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    General Hospital - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'General Hospital'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates, which we strive to ensure are posted before 6:00pm ET!

    A Wedding Present from Jerry?

    Thursday, March 19 2009
    Olivia delivers the mailer to Jax, Maxie tells Mac about Robin's problems and Rayner tells Jason to wear a wire to Sonny's party.

    Liz brings Emma to Patrick after she wakes up from her nap. Patrick has read the PPD literature that Liz printed out and says that he has been a classic enabler. He's angry at Robin for walking away from her responsibilities and for being selfish, but then admits that he doesn't sound very supportive. Liz promises that he and Robin will get through this and she will gladly say 'I told you so'. On her way out, Mac arrives.

    After giving Emma a look over, Mac asks Patrick what he did to make Robin abandon her baby? Patrick tells Mac about Robin's PPD, but he doesn't believe it. Mac says that the PCPD is looking for Robin but in the meantime he's taking Emma with him. Maxie shows up and tells her Uncle Mac that Patrick is right. They all sit down and listen as Maxie explains the condition she found Robin and Emma in during the blizzard. "There have been times when Emma is crying but Robin wouldn't even touch her," Maxie says cautiously. She tells Mac to take his head out of the sand. She says that the only way to support Robin is to make her face the fact that she needs help.

    Robin declines Brad's offer of a date and says that she hasn't been totally honest about her situation. She admits that she has someone at home who loves her, but they've been having some problems and she only left so she could breathe. Brad says that he didn't have anything heavy in mind and just thought they could have some fun together. The bartender returns with her baby and asks Robin to hold her for a second. Robin flinches for a moment, but then takes her. Later, Robin tells Brad that she'd like to take him up on his offer to go out.

    Alexis is at Jason's place to tell him that she just saw a 'Blues Brothers looking' Spinelli and Winifred at the Federal building. Jason thanks her and leaves right behind her.

    Spinelli and Winifred are back at Maxie's apartment. Spinelli is deliberately ignoring Stone Cold's calls because he went against his orders to stay hidden. He tells Winifred that his defiance is even worse since their mission to erase the evidence was unsuccessful because they couldn't find a hidden flash drive. Jason shows up and tells him how stupid and dangerous he was to go to Rayner's office. He threatens to send them both out of the country just as Maxie comes through the door. She tells Winifred that there's no way she'll let that happen! Once Spinelli and Winifred are finally alone again, Winifred learns that Agent Rayner is sending all of his forces to Sonny's house tonight.

    Carly and Jax have completed their personal vows before the minister even arrives. They still want to do traditional vows though, so they begin. "I reaffirm that you are husband and wife," are the words they've been waiting for and finally hear.

    Over at The Metro Court, Sonny can see that something in the mail has Olivia concerned. When he asks about it, she says that it's about time that she figures something out, that's all. As she starts to open the envelope, Sonny reminds her that it is personal information. She shakes off her suspicions and puts the mail down. Alexis arrives to meet Sonny, so Olivia gives them their privacy. Sonny informs Alexis about his 'summit' tonight and she has big fun listing all the mob games they can play like 'pin the tail on the squealer'. He clarifies that he simply wanted her to know that the streets of Port Charles will be safe again as a result.

    Claudia has beckoned Johnny over to Sonny's house. When he arrives, she tells him that he'll need a change of clothes and a shower for the cocktail party she and Sonny are throwing tonight. He reminds her that he's out of the family business, but she says that she needs him for support! He reminds her that she's playing with fire in her marriage and that Sonny will kill her as soon as he finds out her secret.

    Later, Sonny comes home to find Johnny waiting for him. He tells Sonny that he decided to stick around for the party to lend his endorsement, but it comes with a condition. Although Sonny doesn't feel as if he needs an endorsement, he bites. "Divorce my sister," Johnny says. He adds that he has key players in his father's organization who will support whomever he does. Sonny says that Claudia doesn’t want to leave, so Johnny suggests that he leave her and keep the power.

    Claudia is over at Jason's penthouse to announce the party tonight. Jason is suspicious of her motives, so she lays it all out. Jason says that he already told Sonny that he'd be there, and he will. Later, Rayner stops by to inform Jason that he'll be wearing a wire to Sonny's meeting tonight.

