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    Carly Gets Good News.

    Friday, August 28 2009
    Jason reaches Michael before he takes a beating, Andrea threatens Robin and Sonny forces Johnny to apologize to Claudia.

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    Posted by poodles at Friday, August 28 2009 03:25 PM

    just getting around to reading yesterdays and todays posts. what i don't understand about many of you thinking Claudia did not want to harm Micheal when she called Jerry to "bring him to her" am i wrong to remember it was Claudia who tried to kill Jerry by blowing up his car? I beleive Jerry knows this and would never help Claudia. I really enjoy reading everyones posts, many of you could be TSW. Have a great weekend.

    Posted by MRM123 at Friday, August 28 2009 03:49 PM

    Loved today's episode!

    Posted by zenyatta at Friday, August 28 2009 03:51 PM

    Did anyone notice that the items on what's coming are the same as yesterday. I haven't read anyone else's posts but there are a couple of things I want to jot down. I know officially I'm not supposed to condone violence but I laughed my a** off when that guy looked up & saw Jason standing there. I loved the by-play between Sam & Jason, talking about him as if he wasn't there. Also I liked Sam telling him he should treat his girlfriend better. I have been waiting for weeks to have Kristina find out that her mother confessed to what she did! Finally. Even Morgan can see through Keifer. He was funny today when he told Keifer that he wasn't really sorry, he just didn't want to look bad to Kristina. ......I had hoped that Johnny was just having a bad day yesterday. But he was even worse today. What are TPTB trying to do for him. I don't care what Claudia has done to anybody else. She was always loyal & loving to him. And he's got a big surprise coming when Olivia's house of cards comes tumbling down........I certainly hope that everybody who put Nik down for what he did for Alexis yesterday was just as hard on Jax today. So FUBU, Ring, Bean, aussie, NYD, lovelymarlena, Starlett, Tipsy, cbru, Kini, ttyou, bronxie,, Cynic, Kini & anyone i missed;Hello. I'm going to post this now & see what the rest of you have to say.

    Posted by bronxie at Friday, August 28 2009 04:26 PM

    hello g/h lovers:
    just a few things i have to say. It does not matter who know or did'nt know about the hit on sonny, a child got hurt real bad, yes claudia felt bad i have to agree to that but so did johnny and jerry i should say even jerry felt bad, what does matter is claudia's attitude not cool, if all of us that are comming down on johnny listen to what he say to claudia on today show would understand johnny took full responsiility for the hit what he is trying to tell claudia is enough leave the kids alone stop trying to pretend to be their best buddies, everything sonny like claudia like she want to be the cool step ma ok that is good if it was real and before any one say any thing i like sara brown a lot but i know her work and the writers gives her crap to work with. i like sara brown but i dont like claudia she is too evel.and if it was a guy i would not like him either because i dont like jerry or sonny and as far as i am concern claudia is in the same boat as those 2. Alexis gret a grip you need to let that little brat K fess up to her crime, then take her to the nursing home and let her help out and to the shelter and her serve the homeless. ha everyone have a bless week=end

    Posted by BeyondReason at Friday, August 28 2009 04:36 PM

    It's all good when I see my favorite 2 couples, Scrubs & Jasam. Good show, and Claudia admitted to everything she had done, putting out hits on Sonny & Jerry and sending Jerry after Michael(she didn't mind if Jason got shot instead). She said she was out of her mind when she sent Jerry after Michael and I believe her. I hear she will now go after Kristina. I feel bad for this tormented women and she really need to seek some help from Lainey(where the hell is she?) and she is right about Jerry, he would not give her up to Jason.

    The kids are adorable, and the Mayor's wife is a psycho, Poison anyone?

    lesloo-Robin is just feeling the Devane/Scorpio emerging in her and I like the character change, she's not whining and being self-righteous, what so many disliked about her before and she's not afraid of speaking her mind and doesn't seem to care who listens, love it! I just wish they had brother-in-law Matt more involved in the story.

    My all-time favorite couples were Luke & Laura, Sonny & Brenda, Anna & Duke, and Lucky & Liz and you see what happen to them, I just had to replace them with more, Scrubs & Jasam may the last a long time if not I'll find a few more. I just love GH. I will continue to give my support and watch, because after 34 years I can't stop watching.

    Have a wonderful and blessed weekend, soap fanatics!

    Posted by Cynic at Friday, August 28 2009 04:38 PM

    I had a really hard time sitting through today's episode because of 1) Sonny's attitude to Johnny, which is obviously jealousy over Olivia. At least Johnny gave back as good as he got; and 2) the way the professional thug Jason pulled a handgun on the drunken teenager who was complaining about his watch being stolen. To begin with, Jason's action was completely uncalled for, and then he compounded it when Michael admitted taking the watch by nonchalantly throwing money at the victim as if it was the victim's fault for getting his watch stolen. Both Michael and Kristina need to be taught right from wrong and that stealing, lying, bullying, gun barrel diplomacy and throwing money at the victim are not acceptable, especially not in a foreign country. Do they think Mexico is one of the United States?

