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    I Need Help!

    Tuesday, March 24 2009
    Robin returns home, Jax vows to protect Carly, Ric makes Claudia nervous and Sam sets up Rayner!

    Patrick watches Robin and the strange man outside her hotel room. The man says he'd like to see Robin again! Patrick is upset and walks away as Robin calls the guy 'sweet'. He doesn't hear the man wish Robin the best in her life back home and leaves. Robin goes inside alone but still feels bad. She finally leaves the room – and the things she bought – behind!

    At Sonny's Ric says Claudia should hear what he has to say, too! Frustrated at the two of them, Sonny demands to know what is going on as Claudia argues with Ric not to rock the boat. Ric won't back down and tells Sonny he is loyal and useful. He says he is the only one left who knows all of the Zacchara secrets and asks if he is in or out of Sonny's organization. He asks Claudia's opinion, too, making her even more nervous. She says she despises him! In the next breath she says Ric isn't the least bit loyal and Sonny agrees with her. Then, Claudia says Ric can be used to their advantage! Ric is pleased and Sonny is stunned. He agrees to think about Ric's proposition. Ric leaves. Sonny is drinking alone when Claudia comes to him. He asks what is going on between Claudia and Ric. Claudia dances around his question, saying she is using Ric to protect Sonny. She swears she is on Sonny's side; he isn't sure what to believe. Claudia unbuttons a few of his buttons and smiles at him.

    Carly asks Jax what he is watching; he says it is a wedding video for them to watch! They talk about how lucky they are. He says he never stopped loving her; she thanks him for giving her a second chance. They agree to a clean slate and Jax kisses her hand. Carly gets dressed and leaves. Jax finishes watching Jerry's video; Jerry tells him everything about Claudia and apologizes for his part in the plan. Jerry begs Jax not to beat himself up about Michael's condition and then asks him to fix things. Later that night Carly awakes to find Jax at the window. He says he is okay and holds her, swearing that nothing will hurt them again. She goes back to sleep.

    Sam is held up outside the room until Winifred comes by and says she has been looking for her. Winfred sends Sam on her way and then gives the other agent his marching orders. When they are gone, Sam sneaks back into the hall and into the locked room! She gets into the computer and then starts going through files. She finds the flash drive and opens those files, then replaces the flash drive with another device! She replaces the files and then takes the flash drive and leaves.

    Over dinner Spinelli rambles about not liking Maxie's job. Lulu wonders what is going on but Maxie won't let her or Spinelli say much. Johnny returns and Lulu asks if he is back in the mob! Maxie tries to get rid of them but they fight in the middle of the living room about Sonny's party and Johnny's on-going mob connections. Johnny insists he was only protecting his sister but Lulu storms out. Maxie and Spinelli order Johnny to go after Lulu and Spinelli says he knows about the 'illicit passion' that Maxie and Johnny share! Johnny can't believe Maxie told Spinelli but then the Feds arrive and demand that Spinelli turn himself in! After they drag him out Maxie worries that she won't be able to save Spinelli. Johnny says Spinelli will be okay. They talk about that night in the garage and Maxie says she can't face losing Spinelli; she wants Johnny to tell Lulu about that night but he won't.

    Patrick returns home. Liz is with Emma and Patrick tells her that Robin was with another man! Elizabeth tries to calm him down, reminding him that affairs are a common thing with post-partum patients. He lashes out at her but then apologizes. Liz says she knows just how he feels. Patrick isn't sure what to do next. He holds Emma. He swears her to secrecy! Liz leaves and Patrick talks to Emma about his love for Robin. He wonders what Robin wants and if he can give whatever it is to her; he promises that Emma won't be hurt by them. Robin walks in the door and starts folding clothes. Both are upset and finally Patrick says he knows where she was. She says it was good of him to give her space so she could come home alone. "I just wanted to get away from everything that was making me feel like a failure," she says. She mentions Ruth and the way she made up a new life but she doesn't tell him about the man. Patrick questions her some more but Robin doesn't say anything else. She admits that she has a problem and asks him for help.

    Rayner demands that Jason get the goods on Sonny or he'll be arrested – and so will Spinelli! Jason insists he did all he could and points out that he gave the Feds Anthony! Rayner says that isn't enough. Diane arrives and starts defending Jason but then some agents drag Spinelli in. Rayner tries to pit Jason and Spinelli against one another; Spinelli is about to throw himself on Rayner's mercy when Diane steps in and demands to see the evidence Rayner has right away. Another agent comes in and says they need to talk about the evidence. Rayner demands to know what is going on; the agent reports that all of their evidence is gone! Rayner accuses Spinelli of destroying the evidence and says it doesn't matter because of the flash drive; the agent says the flash drive is gone, too, and Rayner is the last one who accessed the room! Rayner sends the man away and chuckles; Diane demands that Jason and Spinelli be released and the charges dropped. Rayner sends them away but warns them that he isn't going away!

    Next on General Hospital:

    Ric blackmails Claudia to do his bidding.

    Patrick continues to be frustrated by Robin’s behavior.

    Nikolas and Lucky clash over Rebecca.

