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    The Aftermath.

    Wednesday, September 09 2009
    Jake, Dominic, Max and Edward are taken to the ER, Kristina remains missing, a life is claimed and Johnny is wounded.

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    Posted by enad19 at Thursday, September 10 2009 07:15 AM

    Honeycolmb: Why does this have to be a Liz vs. Sam thing? If a comment is made regarding Liz's actions or her bed partners, why does it have to revert back to what Sam did? If I should say that Liz is a tramp or bust down or that Liz is a cheater? How does that relate to Sam in any way? Does saying something negative about Sam take away from the fact that what Liz is doing or has done in the past is wrong or vice versa in Sam's case? As soon as a criticism is presented about Liz, there is bound to be a comeback regarding Sam's past actions. Whatever for? If a poster criticises Sam or Liz, why does it have to be because that posters is a fan of one or the other? Can the critique not stand on its own merit and let that be what the debate is about? If I say that Liz is a cheater, and you bring up that Sam slept with Ric in the past or that she was a con artist, does that mean that Liz has not cheated? Does that mean that one character's disparagement cancels out the other?

    Everyone knows by now that I am a JaSam fan, does that mean what when I decide to voice an opinion, negative or otherwise about Liz, I am engaging in the madness as well and I am only criticising Liz because I love the precious, very precious character of Samantha? Can posters not criticise a character without being accused of being a hater of either?

    Posted by New kid on the block at Thursday, September 10 2009 07:15 AM

    How did Claudia get over hating Kristina so quickly? I'm not fooled one bit with her concern for Kristina. I would not be surprised if she was the one who pushed Kristina to her death.

    Posted by COLOMBIAN PRINCESS at Thursday, September 10 2009 07:17 AM

    I have a few things to say. Why did Elizabeth let go of Jake hand? It her fault he is hurt, control your child Woman.
    The whole Jason looking lost thing? what was that? why did in Sam show up to help him at that point?

    Kristina being missing well hot Damm !!she need a good Butt Kicking and stop letting her get away with murder.

    Andrea is Dead Story line sucked any ways.

    Ohhhh YEAH Elizbeth need to stop taking everyone man way SHE IS ACTING LIKE A HOE. What is wrong with Lucky good looking, great job, great dad. lets make it work people.

    Let get sam Pregent with Jason baby, they did it for courtney at one time when she could not also not have babies.

    Claudia NEEDs to turn around to be a better person.

    Love the whole Oliva and Johnny Story It's cool to think that a 40 something woman can still be sexies, hot, and turn heads on younger man.

    Posted by ttoyou at Thursday, September 10 2009 07:32 AM

    Wow! It's been great reading your shared backgrounds. Especially those of you who are here regularly. It gives me a better understanding of your comments. Cynic, I was really impressed at how well you were able to describe that Catholic background of yours. Brought back memories,that's for sure. So thanks all of you.

    Aussie, just caught your comment regarding how short the carnival was. It reminded me of the Black and White Ball. That one started on Halloween and ended on Thanksgiving Eve. And it was only a one night affair.

    Posted by FUBU at Thursday, September 10 2009 07:41 AM

    Ali, I agree with you about Olivia. In the beginning she was great and I loved that fact that they provided Carly a girlfriend so she was not constantly surrounded by men.

    How in the hell does Liz blame Lucky for what happened to Jake. Had she been watching him instead of his father then he would not have gotten away. TSW were doing so well and I hope this is just a rumor and not something that is going to happen. I would love to see Jason have a relationship with his son. I would also love to see Sam give Jason a child that they can raise together.

    Great promo Aussi.

    Zen I hope you feel better.

    Honeycomb I think the problem most people have with Liz is that she is making babies with have the men she sleeps with. Yes Zander and Emily were over but still to sleep with your best friend’s man regardless if they are together or not is just wrong. So she sleeps with Zander and get’s pregnant. She sleeps with Jason and gets pregnant. Now she is potentially getting involved with Nik which everyone knows will destroy Lucky when he finds out. She was so quick to tell Lucky how wrong he was for going out with Rebecca who looked just like Emily because it upset Nik so but to actually fool around with a possibly sleep with your ex husbands brother is just wrong. And since Liz has been on the show she has slept with Lucky, Jason, Rick, Zander and potentially Nik. So she and Sam are about even on that score. The only difference is that Sam does not have two children by two different men and if Liz gets pregnant again there will be a third child by yet a totally different man then the first two. Not very classy considering she has never even been married to any of these men she is having children with.

    I can’t wait for today’s episode. Judging from the promo I believe that Michael will remember Claudia coming to see him but will guess it’s for a different reason then her being partly responsible for him getting shot.

    Posted by Honeycomb75 at Thursday, September 10 2009 08:02 AM

    enad19 i am responding to all the posters who have pinned Sam and Liz against each other and are constantly comparing the chemestry between Jason or the character of Elizabeth...this is all based on my opinion and you don't have to like it...but I think that you are taking this a little to personally, we all have our favourite characters and defend them when noone else is.

