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    Carly Gets Good News.

    Friday, August 28 2009
    Jason reaches Michael before he takes a beating, Andrea threatens Robin and Sonny forces Johnny to apologize to Claudia.

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    Posted by Cynic at Saturday, August 29 2009 02:42 AM

    E.K.L. Patrick already knows that Olivia has a son by Sonny, but he does not know that Dominic Perelli is that son. When Kate was in the hospital after being shot at the altar she talked while semi concious.

    jbear64, Johnny and Claudia discussed taking out Sonny in revenge for Sonny having kidnapped and tortured Johnny for something he did not do. He was blamed for Michael's disappearance when Michael had really run away after shooting Kate. They decided to have a third party (Jerry Jacks) carry out the deed to avoid being implicated. Unfortunately Jerry did not want to get his hands dirty for once, and passed the job onto Ian Devlin, who missed Sonny and the ricocheting bullet hit Michael. I think Jerry might also have wanted to have a hold over Ian Devlin in the future. Johnny knew about the hit, but did not want to know the details, the who, how, when and where, but he is guilty of conspiracy.

    You can see the clip on YouTube. Others have posted the link a few times, but if you just do a search you will find it. Ah, the secrets of Port Charles!

    Posted by aussie-gal at Saturday, August 29 2009 03:03 AM

    I was on YouTube watching JASAM Proposal and saw this comment which I found disturbing. Not sure if it's true or not....

    "You know how RH was pushing fans to call into the GH hotline and vote for Liason, well there are rumors out there that´╗┐ state that she went to Steve's(Jason) wife and told her that the chemistry btw him and Kelly(Sam) seem too real to be acting. I personally don't believe that RH would do that, but you never know. The only time Liz gets a lot of air time is when she's with Jason so who knows. "

    Posted by BeanCounter at Saturday, August 29 2009 05:32 AM

    Hi TNBuckle,

    I am glad that someone sees Robin's detective skills the way I do. She is not really investigating. She has determined Andrea is the guilty party and is only looking for clues that point to her.

    Hi Cynic,

    Just one thing to add.

    Claudia approached Ian Devlin regarding the hit on Sonny. Ian volunteered Jerry who refused to do it so Ian said he would do it. Claudia did not know Jerry until Ian introduced her to him on the docks. Jerry's part was giving Devlin the gun and going with them to the warehouse to scope out the location.

    Posted by ransomha at Saturday, August 29 2009 07:09 AM

    LOVED seeing Kate! She looks beautiful and love her style.
    Glad to see many of you are joining me in the anti Johnny/Olivia fest. It's been lonley here.
    Jason could very well carry a gun in Mexico if he has a permit to carry.
    Carley is being terrible...she should be praying for a HEALTHY baby instead of a girl.Makes me cringe when she says that.
    Molly is a doll!
    Blessed weekend all....

    Posted by NYDrama at Saturday, August 29 2009 07:15 AM

    Hi everyone!
    Well, I would like to start off by saying how much I enjoy coming here to chat w/you guys. I think I may speak for alot of others that we come here to discuss a show we enjoy watching, right? Alot of us see GH as a wonderful distraction from our own lives, pure entertainment. To come here and talk about low ratings and boycotting because of one duo that never really made it, is a waste of time, here. So, as others say, skip over that type of crap, like I do and enjoy our lovely group of the shows true fans.

    Broxie-I'm sending out prayers for you, hon. You have a great attitude!

    Beyondreason-I see we're about the same age, I was 10 in 1975. And I too enjoy many different things w/GH that keeps me intrigued. The other soaps are really crazy.

    enad-your comment about Sam hoping her mouth was Jasons water bottle, had me LOL! Seriously, you come up w/some great ones! Thanks.

    Starlett-great Claudia story!

    Tnbuckle-you hit the nail on the head about Robin doing what most cops do when solving a crime. Nothing new. Just make the evidence fit. Good catch.

    Cynic-I'm sorry you lost your hubby so young. But I loved your story about your b'days! You sound like alot of fun.

    Posted by NYDrama at Saturday, August 29 2009 07:51 AM

    Ok, on to the show...
    I thought this eppy was great! I gotta say that every character that was on today, was enjoyable to watch. All the convo's were great. Excellent writing!

    Kristina-cut the girl some slack, she's just a confused teen. I think they've got her acting her age and I like it. She's a typical teen who wants the popular boyfriend, wants to look her best all the time and her priorities are dead on. But thru all this, she does admit her wrongs. She even said how even Mike is acting so mature and all she's thinking of is her boyfriend. She's a girl who grew up feeling she could do no wrong and now everything has gone screwy on her. Of course she doesn't know how to handle it. Micheal has much more experience in this.

    Michael-ok, so he stole the drunks watch and hocked it to pay for a plane ticket so his confused sister could go back home. Yes, it wasn't an honest thing to do, but he was trying to help. I know, it's in a twisted way, but I'll cut him some slack since he's a coma victim and a teenager. See, it's not that bad.

    Finally we get more Kate! She looked absolutely beautiful, hair, makeup and that gorgeous dress in that gorgeous color. And yes, that attitude is fabulous. Please, please, please give her more s/l's and more screen time!!!! Not sure if it was you Tnbuckle, but I totally agreed w/the post on how this character has been taken down from being a focal point to bits and pcs here and there. There was so much potential w/her and then poof, she is gone. They really need to put more focus on Crimson. I remember when Diane and Alexis would show up and there was always a rack of clothes in there. I would love to see the Anna Wintour documentary, where can I see it?

