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    General Hospital - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'General Hospital'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates, which we strive to ensure are posted before 6:00pm ET!

    Robin's Busted.

    Monday, March 23 2009
    Robin finally pulls away from Brad, Sonny is happy with the results of his party and Rayner isn't.

    Jax's face turns cold as he listens to Jerry's DVD explain his involvement in Michael's shooting. From the bathroom, Carly asks who he's talking to? Jax quickly turns the DVD player off and says that he broke the rules and made a business call that's all. He promises not to be distracted anymore. She changes the subject and thanks him for teaching her about complete trust and loyalty to their family.

    Spinelli and Winfred are frantically trying to get into Rayner's computer to eliminate Spinelli's criminal record. Someone is coming, so they slip under the desk. They are relieved to see that Sam has joined them in their efforts.

    Lulu brings home some Thai takeout and finds Johnny dressed up and ready to leave. She is confused because she didn't think there was a Crimson function tonight. He explains that Claudia wants him to attend a family meeting and Lulu asked when he decided to go back to the mob? As they start to argue, Maxie arrives and Johnny leaves.

    Maxie and Lulu sit down together and eat the Thai food. Lulu explains her frustrations with Johnny and Maxie tries to shed some light on Johnny's mentality. Lulu asks when she understood more about her boyfriend than she does? Maxie says that they have nothing but time to kill while traveling to all of their parties and has learned that Johnny is a cool guy. Lulu suggests that she spend the time texting from now on.

    "What do you want Ric?" Claudia asks after Ric has barged into her dressing room and made it perfectly clear that he knows all about her involvement in Michael's shooting. Ric toys with her a little about being Michael's mourning uncle or letting Sonny know so she can be killed. Claudia tells him to cut to the chase and blackmail her already. He doesn't want money, but access to power. In addition, he doesn't like how coldly she's treating him. She says that blackmail isn't a turn on! He kisses her and tells her to get dressed for the party.

    Downstairs, the party is getting underway. Jason asks Sonny about changing distributors and shipping lanes and Sonny becomes suspicious about his line of questioning. He tells Jason to relax and enjoy the party, but Jason's all business.

    From outside, Rayner and his agents are listening through Jason's wire. Rayner starts to get excited about what he's hearing, and then they lose their connection.

    Liz is helping out over at Patrick's house. He tells Liz that Mac found Robin in Rochester. She asks why he hasn't left to get her yet, but Patrick says that Mac thinks he should be the one to go. Besides, he's not even sure what to say to Robin or if she'll come home with him. Liz encourages him to go to Rochester and talk to his wife. He says that he loves her and wants their family to be back on track, then he reaches for his car keys.

    "To getting to know you better," Robin (aka Nancy Green) and Brad clink wine cups while sitting on her hotel bed. She says that she didn't know what to expect from this trip and talks about wanting to be more spontaneous. Brad moves in for a kiss and offers to help. As she moves in too, she tells him that maybe he can. She lets the kiss go from standing upright to lying on her bed before she pulls away and apologizes. She tells him that he shouldn't have to deal with her garbage and walks him to the door.

    Patrick approaches Robin's hotel room just in time to see one last kiss between Robin and Brad.

    Carly and Jax return to their suite after a romantic dinner. He tells her that he has a shiny black box for her and rushes to get it. While she waits, she comes across Jerry's DVD. Before she has the chance to pop it into the machine, Morgan calls to say goodnight.

    The Corinthos party has wound down and Sonny feels satisfied that it was a success. When he credits his wife for knowing what she's doing, Ric smugly suggests that he's putting his trust in the wrong place.

    Rayner calls Jason to his office and tells him that he finally listened to all the taped conversation. He's furious because it turns out that the complete conversation was about the coffee business.

    Next on General Hospital:

    Jax wrestles with a tough decision.

    Ric has Claudia right where he wants her.

    Claudia hates Ric, but tells Sonny to give him more power.

    Sam manages to get rid of all evidence against Spinelli.

    Rayner vows to bring them all down.

    Robin goes home and tells Patrick almost!everything.

    Robin faces reality.

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    Posted by Beso5186 at Monday, March 23 2009 02:13 PM

    i haven't watched yet but from the pictures it actually looks like Claudia is wearing the BLUE dress!