    Are Americans allowed to carry guns in Mexico? I was sincerely hoping that someone would have called the police and Jason, Michael and Kristina keep Luke and Tracy's cell warm in a Mexican jail. It might clear their heads! So far Michael does not have a good record for honesty and truthfulness. Someone needs to teach him.

    The murder of the Mayor's mistress seems to be one of those story lines where the writers have lost the plot. Rather than tossing in a few red herrings and keeping us guessing as to the murderer's identity, they have painted a one-dimensional villain with no suspense whose exposure is taking far too long. I really wonder if they have a contract with the actors playing Robin and Patrick which guarantees them so many days work a month, and a filler story had to be cobbled together to fulfill the contract obligations.

    The resolution of Kate's dilemma seemed odd to me. Last week she was crying to Jax that she was being blackmailed over taking dirty money for Crimson, this week she is all smiles as Giselle is being charged with corporate fraud. Did Jax rig up charges against Giselle?

    The Crimson office is a joke - you never see so much as a rack of clothes, let alone models, designers, photographers, seamstresses, writers. If you see the documentary about Anna Wintour's work place at Vogue you will know what I mean.

    I noticed that Sam was reading off the overhead cue cards again today.

    Posted by cbru at Friday, August 28 2009 04:45 PM

    Why, oh why is Robin not going to Mac? Patrick busts Andrea and Robin still has learned nothing because Andrea is still eavesdropping. And I almost split a gut laughing when Robin announced Andrea wouldn't come after her. Hello, you stupid twit. It would be way too obvious for something to happen to you. Andea is going after Edward. Robin needs to stick to medicine instead of playing PI.

    I really hope Jax and Carly don't fall for Keifer's BS. He was so typical today blaming everything on Michael. Way toooo slick. Glad Morgan has him pegged.

    I am thinking that Kate knew all about Giselle and that is why she looked like the cat that ate the canary. Lulu and Maxie looked cute today, although I could have done without the dress with the gazillion ruffles.

    Everyone is listening to private conversations. There is no doubt in my mind that Morticia will be going into revenge mode against Kristina. She belongs in the loony bin. Sonny needs to wake up.

    For the first time in a long time, I actually agreed with Sonny in what he said to Alexis. She is doing their daughter no favor by taking the rap. Even if Kristina didn't cause the accident-Keifer again-she needs to admit that she thinks she caused it. She can do as she pleases because mommy will take responsibility. Wrong Alexis.

    Wow! What a way to end a confrontation-pull out a gun.

    Speaking of that, think we will see a fight between Jax and Sonny about going for the kids.

    And from yesterday, I was not down on Nic for what he did for Alexis. I just thought it very strange that he didn't tell her or Diane about it beforehand.

    I think it was enad who was posting the rumors. If that is true about Maxie and Spin, I know I won't be surprised at all.

    Hi zen, bronxie, aussie, cynic, been, ebony, kini, da_kid, raggs, rans, tt, TN, cowboys, starlett and anyone I missed. Have a great weekend all.

    Posted by bronxie at Friday, August 28 2009 05:21 PM

    ha beyondreason, i see we start about the same time watching g/h i start 1965, when i start to work i had to stop then vcr came out and i was back i miss some years here and there, but after i had to stop working due to illness i was right back some times i cant watch i be too tired so i have to rest see i have sarcoidosis, but you know what i thank god every day i am alive maybe one day they will fine a cure. in the mean time me and my oxgen tank stay on the go when i feel up to it. good night all.

    Posted by azzure1020 at Friday, August 28 2009 05:31 PM

    I'm with Mehetabel! Don't let the Liason haters get you down! BTW it is just a soap opera so hooting it up for a story to go your way is a personal choice. I will be right with you on youtube viewing those awesome videos of Liz and Jason and boycotting watching GH until the writers give them a true chance. By chance I mean having them actually be in a relationship (that everyone in PC knows about) for more than 10 mins. But until then more of the same boring storylines....Jason & Sam to the rescue again (snooze) and more mob crap! The citizens of Port Charles should protest because it seems as though their police dept gets paid to do nothing. They solve no crimes at all. Here is a refreshing storyline, the police actually find Micheal or the mistress killer. Here is another refreshing idea, Jason gets out of the mob! They bring long dead characters back to life but they can't have Jason do something anything other than mobster stuff. Annoying! But just voicing my opinion that I'm entitled to have! Have a good weekend everyone!

    Posted by aussie-gal at Friday, August 28 2009 05:52 PM

    Gosh there sure is a lot eavesdropping on GH recently.
    Does no-one close their doors?

    Did anyone else notice that at the end of today's update the "NEXT ON GH" previews are the same as yesterday's.

    Did they show Jason & Sam waking up in the car at all?

    enad, I'm starting to feel the same about Johnny. He's acting like a little kid looking to score some action. MAN UP!

    I'll definitely be re-watching those scenes too. This has been the best week for JASAM in a long long long time. Unfortunately I had to sit through the snoozefest that was Jason & Liz. A great week I tell ya!!

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