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    Parental Concern.

    Thursday, May 14 2009
    Lucky expresses his anger regarding Luke, Tracy follows Luke and Ethan to Singapore, Sonny shares his plan with Jason, Robin has group therapy, everyone frets about Michael and Ric threatens Claudia.

    Lucky and Liz discuss the kids and Lucky thinks they should never depend on their grandfather. Liz asks if Luke took off again and Lucky responds that it’s the least of it. He gets upset explaining how Luke left with Ethan, who Luke thinks is his son with Holly. Lucky is upset that Luke actually wants to be Ethan’s father, but insists he’s not jealous. Liz thinks he’s just disillusioned and Lucky doesn’t know why he should expect anything from Luke, but he is upset for Laura. Lucky thinks Luke finally found a way to punish him for being a cop. He’s tired of giving his father the benefit of the doubt and if Luke and Ethan break the law, he will bust them.

    In Singapore, Ethan and Luke enter a heavily decorated, but empty building that was the center of Luke’s world once upon a time. Luke recalls some of his shady past with Ethan, as they have a drink, and recounts how he ended up in Singapore with Holly and without his family. A woman eavesdrops from the shadows as Luke reminisces about how he and Holly thought they were going to die there together. Ethan realizes that Luke thinks that place is where he was conceived and Tracy enters wondering where ‘she’ is. Two men come in and grab Tracy. She tells them they were supposed to grab Holly, not her! Luke pleads with Tracy to give the men her jewelry, but she refuses. Tracy runs free and Luke and Ethan fight with the bad guys. They succeed in besting them and Tracy asks where Holly is and wants to wait for her.

    Claudia and Sonny meet up in the lobby at GH and he tells her they should throw all the threats he’s made against her out the window because she’s having his child and no matter what he feels, he could never harm her. However, he wants her to be honest with him and asks her pointblank if she had anything to do with Michael’s shooting. Claudia assures him she never would have put Michael in a coma, but Sonny points out it was an unintentional accident, aimed at him. Claudia defends herself and vows she did not do this. Claudia tells him if she was responsible for what happened to Michael, she wouldn’t go through the pregnancy because she couldn’t live with what she had done. Sonny chooses to believe her for the sake of the baby. Claudia gets emotional and leaves to take care of some things.

    As Jason sits by Michael’s bedside, Monica comes in and they discuss his condition. Monica tells Jason she doesn’t think Michael will wake up. Carly walks in and angrily wonders what Monica is doing. Monica apologizes to Carly and leaves. Jason tries to calm Carly down and Jax walks in wondering what’s going on. Carly says the only thing that matters is focusing their positive energies toward Michael. She says there is no room for negativity, but Jax reminds her she has a son at home and a baby on the way and she should focus some of her energy on them. Jason leaves to find Monica.

    Jason finds his mother in the hall and apologizes. Monica understands what Carly is going through and recalls how she acted during Jason’s accident, but she doesn’t think Carly will get the miracle she did. She tells Jason if she is right, he and Carly will need each other.

    Robin attends a group therapy meeting and wonders how she can make up for not being there for her daughter. The other mothers share their stories as Robin shares more of hers. Robin admits she is disappointed in herself for needing the medication, but vows she won’t stop taking it without the doctor's permission.

    After Claudia leaves, Jason happens upon Sonny, who explains that he’s setting his wife up. Sonny won’t run away from the baby she’s carrying, but he needs proof against Claudia. He knows her weakness is that she wants to be his partner and he is playing right into it. He assures Jason she is right where he wants her with her guard down.

    Claudia goes home and finds Ric waiting for her. He mocks her sympathy for Michael and she assures him everything is fine between her and Sonny and there’s nothing he can do about it. Ric shows her his court order for a paternity test and tells her the minute she has the baby, he will have the test done. Claudia thinks if it is his, it will give Sonny the chance he’s looking for to kill him. Ric thinks that will give him the opportunity to tell Sonny all her dirty little secrets. Claudia wants to know what he wants and Ric spits out, “My kid.” Ric warns her no one will deny him his rights as the father of this child, as Jason walks in the room.

    Patrick comes in Michael’s room and tells Carly and Jax the operation went as planned, but there should be some progress by now. Carly thinks Michael will wake up when he’s ready.