    Posted by enad19 at Thursday, September 10 2009 08:12 AM

    Honeycomb, I have great regard for your opinion, thus my reason for responding to it with the utmost respect. Not taking it personlly as you think, but just replying as you just did. I know that I don't have to like it. Did I say that I had to?

    Posted by Honeycomb75 at Thursday, September 10 2009 08:17 AM

    FUBU it's fine that you are not a fan of Elizabeth but as you stated since Liz has been on the show she has slept with Lucky, Jason, Rick, Zander So she and Sam are about even on that score. The only difference is that Liz has been on the show for 12 years where Sam has only been of the show for 6 I think Sam has worked her way through the men of Port Charles fast and furiously. I'm just saying.

    Anyway I would much rather talk about what is really working on the show and that is Dante!!!!! he is the best thing to come to this show, his scenes with Morgan are amazing, he is such a breath of fresh air for the show and I can't wait to see where his character long as it's far far away from Lulu.

    Posted by onancy61 at Thursday, September 10 2009 08:20 AM

    In the last 5 years I have only been an on again off again viewer, but I thought when Liz had Jake that Lucky knew he was Jason's child. Was that only my presumption?

    Posted by Ringleader at Thursday, September 10 2009 08:40 AM

    Good morning all! I didn't check in again last night as I had a brutal headache yesterday (still bothering me a bit today too, but what can you do, right?) so I stayed away from the computer last night. Just finished reading all the comments which were great and so now here goes:

    alioop - I think Sonny can and will forgive Claudia for her part in Michaels shooting once it comes out, ESPECIALLY since she's out there trying to find Kristina now. Sonny would have some nerve not forgiving Claudia for an accident she caused (that cost Michael a year of his life, but didn't actually kill him) when he expected her to forgive Kristina for causing an accident (that actually killed Claudia's [and Sonny's] baby). Even when Jason was first trying to get proof of whether Claudia was involved with the hit on Sonny and Sonny knew Claudia was pregnant, Sonny said to Jason something like, "you said yourself that Micheal getting shot was and accident since the bullet was meant for me." I also bet when Michael remembers what Claudia said to him that he will remember her apologizing over and over again and I think he will forgive her (as he wanted to be and was forgiven for accidentally shooting Kate). Once that happens, I don't think Sonny or Jason will take it any farther.

    enad19 - re: the waffling back and forth on Claudia's character (is she or isn't she going after Kristina, do we hate her or can we forgive her, etc.) While the previews and spoilers all said that Claudia vowed revenge on Kristina what Claudia actually said was about Alexis & Sonny plotting to cover up what Kristina had done, "they won't get away with it." So depsite what was being said or written at the time, I don't know that Claudia ever really intended to get revenge on Kristina. Also, Claudia's comments were made in the heat of the moment, right after Claudia found out what had happened and heard her husband talking about covering it up like Claudia's baby was some "dirty little secret" or something. Even some of the posters here who don't like Claudia felt bad for her then and understood why she'd be angry. But, after that initial day, Claudia hasn't done anything to go after Kristina and has actually has been very decent towards her. Understandably, everyone assumes based on her past revenge plots that Claudia wouldn't just let this go. But at this point, Claudia's done nothing to suggest that she isn't trying to move past it and move on with her life. Yes, when she says that's what she's doing she looks like she still wants to rip someone's throat out, but that doesn't mean she's lying. Maybe she's just struggling with the concept of letting this go without getting revenge (which I agree is NOT her natural tendency) and with living her life after losing her baby that she loved more than she ever really thought she could.

    Obvioulsy, I am hoping that TSW have actually turned a corner with the character and are going to bring Claudia back to that take-charge, kick a$$ woman that she was when she first came to town instead of the needy, incompetent vengeful whiner they turned her into for a while there. Love her or hate her, you have to admit that this Claudia is much more fun to watch. When she's being crazy, emotional, whiny Claudia, you never have to guess what's really going on with her, but now, we really don't know what's going on in Claudia's mind and we don't really know what she's going to do next. For me, it's much more interesting to watch this way.

    heartliason - while I am a JaSam fan, I don't hate Liz. Like I said, I just don't think their lives fit together right now. At the most basic level, Jason takes peoples lives and Liz saves peoples lives. You can't get more opposite than that. Yes, Jason supposedly only kills the bad mobsters who "had it coming," but Liz and all the people at GH work to save the lives of everyone who comes through the door, whether they are good guys or bad guys (like the guy with the toxic spheres in his stomach). It wouldn't be very long before their two professions clashed and Liz had to save someone Jason tried to kill. Talk about putting stress on your relationship!

    *****SPOILER TALK*************

    I also hope that E.K.L.'s spoilers (posted on this update) are more accurate that Mehetabel's on what's in store for Claudia. I really don't see Claudia as the "suicide note" type. Above all else, Claudia's a survivor, so that would just not make sense to me at all. I can really see Claudia striking a deal with Sonny to keep him out of jail but having to stay married to her in order for her to help him (sounds like Sonny's first marriage to Lily, right?).

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