina and Claudia are on a ride, then Molly and Claudia are looking for Kristina in the rubble. How'd that happen?

    Since I've haven't seen the episode, I'm going to follow up on yesterday's comments:

    LadyJ: You estimate Edward at 70 and the Blonde at 40?? I think you're looking at an old calendar!!

    Shiloh: I think you're alone in your hatred of Maxie

    Cynic: I thought it was Louise who was eyeing Max instead of the other way around. I agree that there must be different writers for different characters. It would explain why Dante has such great lines. And yes, I remember the Everly Brothers.

    NYDrama: looks like my boyfriend Jeter came through for you on breaking that record.

    Why does Michael call Alexis "Ms. Davis"? Isn't that a little formal for the mother of your sister??

    I'm looking forward to watching this episode but unfortunately won't see the next two until much later because I'm going out of town tomorrow. What a week to not be watching!!

    Posted by MRM123 at Wednesday, September 09 2009 02:42 PM

    This sounds like a great episode! I can't wait to waitch it !

    Posted by kupp at Wednesday, September 09 2009 02:46 PM

    I would like, to have Sam give Jason children real soon. Because this is a love that is for real, and Sam would be a great mother, and Jason a great father. This show is outstanding we really did enjoy it alot. It showed class Sam could see how hurt Jason was, yet she was willing to give him his space, now that is team work these two actor's are great together as ever and so was the whole staff, of actress's and actor's. Patrick find's out that Dante, is Sonny's son after all enorder to save his life Olivia must tell the truth especially as a mother. Loved how Molly was crying, for her sister and did'nt want to leave, Clauda was really out their searching for her stepdaughter, when she start's to worry everyone should, can't wait until she find's out what her father did to Johnny all heck will, break lose and not to soon here, Clauda is a women with class, and she is'nt afraid to show it she fight's for what she want's. Is this the end for Olivia and Johnny will he find out her secret along with everyone else, and at the same time.

    Posted by heartliason at Wednesday, September 09 2009 02:54 PM

    Aww a liason siting, I know not much touch on that because this is a predominantly jasam posting here but I love even the small seconds of liason.

    With that Sam needs to go look for her sisters, yeah she wants to be their to support Jason, but with her hanging around Jason and his kid, shows me IMO that she is not as independent as suppose to be.
    About Sam having kids with Jason, I would rather see him and Carly have a kid, at least Carly is more kid friendly.

    Hope Edward is alright.

    Funny how Karma works, Andrea poisoned Edward and that lead to her death.

    Posted by kupp at Wednesday, September 09 2009 03:01 PM

    This was a, wonderful story the writer's should be rewarded, for such great work here, they did the viewer's proud we really felt it, it was very interesting watching, it made you feel like you were their along with the actor's and actress's this was a class act. Can't wait till Sonny find's out about his son Dante, why can't he put twoand two together. Kate was right about one thing once Sonny doe's find out Olivia had better, get out of town for sure, she kept this secret from him for year's. And how will Dante feel when he fid's out that his mother had lied to him, for year's about his father, Olivia will run to Jax and these two will get together, as lover's and Carly will try to kill Olivia and Jax for lieing to her, to cover for them selves. I see Jax, and Olivia having a relationship here soon. I watched how he help her in his arm's, so that she would'nt tell Sonny that Dante was his son.

    Posted by ttoyou at Wednesday, September 09 2009 03:02 PM

    HeartLiason, I disagree with you that most of us posters are Jasam fans. I think many of us are not vested with either. I am happy with whoever makes Jason happy and no one has made him happy this past year except for the friendship of Spinelli and Maxie. So I'm thrilled that Sam is there for him. I'd be thrilled if Diane were there for him.

    Posted by kupp at Wednesday, September 09 2009 03:07 PM

    I watched as Jax, held Olivia in his arm's, and how her eyes keep looking at his, these two have a strong bond here, and yes they both lied to cover something up. Jax could'nt go to Carly with the truth, so he when to Olivia with it, and yes the truth has a way of coming out. not just for Olivia but Jax as well. I can not wait until Micheal goe's after Jax by telling his mother then his father, about what Jax said in the hospital when Michael was shoot.

    Posted by kupp at Wednesday, September 09 2009 03:08 PM

    Writer's great job.

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