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    Tuesday, June 23 2009
    Carly, Morgan and Michael face off with the hitman, Sonny interrupts Olivia and Johnny, Nikolas and Rebecca enjoy themselves, Robin finds something interesting in Brianna's file and Andrea reveals an interesting connection.

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    Posted by ttoyou at Tuesday, June 23 2009 05:12 PM

    OK, so innocent is not the right word. But, what is there about her that we all get. Is it trustworthiness? Does she have a set of morels that most on this show don't have? There is something about her that strikes a sense of innocence. At least to me. She's got me fooled.

    Posted by EBONY0628 at Tuesday, June 23 2009 05:19 PM

    Ringleader ...Ronnie has not appearred yet he is 28-32 according to idmb, and in 2005 he was Jax limo driver for a day

    The one we have now is" Dominic Zamprogna comes to GH as Dominic to assist Claudia with one of her schemes on June 22" (according to Comings and Goings).

    I want this guy Dominic to be Dante, he just did an excellent first impression. If he is Dante I really do want him to be an FBI agent. Sonny doesn't want any of his kids in the mob well wouldnt it be nice if his kids ended the mob.

    Posted by BeyondReason at Tuesday, June 23 2009 06:20 PM

    Great show today, I'm a little ill about the Nick/Rebecca story but their scenes were hot. Emma is getting bigger or her twin is bigger, 2 different babies. Robin said Brianna was hit in the head twice, sounds like a murder. Dominic nice scenes with the C family. He looks young to me and young enough to be their son. I'm confused because I also heard Dominic will go by the name of Chris and he knows Sam? I wonder what that's about. Love Johnny & Olivia, they have a hot scene coming up can't wait, they're a hit for me and the writers are paying attention to what the fans want, but some of the love scenes are cut way too short for me unless your Nick & Rebecca.

    Posted by cbru at Tuesday, June 23 2009 06:21 PM

    My laugh for the day-when Sonny tells Morticia that if her baby is his, it will be protected like all of his kids. How was Michael protected when he got shot? Then we have Morgan wandering around in the woods. And lets not forgot that fine, upstanding teenybopper, Kristina. Oh, I forgot, their mothers have custody. Sonny is a joke-it is Jason who does everything. Now, we have the hitman hidden in his house. He also professes not likeing Morticia and that she is oh so treacherous. But, then he sure doesn't mind making whooppee with her. Must be that other body part is is always thinking with.

    Had to laugh at Morgan being smarter than the "hitman" today about the GPS. And maybe both boys will realize that mentioning their father's name does not exactly strike terror into the bad guys hearts anymore. Very touching scene with Carly and her boys.

    Sonny is starting to treat Johnny just like he treats Jason. Neither one is supposed to have a life, instead they are at Sonny's beck and call.

    Ric and Andrea are in cahoots. She obviously doesn't want to give up her position. Ric could be the next mob boss in town. I am glad he is not leaving.

    I am still going ewwwwwwwwwwwwww at Nic and Rebecca. As much ninny as Nadine was, I would rather see her than the Emily clone. The writers are abviously trying to recreate the magic that he and Emily had and I can't see it.

    hi aussie, rans, ring, cynic, ebony-I was in hysterics at your post-been, tipsy and anyone I missed.

    Posted by aussie-gal at Tuesday, June 23 2009 06:33 PM

    Well guess what folks, I'm quarantined at home w/ suspected swine flu. Can ya believe it? I'm home 'til Friday. Wow, I'll have nothing better to do than watch tv all day...hehehe

    Hey yourself cbru....I just finished reading your post on yesterday's update. Yeah, Helena will be part of Snow White. She'll give Rebecca the poison apple and Rebecca will be history. Please, can we make this happen??

    By the way: does anyone here like this Nik/Rebecca storyline. I don't think there is.

    I'm loving Johnny & Olivia. I laughed when I read about Sonny saying tell Johnny to come and see him with or without pants on. Funny!

    Posted by BeanCounter at Tuesday, June 23 2009 07:08 PM

    I hereby declare this week "Fast Forward Button Appreciation Week" as I made use of it during the Nik/Rebecca scenes because I was pressed for time and wanted to catch the BE show on QVC.

    Only Carly and her kids could bond over a hostage situation however brief. Nice to see some harmony for a change. I actually found the hitman likable. I am glad to see that Michael and Morgan found out that saying they are the sons of Sonny Corinthos doesn't get them very far when someone has a gun on you.

    Well, I guess Claudia has one more thing to worry about. Sonny may kill her because she was behind Michael's shooting and/or because she was behind the ambush of Jason and Johnny. Will the girl ever learn?

    Loved the interaction between Johnny and Olivia. It has been nice that the writers haven't beaten us over the head with it like they usually do. I like the fact that Sonny was blown off so they could make out.

    Nice to see Ric. I think that Andrea should just throw her husband under the bus and go for the gold herself. She certainly seems to have the brains to accomplish whatever she wants.

    Noticed that Maxie still has on that blouse which doesn't seem to fit well on her. Even if Robin and Patrick prove that Brianna was attacked that doesn't necessarily disprove malpractice.

    Posted by jennep at Tuesday, June 23 2009 07:12 PM

    Mop Top I totally agree with you on Domineck being Olivia's soon. As soon as he said "I grew up in Bensonhurst," I said that was her son. It is dramatic irony that domenick would still be mob connected even not knowing his father.

    Posted by aussie-gal at Tuesday, June 23 2009 07:17 PM

    I actually liked the hitman too! He's cute and there's a chance he could be Dante. Time will tell...

    I laughed when Sonny was on the phone to Olivia and hearing the sounds of them making out.

    Posted by BeanCounter at Tuesday, June 23 2009 07:24 PM


    I like your theory about Dante.

    With all the talk about this character, I personally would like to see him on the right side of the law and not another mobster wannabe.

    Besides, I am sure that Olivia has given her son the best life possible. Sonny and Jason didn't have many options but I am sure that Dante would.

    Posted by E.K.L at Tuesday, June 23 2009 07:48 PM

    I can't wait for Liz to expose that Rebecca for who she
    is, and how she is trying to get money from Nicholas,
    and Edward and Monica. She is using everyone. The sooner
    Liz exposes her the quicker Nic will get on with his life,
    w/out her. Hopefully it will be soon.

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