    Patrick and Monica discuss Michael and she reassures him it’s not his fault. This case hit him hard and Monica explains that it’s because he’s a father now, but he has to know he can’t save everybody; he can only do the best he can.

    Patrick goes home, holds his daughter and talks about his feelings regarding Michael’s surgery. He also says he misses Robin, but she’s getting better and will be back soon.

    Jax meets with Olivia and tells her to cancel the work on Michael’s room.

    Carly tells Michael she will never give up on him and Sonny comes in the room. She updates him on what Patrick said and Sonny is disappointed, but Carly thinks Patrick is wrong.

    Next on General Hospital:

    Carly collapses.

    Lulu has a surprising visit with Michael.

    Alexis remains skeptical of Rebecca.

    Holly pays Luke a visit.

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    Posted by elae21 at Thursday, May 14 2009 01:49 PM

    I am glad that Robin is doing well in therapy. Its only a matter of time until Claudia's secret gets out, come on she is unbelievable telling Sonny that being a Zacchara means she isnt scared of dying, if that was the case she would be honest sbout it. I love how protective Carly is she is a big mama bear. I really hope her baby is Rick's and Sonny finds out however instead of killing her torture her for awhile first make her life miserable everyday until she cracks like her father Anthony.

    Posted by ransomha at Thursday, May 14 2009 01:52 PM

    Dare I admit it....It was good to see Robin today. She looked good and was interesting. Loved Emmas shoes. So the mom of 4 boys..never got to do the cutie pinkey bow shoes. Perfect casting on that baby. By the time Ric leaves we are going to want to kill him ourselfs. Man has no heart. Hope Jason heard that little tibit. Olivia..why? Ok goes. Claudia is so pathetic...she cries out...give me a crumb..... of kindness. I want to feel sorry for her..I really do..but just can't. HOPE to baby is Ric's.And as my last ( i'm sure everyone hopes!) comment to NY about Sam's off the shoulder's not that it exposed's more like there is a time and a place for those type of cloths. During the day..while you are working and want people to take you seriously is NOT the time to wear that stuff. Like we agreed..she would look sexy in anything so why work so hard?

    Posted by step85null at Thursday, May 14 2009 02:57 PM

    why do they have to destroy 25 years of history and love between Luke and Laura for Holly and Ethen that's crap and now they say laura knew and let it happen come on if that ain't the stupidest Do do I ever heard. Luke can take his vacation now it's over.

    This storyline is going to blow up in all their faces Believe me.

    Posted by TNbuckle at Thursday, May 14 2009 02:58 PM

    Now I'm behind two episodes because of work and I have a feeling I'm going to miss Michael waking up tomorrow. I'll have to see it all this weekend.

    Sounds like a good episode today. I look forward to all of your comments.

    Posted by elae21 at Thursday, May 14 2009 03:33 PM

    I agree ransomha Emma's entire outfit was cute i would love to know where everything came from? Thanks

    Posted by BeyondReason at Thursday, May 14 2009 03:50 PM

    Loved today's episode, especially now that my girl Robin is back and she is doing well. Is it me or the last few GH is sounding like NS?(background music) Is Guza taking a little NS turn? I hear Billy Dee Williams will be coming to GH too. Loved seeing Bobbie, Monica & Edward. Hope it's not true that Edward will be retiring. I think GH is moving in the right direction, I just hope people will watch and be patient with things, the show is not bad at all, there will be the same storylines, but different characters, some repetition, but always entertaining. I can see them listening to some of what people want with more hospital, less mob, more family and some old favorites returning now lets bring back Robert and Anna, and if they can throw a little of NIGHTSHIFT heart and stories, GH can return to the top.

    Posted by aussie-gal at Thursday, May 14 2009 04:12 PM

    TNbuckle, I'm behind two weeks of episodes...hehehe!
    You're doing okay.

    89SPORTY, bravo on your post yesterday (well, technically this morning). I couldn't have said it better myself.

    ransom, Emma is adorable isn't she?

    Wow, Lainey has finally made an appearance. I don't undersand why they don't bring Cody back on. He & Lainey would make a hot couple if you ask me. Actually, I'm waiting for Guza to ask me....!!

    What? Carly collapses again. How many times are they going to have her collapse until she has the baby? Blah!

