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    Reckless Behavior.

    Tuesday, July 14 2009
    Dominic continues to try and find an in with Sonny, Olivia panics, Jason and Sam look for information on Dominic, Ethan makes demands on Rebecca and Spinelli finally gets the girl.

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    Posted by Cynic at Tuesday, July 14 2009 10:39 PM

    cherrycola, you really are down on Sonny aren't you. I do have to agree with a lot of what you say, but remember that according to Olivia, Sonny was a very dark brooding young man who'd had a bad childhood. His big ego is a way of compensating. The way he takes women as if it was his right is part of that ego. I think he has Mommy issues due to Adele staying with, and not having protected him from Deke. Olivia is the only one who has known him from childhood (and is Carly every going to be p!ssed when she finds out!)

    I much prefer them to take their time and use a little subtlety with story lines, such as revealing Dante's parentage. Once the secret has been revealed they have shot their bolt and limited their options for twists and turns, secrets and lies. The way they are dropping broad hints on plot twists and outcomes is like "Soap secrets for dummies." They might as well have had a fanfare whenever Dominic appeared with a big flashing sign saying "DANTE". Stop rushing it. Take it slowly, build up the anticipation.

    Posted by Candace Rose at Wednesday, July 15 2009 02:28 AM

    Karoke night was very cute...

    I wish they would show more Diana. She just cracks me up.

    I can hardly wait till they get rid of Elvira. Can't they at least put a new outfit on her. She is so skinny and then putting those skin tight clothes on her, makes her look horrible. She suppose to be 4 months pregnant. They even have Carly with a little stomach and so much more femine.

    I am surprised the writers are putting Sonny/Olivia. Its far better than Elvira. I can hardly wait till Johnny finds out.

    Posted by Cynic at Wednesday, July 15 2009 02:36 AM

    I wonder when Maxie and Spinelli stopped their passionate haste to light all those candles?

    Posted by ransomha at Wednesday, July 15 2009 04:27 AM

    I think Olivia wants Sonny just as bad as he wants her only she doesn't want to give up the prize too easy or he'll loose intrest AGAIN. I"m much more attracted to the Johnny type then the unpolished Dante' type. He tries to be too "funny"...Also his relationship with his mother is strange. Talking about her sex life and whip cream and all doesn't ring true. In my experience young men don't like to think about their mothers having sex. Looks like Johnny isn't doing it for Olivia anymore. She'll probably try but it seems to be fizzeling. Maybe if they left the apartment it would help. As far a seeing more Max...I enjoy him when I see him but, that's enough for me. He's too much of a doofus for me and isn't sexy at all in my opinion when he tries to be. The sexy one is JASON all the way. No one even comes close. He is really a fine looking man.

    Posted by LongLegged at Wednesday, July 15 2009 04:38 AM

    Wow....LOVED LOVED LOVED Jason and Sam today. Maxie and Spinelli are too cute TO ME (gotta express that on this site).

    Let the Sam hate begin............3..2..1...

    Posted by COLOMBIAN PRINCESS at Wednesday, July 15 2009 06:30 AM

    Okay so i cried when Spinelli was sing!! it was ssooo sweetie.

    What is going on with Jason? Make a MOVE already! you know you want her. She is perfect for him.

    Ethan needs a hair cut and a life.

    Sonny just needs to open his Eyes

    Micheal and Kristian both need an talking too, or some kind of behavior adjustment or butt kicking by there parents.

    Lucky and Liz Boring so is Nick and Rebecca.
    Oh yes have Dominic meet Lulu would make good couple.

    okay so that all.

    Posted by siliconvalleysally at Wednesday, July 15 2009 09:17 AM

    Cynic, I'm with you re the candles and Spinelli, also another thought -- when did he buy them? Did he have this all planned? I think if I were Jason and all that banging (no pun intended) and crashing was going on up in the bedroom and then I discovered all the flaming candles, I think I might be inclined to keep a bucket of cold water (for Spinelli and Maxie) and a fire extinguisher just outside of the bedroom door! LOL

    I do wish TPTB wouldn't make Spinelli such a stupid clown. I am inviting them to come to Silicon Valley and see some real nerds, brilliant, quiet and just a little socially behind........but they learn very, very quickly as the minute details do not escape them. That is how Spinelli started out and look ...... just a year in Port Charles and he is totally dumbed down and has become a laughing stock. I think its time for people to "get out of Port Charles" and leave it to the gangsters, it can still be GH, Gangster Haven.

    love, fun and bubble gum!

    Posted by E.K.L at Wednesday, July 15 2009 10:22 AM

    Yesterday, I asked if anyone knew that if Claudia was going
    to lose her baby. I also heard that she gets into an
    accident. And, Michael is the cause of the accident, and
    Kristina is the passenger.
    Does anyone Know If That Is True. Let me know I am very
    curious. Thanks.

    Posted by Starlett at Wednesday, July 15 2009 10:58 AM

    *****Spoiler Talk******

    E.K.L-The rumors I've seen have Claudia in a car accident and they say that someting happens to the baby. It said that the baby might be born with a deformity of some kind and another site said that it MIGHT cause her to lose the baby. That's all I've seen. As far as who caused the accident, it said that it would appear that Michael caused the accident, because he was out driving, but Kristina was the one that really caused the accident while she was out driving Alexis car. Hope this helps.

    Posted by Cynic at Wednesday, July 15 2009 11:36 AM

    siliconvalleysally, you and I are too practical, we get hung up on common sense details. I loved your comment about keeping a bucket of water handy. Also agree with you about them dumbing down Spinelli and making him the class clown. I think it should have gone the other way and he could have used his intellect to get control of businesses and rival Jax. There were many possible plots which could have showcased Spin favorably, but they are turning him into a dopey socially challenged klutz. I STILL think that he should have been fostered out as a baby and be the natural child of Claudia and Trevor (I would say Sonny but he has too many already). Yet another wasted character if you ask me. Why they keep hiring new ones when they don't use the ones they already have is beyond me.

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