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    The Danger is Real.

    Friday, September 04 2009
    The carnival gets underway, as Andrea succeeds in drugging Edward, Sam and Jason stake out Edward’s lady friend and Anthony makes dire predictions.

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    Posted by Kini at Saturday, September 05 2009 06:14 AM

    Wow a lot of good stuff today!(yesterday)i couldn't post yesterday because I had a houseful of girls,ages 3 to 10 and they kept me entertained!Hairstyles,dancing,you-tube scary and funny videos.They are asleep now,so I can write.

    I loved the carnival.Anytime GH moves outside it adds a lot of character to the scenes.

    Sonny and Claudia are great when they are doing something fun.They are a lot more appealing,and I love seeing them smile.

    I hate to be mean,but I want Claudia to make Kristina feel bad.Now,I did not say I wanted her to pay.I want her to feel very remorseful for what she did.She should have to watch videos of car wrecks or miscarriages.This is soap land though,so I want to see what Claudia has in store.They could be friends,Kristina has a lot in commen with her,and sometimes your step-mom or the mom of a friend can be mentor just because they are not your parent.

    The fortune teller was creepy-I wanted her to lay into Sonny.If Sonny did not have so many dids and if he was not a mobster there would not be too much bad stuff left.

    I hate seeing Edward have one put over him,but...I am liking the character of Andrea more.That always happens before they bite the dust!

    Jason and Sam are cute.I am glad Sam has gotten thru to Stone Cold.I think it is cute for her to have to romance her.His women have always just been there,I do like the idea of him having to romance one.I was thinking of when Liz used him for a booty call.I hope the Sam\Jason thing lasts for a while,it is actually very refreshing.

    Spin-love him.but I can only hope they revive him,although the carnival is great and different.I really don't want him and Maxie together.I love their friendship.I hope it has not been ruined,because of their ?romance?Georgie brought them together,it would be ironic if she could seperate them somehow-I think that is a great idea.

    The dunking booth was graet-there is the new DA.I am hoping they put her with Lucky.He needs a new girl.

    Guess I will have to pop in later,I hear the troops stirring.

    Posted by Kini at Saturday, September 05 2009 06:22 AM

    In my comment about Jason,I meant him not herI think it is great for HIM to have to romance her.I would like to see him go all out and have to convince her to have another relationship.And I want to see Liz be jealous,just because I am a DRAMA addict.I want to see Liz's eyes when she them together.I want to see Sam's face when Liz sees them together.

    Also.I like Sam and Nic scenes.i think he needs to hang out more with all his family.

    How about Nic and Liz and Jason and Sam double dating for a while.Lucky could be hanging out with the new DA

    Posted by TNbuckle at Saturday, September 05 2009 06:30 AM

    Zen, I like Spinelli's nicknames. I don't have a favorite, but I cannot stand "Mr. Sir." It's stupid, it says nothing about Sonny, it's pointless.

    Posted by Alvah at Saturday, September 05 2009 07:49 AM

    I just love max and diane they are so funny, dante is great hope they keep him on. him and lulu are hot togeather was a great show today, poor edward hope he is going to be alright, please don't let any of the kids get hurt, yea the only one that is a real threat to kristna is that boyfriend of hers

    Posted by zenyatta at Saturday, September 05 2009 10:34 AM

    Cynic:I screwed up yesterday when I told you the Jax/Alexis/Chloe/ Ned story. Everything about the story was true - the inheritance, the aunt, Vegas, the accusation of deception but................I got the couples mixed up. Ned & Alexis were in love. Jax & Chloe were a couple. When auntie stormed in with the threat, Jax told her she was wrong, he was there to marry Alexis. I'm sorry.

    Posted by zenyatta at Saturday, September 05 2009 10:37 AM

    TNb:He calls Sonny Mr. Sir because he is so afraid of him that neither Mr. or Sir on their own seem respectful enough. I agree however it's not one of his best.

    Posted by zenyatta at Saturday, September 05 2009 10:42 AM

    alioop:I am so sorry. I was writing from memory & stupidly didn't bother to scroll back. Won't make that mistake again. (I hope) What's your favorite Spin nickname? Read my next post.

    Posted by zenyatta at Saturday, September 05 2009 10:52 AM

    I made a huge mistake yesterday. I was so excited about what a great topic it was & how wonderful the comment was, I wrote from memory - or what I thought was memory - instead of scrolling back to make sure of who wrote it. Very careless. It was alioop who should get full credit for the whole idea. I will be more careful in the future. There seem to be fewer posts today than there usually are on Saturdays lately. Do you think it could be because it's the Labor Day Weekend? By the way as to Spin's nicknames I love The Brusque Purveyor Of Justice. But my favorite big surprise - is Stone Cold. When I first heard Spin refer to him as that I remember thinking Perfect!

    Posted by Kini at Saturday, September 05 2009 11:21 AM

    I have been reading other posters comment on Maxie and Jesse lately,and I visited some you-tube clips.Wow they had great chemistry.I also noticed lucky always being there when Maxie had a bad moment.

    I would not mind her with Lucky again-let their relationship heal like sam and Jason.Also,she is great with Matt,just you tube it and see.Anyone but Spin!Spin can be her great friend,but she needs a romance with a hotty.

    Posted by zenyatta at Saturday, September 05 2009 11:23 AM

    Cynic:All this talk about Jimmy Lee & Celia has had me thinking a lot about other favorites. I miss Lila the most but they couldn't do anything about that. Yes, bring back Jimmy Lee & Celia. Robert Scorpio? Absolutely! I'm pretty sure we can forget Blackie Parish & Jackie Templeton coming back with the original actors. And I don't want to see them played by anyone else. And most of all, what about Genie Francis. Nikolas, Lulu & Lucky really need her. Although Lucky doesn't know yet how much he needs her. Ethan needs a mother figure - Holly doesn't cut it - and I know that after the initial shock, she would reach outto him. She has said publicly & frequently that she had wanted to stay but wanted to get some of the perks that Anthony Geary had - especially vacation time. More money would have been nice too. But GH wouldn't accomodate her in anything. She felt devalued & left. Miss her but don't blame her. As far as her love life if she got back with Luke there would be a great Luke/Laura/ Tracy/ story. Tracy isn't the "forgive & forget" type. If Luke & Laura didn't reunite Laura would have to work through her feelings that in the end Luke loved somebody else more. There must be some eligible man that she could start to build a relationship with - Mac comes to mind. ....And lastly I know Ric Hearst is now on B&B but Ric Lansing has a perfect story waiting for him. Alexis is no longer DA. I'm pretty sure he wouldn't be supportive of her. He'd slide right into the job. Molly is starting to bond with Sonny. Ric would never stand for that. So many possibilities. GH is always saying they "look down the road for stories". Where was that famous foresight when they didn't hold onto him.........Sorry I got carried away because the subject really hits a nerve!

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