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    Carly Gets Good News.

    Friday, August 28 2009
    Jason reaches Michael before he takes a beating, Andrea threatens Robin and Sonny forces Johnny to apologize to Claudia.

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    Posted by littleone68 at Friday, August 28 2009 07:54 PM

    Hey neshababii14, i think Sam and Jason go to the Carnival and get stuck in the "fun house", and start shagging again. That is what i read somewhere. Enjoy everybody posts, however, i have been skipping over Meht's posts as well.

    Posted by Lanealways at Friday, August 28 2009 07:58 PM

    what a hypocrite sonny was today, he wants to talk about treating sisters with respect after the way he treated his own sister;

    Posted by missdd at Friday, August 28 2009 08:16 PM

    sonny needs to find out about claudia i cant stand the way she think no one will find out

    Posted by BeanCounter at Friday, August 28 2009 08:40 PM

    I have to admit that the scene between Claudia and Johnny mirrored some of the comments made by some of the posters here particularly Ringleader. I think Sonny has some nerve demanding that Johnny apologize when he has treated her a lot worse.

    I am glad that Jason stopped the guy from hitting Michael but I thought pulling a gun was a bit extreme. I thought the Stone Cold Stare would have been enough.

    I had to smirk when Kristina made her comments about her mother's relationship with Jerry considering she is so preoccupied with Keifer who has treated her like dirt and slapped her around. At least Jerry didn't hit Alexis. I did find it interesting that despite any attempts at discretion, the kids knew what was going on.

    Loved the scenes with Kate, Maxie and Lulu. I do have to wonder what is up with Maxie's hair. It looks like someone took a weed wacker to it. I wouldn't mind seeing a storyline involving Crimson.

    Robin says she goes where the evidence leads her. That's a joke. She might also want to be careful of how much she says. Then we see Andrea looking up poisons on the internet. I say check out a good Agatha Christie mystery.

    For once, Sonny made sense(gasp) about Kristina. While Alexis wants to protect Kristina, she could be doing more harm than good. Kristina needs to take some responsibility for what she has done. Perhaps volunteering at the pediatrics ward at the hospital or some other sort of community service.

    Speaking of Agatha Christie, the look on Claudia's face when she overheard that Kristina was responsible reminded me of the look on Elizabeth Taylor's face in The Mirror Cracked when she realized that the woman who was talking to her was responsible for infecting her with German Measles when she was pregnant.

    Posted by cassowary at Friday, August 28 2009 10:26 PM


    Very dramatic & exciting show today, my compliments to the writers. If you could get Claudia out of trouble as "Starlett" suggested in her post, this would be much appriciated by most all of us. I would very much miss Sarah Brown if anything permanent happens to her.

    I loved when Jason & Sam turned up at just the right moment when Michael was about to get pounded.

    Most every s/l was on an uplifting, happy note. Great news for Carly, Sonny & Alexis!! Kate was in a wonderful mood today. Sonny making Johnny apologize to his sister, (long overdue). Kristina & Michael will be coming home. Sonny telling Alexis that Kristina should take the responsibility for running Claudia off the road, (this would make Kristina grow up to be a careing person) (JMO).

    Wishing all a wonderful weekend, looking forward to Monday's adventure in Port Charles.
    Take Care all.

    Posted by TipsyTess at Friday, August 28 2009 10:54 PM

    Hi everyone..neshababii you asked what is going to happen on Sept 8th...well here in B.C. it is the first day back at school after having 2 months off for summer holidays.
    Why is Robin even on this case has she changed jobs?
    The writers have changed Johnny and not sure I like him anymore.
    I agree with the one that commented about been in Mexico..they have very strict laws and Micheal should be charged with stealing and Jason should be charged with carrying a gun. This was an unbeleavable storyline as we all know in Mexico you sure can't get away with much.
    Since Alexis wants to protect her daughter and say she was driving I hope Claudia goes after Kristina who she own up what she did.
    Have a great weekend my friends.

    Posted by VALVLSWEET at Saturday, August 29 2009 12:05 AM


    Posted by jbear64 at Saturday, August 29 2009 12:44 AM

    Can someone please explain to me how Johnny had any part in Michael's shooting? I keep seeing posts saying he and Claudia planned the hit on Sonny and I know this isn't true. Where is cowboys, she could clear this up.

    Posted by bronxie at Saturday, August 29 2009 01:51 AM

    ha guys:

    is it me or is it my eyes playing tricks on me, but did it seems like the daily update for today friday 28 was cut short. Let me know so i dont belive i gone nuts too.
    Alexis you use to be a level headed woman what in the name of all that are good happen to you, girl we are talking about the well being of your baby girl K do you want her to carry around this crap to collage she will not be able to do well it will be too much. well in the real world she would not. you know i dont like sonny but right now i respect him more for wanting K to come clean at least to the family. get a grip lady

    Posted by TNbuckle at Saturday, August 29 2009 01:54 AM

    Robin's detective work is much like techniques police use today... decide who did it and make the clues fit. Like the JonBenet Ramsey case. First they decided the parents did it, then they tried to make the evidence point to them, instead of following the clues to see where they lead.

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