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    Posted by at Tuesday, March 24 2009 01:03 PM

    Hiya, fans! Kristi here, sitting in for Julie today. She will be back tomorrow; in the mean time, enjoy today's update!

    Posted by BernieBaby at Tuesday, March 24 2009 01:38 PM

    You sure posted fast Kristi - thanks.

    Robin and Patrick will have a long road to go down before their relationship is back to being lovey dovey. Even if Patrick gets Robin the help she needs, he will always have that image of her and Brad kissing. Now he knows how she felt when Robin caught him with Layla.

    Posted by BernieBaby at Tuesday, March 24 2009 01:43 PM

    P. S. - Rayner is going to rain down some hell on all of those that crossed him.

    Lulu is a brat and Johnny needs to leave her alone until she grows up and starts to act like a mature adult - the man is looking out for his sister the same way she would lool out for her brothers so get over yourself!

    Posted by firebird85 at Tuesday, March 24 2009 01:44 PM

    Poor Patrick! It was so heart breaking as Patrick became teary-eyed over Robin’s deceit. He didn’t even seem relieved when Robin admitted she had a problem.

    This is the Spinelli I love – unfettered (from Winifred) & free to be with Maxi.

    It was actually nice to watch Sam working with Agent Leeds (who is likeable when she is being herself & not talking in “Spinellese”).
    Sam shines all on her own when she comes out from Jason’s shadow.

    Saving the best for last! Claudia maintained her cool while being pressured by Ric (who is best at being wicked).

    Posted by ransomha at Tuesday, March 24 2009 01:59 PM

    "Knowing that you lied..straight faced while I cried...still I look to find a reason to believe" (Rod Stewart)...Liz is a natural mother. Just carried the baby at her hip like it was the most normal thing in the world. Baby didn't wimper when Liz or Partic was holding her either.Now on top of everything else Robin is..shes a lier too. Partic should have spoke up yesterday in the hall. Big mistake. Jax is in a pickle. Think he should tell Carley. Don't really understand why he is keeping this a secret?

    Posted by beenaroundalongtime at Tuesday, March 24 2009 02:18 PM

    Jax could:

    1. Blow Sonny's marriage apart,just as Sonny tried to do with Jax and Carly's 1st wedding. You know Sonny trying to talk Carly out of marrying Jax.

    Or he could:

    Withhold the DVD afraid that it might send S&C back into each other's arms

    Posted by beenaroundalongtime at Tuesday, March 24 2009 02:19 PM

    Sorry, I forgot 2.

    Posted by juann at Tuesday, March 24 2009 02:33 PM

    Good evening everyone. First of all, I must say that I think that Lulu is acting very childish and spoiled!I really invested in Lulu and Johnny as a couple at first,but now I am not so sure. I believe Johnny when he says he is through with the mob, but there is nothing wrong with him wanting to protect his sister(even though I think she gets what she deserves!)I think Johnny's heart is in the right place and wouldn't Lulu do anything to protect her brothers or her dad if the situtation was reversed? My heart really ached for Patrick today.Robin purposedly lied to Patrick today and he knows it. I just wish he would of called her out on it and told her he knows what he saw. Robin took the first step in admitting she had a problem, but these two have a long way to go before they can have a happy and healthy marriage and family. Sometimes I think that Patrick should just raise Emma on his own until Robin can get her life together because she is really messed up right now. Sam is awesome! She does brilliant on her own although I wish she and Jason would get back together because I think these two definitely have chemistry! Poor Jax is caught between a rock and a hard place and he just renewed his vows with Carly. I really believe he will do everything he can to make his marriage work, but what will the outcome be when Carly finds out about the DVD? Have a good evening everybody!

    Posted by TipsyTess at Tuesday, March 24 2009 02:42 PM

    Hi everyone..If Jax just holds on to the dvd and says nothing then he has broken his vow to Carly when the truth does come out and she finds out Jax knew since there honeymoon. Not a good idea .
    I wish Ric would have just told Sonny..I'm getting very tired of this storyline lingering on way to long.
    Lulu...oh can you please let Johnny do whatever he wants he is a grown man and you are not his mother. He explained to you why he went to the party..If you don't like it to bad. I'm sure Johnny does not like when Lulu goes to Lucky or Nik at times but never see him telling her don't go. These 2 can stay friends but not as boyfriend/girlfriend... If she is like this now after they are married would be way worse.
    Happy Robin finally admits she has a problem. She will get the help she needs now.
    Ok must admit Sam was good today and happy she can do scenes without Jason in them. Liked her and Winnie working together.

    Posted by Cynic at Tuesday, March 24 2009 03:59 PM

    Whatever happened to the reading of Trevor's will? As his son, and the only one as far as we know, Rick should stand to inherit quite a bit. Remember Alcazar's docks which Rick got from Sky and traded to Trevor. Now that is some leverage for you! Rick looked half strangled in that suit and tie at the party. Every other man was wearing an open collar black shirt. If Rick wants to be a gangster he needs to buy a black silk shirt!

    Maxie and Johnny are going to be a twosome, that's for sure. Whether they will actually get together or just pine for each other a la Liz and Jason remains to be seen. For myself I like the unrequited and unconsummated love.

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