    Maxie/Lulu-they make a cute duo and I like it. Maxie's hair is definitely fashion foward and trendy and that makes perfect sense in the fashion world. She's young and hip. Lulu is looking better each day. I think she needed this "man-detox", right?

    Claudia/Johnny-hmmmmmm, I've read everyones comments on these 2 and have to give my 2 cents too. I actually think that Johnny hasn't changed much at all. He did say today that "what WE did to Michael", so he hasn't forgotten his part in all this. Meanwhile, he has always defended and tried to protect Claudia from the start. He warned her in trying to stay w/Sonny. He wanted her to get away from him since he knew the truth would come out one day. Johnny was a crazy loose cannon when he was first brought to PC. But as we got to know him, he proved to have more common sense and rationality then his crazy dad and sister. He wanted out and he didn't want any part of his father. He's just getting annoyed because Claudia is not learning her lesson about all these rash hits yet. I agree w/Johnny's frustrations. He knows she keeps making a bigger hole for herself and no matter how many times he warns her, she keeps doing it. He has turned into the parent and she's the child, in a way. It doesn't mean I hate Claudia either. I can actually feel sorry for her and how she was raised. As bad as AZ was to both his kids, atleast he had some interest in giving his son more and has always disregarded Claudia. But, she definitely grew up w/some issues that keep getting her into deeper trouble. She's got control issues, jealousy, temper and no patience. That said, she does resemble Sonny and I've always seen that connection in them. Sonny doesn't get alot of love here either so it's not like he gets away with being this way.
    Ringleader-your defense in Claudia is amazing and I applaud you in keeping up the fight. But, I gotta say, as disappointed as you are w/how the writers are portraying her, she is in fact getting lots of screen time. Do you think she is being written out of character though? I feel that she does jump the gun, she does seek revenge and has made these errors in the past. I enjoy her flaws most since it adds dimension to her character. I've liked her since she entered PC and enjoyed watching her character unfold as a fiesty, beautiful, strong,stubborn, very complicated character who's desperate for acceptance and love. Michael was a victim of his fathers dangerous world. Claudia grew up in the same world. I think alot of what's happening makes sense. I'm enjoying it, may not agree w/every little part, but it creates drama.

    Johnny-he looked hot in those scenes w/Claudia and Sonny! I loved how he said "you are good for eachother". Like him all hot and bothered like that. You know where he's going now.......wish I was Olivia.....

    Kiefer-eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Too creepy and so bold to approach Kristina's family all the friggin time! Be gone w/him!

    Posted by NYDrama at Saturday, August 29 2009 07:59 AM

    Almost forgot....

    Sonny/Alexis-really liked that convo! It proves how Alexis truly feels as a mom to Kristina. Nothing wrong w/trying to protect your kid. She knows first hand how scary that could get. Meanwhile, doesn't mean I agree w/her methods, just think it's true to her character and reflects how some parents are w/their kids. I cracked up when she said, "how about we just punish her until college" so she can atleast get there. Very Alexis!

    Robin/Pat-I think it's funny how she's getting so involved w/the Brianna s/l. In a way, it's cute to see that her genetic connection to her amazing parents have shown up a bit. Yeah, it's a little far fetched, but it's not so out there either. She grew up w/Uncle Mac's world too so she's acting out on that too. Meanwhile, she is looking great! Her hair, makeup and that beautiful salmon colored blouse looked radiant on her. I like how Pat is the reasonable one trying to warn her against getting so involved. Atleast, he's being portrayed as the concerned hubby. Loved how he caught Andrea eavesdropping!

    Andrea-how funny was it watching her evil face as she's searching the internet! She's a little too obvious. Yeah, this s/l is starting to annoy. Oh well, they can't all be great....

    Posted by NYDrama at Saturday, August 29 2009 08:04 AM

    Jasam-how cute were they saying whos turn is it now? I love the comfort and ease they have together, not to mention the HOT electricity that seems to send sparks thru my t.v. every time they touch or look at eachother. Yum!

    Seinfeld-I'm cracking up w/your comments on one of my absolutely fave shows of all time. I never get tired of their antics. How about when George and Jerry went over that girls house that George was dating so they could erase the stupid messages George left on her machine! ANd that ridiculous "warning" code they used to say she was coming "tippy toes, lemon trees" or something like that. It was hilarious! And how about the pig man. Of course, there was "no double-dipping" too. We could go on forever!

    Posted by blonde1 at Saturday, August 29 2009 08:14 AM

    I love robin and She is so cute as a little detective and a doctor all in a days work lol. and her and patricks baby is the cutest. and i miss lulu and carly scenes olivia taken lulus place as the 1 always standing by carlys side isnt there room for her and olivia. lulu should of been able to vent alittle more about johnny to carly before she moved on . i mean olivia got to talk about her boy toy to carly . why dosent lulu get to talk to her anymore. shebetter be there when the baby is born.

    Posted by alfie1 at Saturday, August 29 2009 09:11 AM

    aussie,if liz did go to his real wife,and say any thing like that.I would bet its because liz wants steve in real life.and what better way to do it. get them fighting.then swoop in like she does on the show.his wife sould be paying attention.there has to be a lot of trust. with him working has an actor.and then you have to figure out when hes being real. orwhen hes just acting.thank god mine wasnt an actor.cause it would be harder to catch them in a lie.

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