    Well, the tramp is back. Time to cheer everyone! Hands in the air - YEAH!! You know what, I'm glad Ric is leaving. Ever since he and Alexis broke up it's the been the same thing over and over and over w/ him - SONNY! I mean, it's about time he explored other options w/ the crap GH has been giving him to work with.

    I'm actually enjoying reading about Luke, Ethan and Holly's exploits. Can't wait to see the episodes. My computer probably won't be fixed for another week or two. That means I'll be about a month behind in watching the episodes.

    Now, where's my Sam today? Missed her & Jason!

    Posted by stayathomemomma at Thursday, May 14 2009 04:33 PM

    luke is a rapist. the whole luke/laura thing has always made me puke. it's disheartening to bring up yet another of his infidelities. put this character out to pasture. there's no excuse for rape. i know it's just a soap opera but it just sends a bad message. i'll shut up now. k.

    Posted by TNbuckle at Thursday, May 14 2009 04:46 PM

    Aussie, I did think of you when I wrote that I was behind on two episodes and almost said that you were probably much more behind due to your computer woes.

    Stayathome, I am a huge fan of Luke and Laura but wish they hadn't started it with a rape. I try to forget that part but they LOVE to talk about it on GH, so its not possible. So I can understand your point of view completely

    Posted by NYDrama at Thursday, May 14 2009 05:08 PM

    Hi kids!
    Aussie, darling, you will SO enjoy the eppys once your computer is up and running! What great s/l's, acting, writing, wardrobe, excitement, etc....the works!

    Luke/Tracey/Ethan-O M G!!!!!!! These 3 do NOT disappoint! Tracey was a B on wheels today! How great was her entrance and the rest of her dialogue? She was fantastic w/her sarcastic one-liners that had me LOL!! Loved EVERY SINGLE MINUTE of their scenes. Especially when she was telling those goons that they are supposed to attack the English woman not her! She didn't want to hand over her jewels so they can pull another scam! Every line was priceless! Definitely worth re-watching. Loved "Hollys" blue stilletto boots!

    Lucky/Liz-ya know, I like the way they can talk about his dilemna, cuz she knows well enough about the Spencer history, it makes sense this way. As annoying as Lucky was, I do appreciate that he is angry about the fact that his dad cheated on his mom. That needed to be said, since we are not happy that it could have happened. I did laugh though, when he proclaimed he would go after them if they break the law, since he's a law abiding cop! hee,hee,hee... Also appreciate the jealousy regarding Lukes admiration for Ethan. Keeping it real, Lucky!

    Ric-slimey, bitter, nasty rat! I agree w/you Ranshoma, I will also enjoy his exit at this rate. I too have the motive to kill him. I hope this turns into a great whodunit.

    Monica/Jason-great scene!! How wonderful to see him sharing the screen w/so many other characters now.

    Sonny-yum! He has been great in all this Carly/Michael/Claudia drama. I am loving his little game as he shares his strategies w/his right hand man, Jason. He's back , baby!

    Claudia-bravo!!! Her performance w/Sonny today, garnered a gold star. She was very convincing, since we knew she was involved in the hit. Great acting!!

    Robin-loved, loved, loved the whole support group scenes. What a great look into these womens tortured lives. I cannot imagine what it would be like if I could not enjoy the first stages of being a first time mom. It really hit me, watching them, because you can never get that time back. I think most of us take it for granted when everything turns out well and we get to experience the full meaning of the joy of bonding w/a newborn. It aint easy, but much worse if you are diagnosed w/PPD. Loved the rawness of it all. Love to see Robin healing. She deserves to be happy. Great, great job!!!!!

    Patrick-could we love you any more? How cute was he w/Emma on his lap, discussing his day and wishing her mom were there. Got me all choked up. Wonderful scene and adorable little beauty!

    Jax-ok, if he wasn't already on the jacka$$ list, he made it by immediately calling in Olivia, high priority, to cancel the plans on Michaels room! Ugh! He needs to get involved in something else, his bad vibes are jixing the place.

    Carly-as much as she is annoying, in a different way than her hubby, I have enjoyed and appreciated her references to keeping the energy positive around Michael. It's something I can totally relate to since I'm always referring to that myself. Pretty cool! She must have read "The Secret".

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