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    Carly Gets Good News.

    Friday, August 28 2009
    Jason reaches Michael before he takes a beating, Andrea threatens Robin and Sonny forces Johnny to apologize to Claudia.

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    Posted by bronxie at Sunday, August 30 2009 07:56 PM

    ha Beyonreason and NYdrama, thank you and may god bless you both, Zenyatte i would have to say mac, i remember mac before he become mr. mom he was some kind of lover, it could happen again robin and maxie are grown now and poor georgie pass rest in peace. and diane for girlfriend she know how to have fun, and she is going to be there for a friend.

    Posted by aussie-gal at Sunday, August 30 2009 09:12 PM

    I just saw some red carpet pics from the Emmys.

    Maxie looked great...cute dress!
    Lulu's hair, just a boofy frizzy mess.
    Claudia wore black to the Emmy's. You'd think she had worn enough black on the show.
    Spinelli - looked the same.

    That's all I saw from GH.

    Posted by TNbuckle at Monday, August 31 2009 06:08 AM

    I liked the Sesame Street tribute. Brought back a lot of good memories from my own childhood and then again when I watched it with my kids.

    Posted by TNbuckle at Monday, August 31 2009 06:10 AM

    Aussie, I didn't see much of the Emmy's but I thought Spinelli looked older and serious. At least his hair was not combed forward. Didn't notice LuLu's hair being frizzy and I never saw Maxie. I can't believe The View won best talk show hosts!

    Posted by Meglin033 at Monday, August 31 2009 06:13 AM

    Did get to see all of the emmy's but i saw Julie B win her emmy. Good for her but I was not impressed with hair, make up, or her dress. I did however notice that Kirsten S's dress was the exact same as Kim Zimmer who presented right after her. And Kirsten was up for the award Kim presented. How funny would it have been had Kirsten won the award and there they both stood in the their identical dresses. (I would be pissed at my stylist) JMO

    Posted by FUBU at Monday, August 31 2009 06:34 AM

    Okay, I believe that this has gone one long enough. I myself have posted links to the episode where Johnny and Claudia decided to put a hit out on Sonny and I know of others who have done so as well. Ring went so far as to write down the dialog for those of you who didn’t want to take the time to view the clip.

    Knowing that anything and everything is open to interpretation I guess that would be why so many people cannot see Johnny’s involvement in this whole thing.

    First of all Johnny more than knew that Claudia was setting up the hit. He ordered it as head of the Zaccahara family. At first Johnny wanted to kill Sonny himself but Claudia talked him out of it sitting that it would start a mob war.

    She suggested after some serious talking to change Johnny’s mind that a third party would be better. She suggested Jerry Jax but as was stated earlier he wanted no parts of it because of Jax being married to Carly and Sonny being Carly’s ex husband and the father of her children.

    Then Claudia found Ian Develin who botched the job shooting at Sonny while a child was in the room. Claudia also kept Johnny out of the final planning for the hit so that if questioned he could honestly say he knew nothing about it.

    Like was said before Johnny telling Oliva is like telling his pillow if he wanted to own up to what he has done then he could have gone to Sonny, Carly, Jax, Jason, or even Michal himself. But know he goes to his girlfriend. Well hell, do you have any idea of how many secretes lovers share?

    Johnny is a PUNK plain and simple. Yes Claudia is trying to cover her own but, but seriously haw many of us can say that we would not be trying to do the same thing in her shoes. Did she mean for Michael or any child to get hurt when she set this up no? I think we can all agree with that but it happened and nothing she or anyone else does is going to change it.

    Sonny is right Johnny owes his life to Claudia. That being said Claudia need to let up off of Michael and Kristina. I am not sure how it is that she wants whoever killed her child to pay but no good can come of her trying to make that happen.

    It is a devastating loss and I do not say that she should just get over it but she needs to find a better way to deal. I also believe that she needs to come Clean to Sonny, Carly and Jason about her involvement in the whole thing.

    Now if we really want someone to pay for Michael getting shot the lets line the guilty parties up and fire away.

    Sonny…..being in the mob living a dangerous life
    Carly…..marying into the mob having a mob boss for the father of her children
    Kate……talking Michael from his home without his mothers permission
    Jason…..being in the mob living a dangerous life
    Claudia….higher Ian as the shooter
    Johnny…..ordering the hit on Sonny as head of the Z impire
    Jerry….being in on the planning of the hit
    Ian……shooting while a child was in the room.

    Posted by FUBU at Monday, August 31 2009 06:36 AM

    For those of you really interested in the truth look up GH 3/21/08 on YouTube

    Posted by enad19 at Monday, August 31 2009 07:04 AM

    FUBU: I understand your fustration and feel the same way that you do regarding the role that the very guilty JZ played in Mikey's shooting. But alas, there are some people who are deteremined to crcucify Claudia and Claudia alone for this travesty and disregard JZ part in all this. We may long for some objectivity in all this, but it is not forthcoming... there is a deepseated double standard that is not only in the show but elsewhere as well...

    Posted by enad19 at Monday, August 31 2009 07:08 AM

    OH, let me add once more: that JZ spilling his cowardly guts to his lover is not owning up to his responsibility...It is not Olivia's place to pass judgment on JZ because for one thing: she does not have an objective bone in her body because she is not only sleeping with JZ but hates his sister and wantes Claudia's husband, therefore, what else is she going to do but to quickly pass all the blame onto her much hated rival. Secondly, Olivia is in no position to exonerate JZ with Michale's shooting because she is not the victim, the victim's family, the law or a freakin priest... she has nothing to do with it and has no role to play in it so she hardly registers in the grand scale of things.

    Posted by FUBU at Monday, August 31 2009 07:20 AM

    I could not agree more. At least Jax believes Claudia is solely guilty because of how Jerry stated it on the CD but when the whole truth comes out if it ever does because Claudia continues to protect Johnny I would like to see how blame is placed.

    I still say it is easier for everyone to blame Claudia because everyone hates hurt but hate or no hate wrong is wrong. Johnny in all his pillow talk has never came right out and said I wanted Sonny killed for locking me up and torturing me. He has never admitted to Olivia how he as the head of the Z. family ordered Claudia to have Sonny killed. He has never said hot he went along like a little punk with not knowing the particulars so that his own but would be saved if it were ever traced back to them.

    If you want to hate Claudia then hate her but please stop trying to place all of the blame for Michaels shooting on her shoulders alone.

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