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    The Danger is Real.

    Friday, September 04 2009
    The carnival gets underway, as Andrea succeeds in drugging Edward, Sam and Jason stake out Edward’s lady friend and Anthony makes dire predictions.

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    Posted by zenyatta at Sunday, September 06 2009 11:11 AM

    bronxie: Alexis used to be one of my favorites, too. I don't know what in h*** she's thinking now. She needs to remember that Cassadine does not= stupid. Stefan would never have let it get this far!

    Posted by Starlett at Sunday, September 06 2009 11:15 AM

    zen-Used to have a similar dress, but it was green. Thought I looked good in it, because it accented my small waist. These days I wouldn't dare wear anything like it, don't know what happened to my waist!

    Posted by zenyatta at Sunday, September 06 2009 11:22 AM

    NYD: The Edge Of Night was the first soap I was allowed to watch. My first early teen crush was Don Galloway. I thought he was soooo handsome. I watched eeverything he was in after that. I especially loved "Ironsides". Back then it was unheard of to let a popular character go, so I was floored when Adam died. I can't remember the name of Nancy's husband but I remember the triangle between him, Nancy & Mauve. And how the friendship between the two women evolved. And when somebody answered the phone & it was KEITH who everybody thought was dead? I was so excited & surprised that I called my best friend to tell her. Back then plots weren't leaked so thing's like Adam's death & Keith's resurrection were complete shocks. A lot of the most popular story lines today in all the soaps started on The Edge Of Night.

    Posted by ransomha at Sunday, September 06 2009 01:52 PM

    I do like Max but, reality is...he is a sex toy for Diane. She is way smarter then he is, she makes way more money and he really doesn't have too much to offer besides sex. To ask about what books he's read without having read anything sums it up right there.
    Andrea was a good character actress. She played her part and I will be sorry to see her go.
    From the promos on tv..looks like Dante' is going to get hurt and Olivia will have to deciede if she's going to admit she's he's mom. I have never liked a character less then Olivia. EVERYTHING about her rubs me the wrong way.

    Posted by EBONY0628 at Sunday, September 06 2009 02:27 PM

    Hello everyone,

    Spin calls Sonny Mr. Sir, when Spin first met Sonny he called him the godfather and pacheno-esque. This video is the clip with how Spin came to mr sir.


    Posted by aussie-gal at Sunday, September 06 2009 04:07 PM

    rockstar, you sure can and yes I'm in Melbourne.

    It's Monday morning here and I'm going to catch up on ALL the comments. I just skimmed through a few of them.

    Two things I loved about Domte on Friday's epi:
    1. He looks down at his body and says "I'm Dunk-A-Hunk"
    2. He locates Lulu waiting for Matt and the hospital and "oh good, you found me!"...cute scenes!

    Also, does anyone know why it's repeat episode today (Monday)?

    Posted by Kini at Sunday, September 06 2009 04:34 PM

    Zenytta-I can't believe someone else remembers The Edge of Night. remenber Raven-that is all.I used to watch that in 1977 I think.It came on after GH,that was when OLTL and gH were 30 minutes.I had a baby boy and one on the way,those were the days!GH has came a long way!Actually,thinking of OLTL,some of the things Claudia has done on GH,reminds me of Dorian at her worst.

    Starlett-I had a dress like that in 1988 or 89,it was navy blue and I wore either a white or red elastic belt,and white or red pumps.I had a red pendant,and white wood beads.My waist was a 19.Now it is a --.I don't even know,I don't wear belts.Also,in the 60's my grandmother and her friends all wore shirtdresses,they made them.I actually think the orange red was a bit much,but the dress could have been cute,I think with a scarf or a sweater.It might have been the blonde hair that clashed.A brunette would have looked better.Which was Nic's point.

    Posted by zenyatta at Sunday, September 06 2009 09:05 PM

    kini: Of course, Raven & Skye!

    Posted by aussie-gal at Sunday, September 06 2009 10:11 PM

    zen, I too loved the Valley Girl impersonation. That was my favourite movie from the 80's w/ Nikolas Cage. And, the way she was twirling her hair...funny! And Jason as Frank??

    rans, now what is BUMP? I've been seeing that a lot on this site lately.

    Posted by Monkey83 at Sunday, September 06 2009 10:14 PM

    Aussie- Monday is Labor Day, and if I'm correct none of the soaps will have a new episode on. A good majority of jobs here in the states (Sorry no disrespect if you celebrate Labor Day in Australia) have Labor Day off. Or maybe I should say a good majority of the government jobs have Monday off. No school for kids, we in the military have it off.. It's nice, but sad. It pretty much marks the end of summer for us.

    And remember ladies::: No white pants after Labor Day! JK, rock out those white pants.. ;-)

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