    Posted by BernieBaby at Monday, March 23 2009 02:16 PM

    Robin is BUSTED! Of course Patrick is going to think Robin went all the way with Brad - why else would a strange man be coming out of a motel room your wife is in - not to mention the kiss goodbye. Please get this woman some help - this s/l is over done.

    Posted by ransomha at Monday, March 23 2009 02:16 PM

    Really good show today! So much going on. Sam was cool today. Looked great and was in control....unlike Robin who has gone off the cliff. Patric should have made his presense known. Why is he lurking in the shadows? He didn't do anything wrong. Good thing the carpender is such a good guy because she was giving signals of was cool standing by his sister and the Maxie LuLu scene was good. Liz needs to be with her own children. As a working mom how much time does she really have with them? Bring Emma to her house. But really good show!

    Posted by beenaroundalongtime at Monday, March 23 2009 02:19 PM

    Claudia, in Sliver. Not thrill at all!

    Posted by ransomha at Monday, March 23 2009 02:24 PM

    Claudias dress was so short ...too short..looked weird. And being the only woman at the party was weird too. I HATE Ric. Always have. He never has a good storyline. Always lusting after things he can't have. Claudia must sleep with one eye open. Jax had better fess up...bad way to start his renewed marraige...keeping secrets.

    Posted by GODS4EVER at Monday, March 23 2009 02:25 PM

    Alright, Jax what are you going to do? You just renewed your vows with Carly and she totally trusts you. Don't let her find out from someone else what you know. You know that your brother Jerry was a CAD.... How is it that Jerry sent a DVD to Jax? Did he expect Jax to keep it to himself or to torture Jax into making a tough decision about what he found out from watching the DVD? I thought Jerry was only sending them to Claudia......

    Posted by mycutiepie123 at Monday, March 23 2009 02:34 PM

    Today was a great show I am so happy ric and jax know the truth about michael's shooting. You saw the look on Jax face when his brother told him the whole entire secret about michael's shooting, he was in shocked to learned to the truth I hope he tell carly. I hate Claudia and Johnny they have no right to show up at that cocktail party today period, why are both of them hypocrites are still on my screen, I don't like them period and I never will and I want both of them gone forever. They have no right to say anything to nobody period because why they lied to their lovers and they kept so many secrets for a very long time. It don't take you that long to keep a secret stupid stupid stupid. What they are ignorant or something or they are just plain stupid. So far five people know the truth retard. I wonder how many people are going to learned the truth about michael's shooting next. There are more DVD's still to come, it can be not only an Sonny's mansion everywhere, but also everywhere around the whole town of Port Charles. I just love when more people find out the truth about michael's shooting because Claudia and Johnny are just plain stupid for not telling the truth from the beginning and everybody going to find out the truth. More people supposed to learn it too I just can't wait. Claudia and Johnny are totally busted and both of them are going to pay. I hope they spend time in jail for the rest of their lives. Robin got busted too by Patrick I was dying and couldn't stop laughing. I wonder what she going to say to him tomorrow. A lot of secrets going to be revealed can't wait!!!!!!

    Posted by firebird85 at Monday, March 23 2009 02:37 PM

    Today was one of the better episodes in a long time:

    The return of Jerry – I knew that an exploding boat couldn’t keep him dead.

    Jax should enjoy all his loving, touching & squeezing from Carly because that secret is not going away.

    Ric was at his best being bad.

    It was great to watch Johnny in his element instead of going on modelling assignments.
    I always enjoyed watching Johnny interact with Claudia.
    Claudia looked cool in a silver dress which fit her like a glove.
    It was a little too short for my taste but Claudia was never a shrinking violet.

    Even the Thai take-out looked delicious.

    Posted by mrs.burton at Monday, March 23 2009 02:41 PM


    Posted by koalabear3 at Monday, March 23 2009 03:29 PM

    Robin is acting like an idiot and I don't like it. I want the old Robin back. And then to top it all off she lies to Patrick. I hope that she eventually tells him the truth. And Mac needs to get his head out of the sand and admit that Robin has postpartum depression and then he, Patrick and Maxie can force Robin to face the truth and get some help, because I think with some help the old Robin will return. I really feel sorry for Jax. A nice guy like that does not deserve to have such a bastard for a brother. And Lady Jane is such a sweetheart, that I wonder how Jerry turned out to be so evil.

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