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    The Danger is Real.

    Friday, September 04 2009
    The carnival gets underway, as Andrea succeeds in drugging Edward, Sam and Jason stake out Edward’s lady friend and Anthony makes dire predictions.

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    Posted by Monkey83 at Friday, September 04 2009 02:59 PM

    One thing I realized watching today's show... It was a GREAT change of pace. We don't really get to see a show where just about everyone is happy. I'm glad I got to see a happy Sonny and crew scene, because sadly, I don't think we'll get more than one day of happiness. Curious to see what Claudia is going to talk to Kristina about on the ferris wheel. Although, I agree with the poster (sorry forgot who said it) that said they think Kristina will be in danger from her boyfriend. That one's trouble.

    Can I just fast forward next week so I can read about what happens at the Carnival? I don't have great patience, so I can't wait to find out what happens. Hope it doesn't drag on for a really long time... .

    Posted by zenyatta at Friday, September 04 2009 03:01 PM

    aussie gave me a great idea. I never would have thought of it. Yesterday she mentioned that it was nice when Jason came out from behind his "stone cold" persona. So what is everybody's favorite nickname that Spin has for somebody? Stone Cold? White Knight? Valkerie? The Scruffy One? Mr. Sir? Young Mr. Sir? The Brusque Purveyor Of Justice? The Original Blonde One? Vixenella? Or another one altogether? Even though I'm posting this, all the credit goes to aussie.

    Posted by Giese at Friday, September 04 2009 03:50 PM

    I'm very excited for next week. I have to say that having Patrick in the dunk tank was hilarious. It was funny that nobody could could dunk Patrick but Molly. She was really good at that. I thought that it was cool to hear Molly call Sonny Uncle Sonny. Dante needs to give it up with Lulu because she just isn't interested in him. Andrea is weird. That fortune teller was creepy. It did almost seem like she knew Sonny. I liked the comment that Sonny made about Spinelli in the clown costume. I think that he is doing a good thing by getting over his fear of clowns. The danger is definately coming! I think Max does have some right to be upset with Diane. She seems to be using him as a boy toy. Lots of excitement to come. More when I return from my vacation and catch up on GH. Bye for now!

    Posted by NYDrama at Friday, September 04 2009 04:14 PM

    Hi everyone!
    Holy cow! What an amazing eppy, chock-full of juicy stuff. Loved all the mystery, fun, sexiness and family time. Greatly appreciated all the actors having screen time, newbies and vets.Loved Max and Dianes romance problems. Loved the outdoor scenes, the creepy fortune teller and the really cute dunk tank scene. Greatly appreciated the hunks in their wet tshirts! How cute is Patrick! Man, that guy needs to show his playful sexy side more often. Loved seeing Claudia and Sonny smile. Loved seeing Sonny dressed down as much as he could, finally. Loved Ethan commenting on Reb's dress! Loved my Jasam hotness, made me shudder! The build-up was great and now we have to wait a very long weekend for what's to come next. Like how they have us hanging w/our tongues waggin for more? Yep, I'm an excited mess, yapping away like our poor little Sam. Thank you GH for giving me such a wonderful break from my own crazy life!
    If I don't see some of you have a happy holiday weekend. To the rest, I'll see you later!

    Posted by poodles at Friday, September 04 2009 05:40 PM

    I loved the enitre show today, it even made me want to go to a carnival. I was just wondering if anyone thought the fortuneteller had a resemblance to Helena Cassadine?

    FuBu and Zenyatta- thanks for telling me the history between Jax and Alexis.

    Everyone have a fun & safe weekend.

    Posted by elae21 at Friday, September 04 2009 05:53 PM

    stone cold is my favorite i love steve burton

    Posted by cbru at Friday, September 04 2009 06:01 PM

    I don't think Morticia will push Kristina off the ferris wheel but she could possibly get an earful. There will probably be threats involved also about keeping quiet. I also agree about what a great job Sarah Brown is doing. She is totally inept as a mobstress-I think she learned a few things going after Michael. She has gotten everybody bamboozled in her quest for revenge.

    I don't blame Max for being hurt and Diane had better watch out. I love these two together but she does treat him like her boytoy.

    Robin should leave the detective work to Mac. Once Andrea kicks the bucket, how are they going to prove that she actually did kill Brianna. She isn't that stupid that she would leave evidence around and her gutless wonder husband would never say anything.

    Could TPTB have possibly found an uglier dress for Rebecca to wear?? Absolutely hideous! I sound like a broken record but Liz needs to mind her own business. As an aside, she certainly wasn't worried about Spencer when she and Nik were playing suck face, was she.

    Considering that Michael got shot when he and Sonny were together, I wouldn't have sent Dante away. Can't wait to see who AZ was talking to. Whoever said Ronnie, could be right.

    Also wish we weren't stuck with reruns on Monday. The carnival s/l-very exciting. The dunking scenes were a hoot.

    Hi aussie, ebony, rans, cynic, enad, kini, da_kid, tt, NYD, TN, E.K.L., cowboys, been, beyond, starlett and anyone I missed. Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!

    Posted by E.K.L at Friday, September 04 2009 06:25 PM

    ***Spoilers Alert***

    Jason and Sam enjoy themselves at the Carnival.
    Jason, liz, Lucky find Jake, but he's unconscious.
    Jason worries about how Nikolas an Liz's relationship could
    affect Jake. Liz pushes away Nik.
    Jason ask's Sam to sit at the hospital while waiting for
    news about Jake.
    Liz's Jealously increases when she sees Nik and Rebecca
    Lucky proposes Liz
    Liz sleeps w/Nik
    Liz sleeps w/Lucky
    Patrick points out that Liz doesn't look all that happy about the thought of remarrying Lucky.
    Nikolas resents Liz's decision.
    Jason and Sam are surprised.
    Someone from Sam's past comes to town.
    Nik offers his bitter congrats to Liz and Lucky.
    Olivia and Sonny reminisce about their early days and Coney
    Anthony orders his men to proceed with the Plans.
    Johnny throws himself in the line of fire to save Spinelli.
    Michael finds Kristina in the Carnival Wreckage. Kiefer
    continues to manipulate Kristina.
    Michael remembers Jax taking responsibility for the shooting.
    Max makes a disturbing discovery after he wakes up.
    Michael wants Sam to investigate Jax.
    claudia is out to get her father. Her and Sonny agree he
    has to die.
    Dominic nearly slips up in front of Lulu.
    Sonny tests Dominic......
    Olivia warns Johnny not to Trust Dominic. Claudia is hurt
    when Johnny pushes her away..

    Posted by E.K.L at Friday, September 04 2009 06:29 PM

    ***Spoiler Alert***

    Jax and Carly step into the Fortune teller's tent for some
    Light-hearted entertainment---Boy are they they in for a
    The soothsayer has a Warning for Jax: By trying to protect
    Carly, he could instead put her in Peril...
    With Secrets filling the corridors in the Carnival's wake
    how long until they come Bursting To The Surface.........

    Posted by E.K.L at Friday, September 04 2009 06:31 PM

    Hi to everyone; Absolutely enjoyed the show today. Can't
    wait for this Tuesday...All the Drama will soon be coming.

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