    Jax shows up at the front desk of The Metro Court wearing a robe. He tells Olivia to close the pool so that he and his bride can have a private swim and then promises to go through his mail while he waits.

    Next on General Hospital:

    Nothing can stand in the way of Carly and Jax's happiness.

    Nothing, that is, except the DVD that Jerry sent. (Jax watches it alone.)

    Jason has no choice but to wear a wire to Sonny's meeting.

    Ric tells Claudia that he saw Jerry's video.

    Mac helps Patrick find Robin.

    Robin and Brad go to the movies together.

    Spinelli and Winifred go back to Rayner's office for the flash drive.

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    Posted by genhospchat at Thursday, March 19 2009 01:46 PM

    Oh let Spinelli go to jail already! How many times does Jason have to say "don't do something" and Spin turns around and does it? Geez, him and Sam should hook up together (work wise) and leave Jason out of it and let Jason get some peace and rest for a change!

    Posted by beenaroundalongtime at Thursday, March 19 2009 01:52 PM

    Somebody help me please! Robin & Patrick set up a date. Robin leaves with Emma. Next scene she's turning toward Rochester. When did she drop Emma home? Was that explained?

    Posted by EBONY0628 at Thursday, March 19 2009 01:52 PM

    I read the comments yesterday and I want to point out that the dress Carly was wearing IS NOT WHITE. It is golden cream look when she stands beside Jax, now his shirt is white.

    General Hospital is all over the place nowadays.

    *Spoilerish talk*
    Dante isn't going to be around for a long while. The whole DVD thing is long and drawn out. They are playing the storyline out to the point that Sonny will have feelings for Claudia according to Maurice Bernard

    *End of spoiler talk*

    Finally people admit Robin has PPD. It took long enough.

    hello to cbru, cynic, aussie, beancounter, jaks, nydrama, firebird, genhospchat, and everyone else.

    Posted by crocco1313 at Thursday, March 19 2009 02:01 PM

    All I want is Jasam back! They went through so much together as a couple - even Jason's memory loss didn't tear them apart in 2005 and Jason fell in love with Sam all over again. I never thought it was fair that the writers let Liz have Jason's baby when all Sam ever wanted when her and Jason were together was to be with him forever and for them to start a family of their own. Giving Jason a son with Liz was the only way to break Sam's heart and justify breaking Jason and Sam up on the show. In my opinion, Jason and Sam were clearly the loves of each others lives. They were amazing together and made one of the best pairings I have ever seen on daytime. So, I am asking gh to please bring Jasam back!

    Posted by beenaroundalongtime at Thursday, March 19 2009 02:09 PM

    That DVD must have come by way of a Camel. How long has Jerry been dead/missing?

    If Spinelli doesn't want to help himself, I say let him go wherever he pleases.

    Patrick you finally admitted Robin has a problem, now, let's start working on it.

    Liz needs a man. Say hello carpenter man!

    Posted by collegegirl2021 at Thursday, March 19 2009 02:40 PM

    Wasn't it the actors request to have Liz be the mother of Jason's child rather then Sam?

    I also feel that Spinnelli and Sam should hook-up work related. They can be Moose and Secret Squirrel.
    The DVDs are becoming a little annoying. I would love it if they were spread out the storyline or maybe even passed from person to person. I miss Jerry and I find it to a cruel way to taunt fans and Claudia with Cryptic messages.

    Robin and Patrick: why do they have to be the most miserable couple. First it was Jax and Carly, then it was Nic and Emily, then Liz and Jason. Is no one happy in Port Charles. I mean do you have to sleep with the devil and then rob him blind in order to find a successful relationship in this city.

    Posted by mrs.burton at Thursday, March 19 2009 02:51 PM


    Posted by BeyondReason at Thursday, March 19 2009 02:53 PM

    beenaroundalongtime, I agree carpenter Brad and Liz would be good, this can shake up Jason and would make a nice triangle story, because Patrick & Liz hell no. I think they should steer her in another direction if the Liz character doesn't want to end up like Leyla's, very hated. I'm sorry people if I'm in denial and sick, I sure would want love and support no matter what I did or lies I might tell, that means I have people who really love me and not want to throw me to the wolves. There is strength in a marriage and if you can't handle the curves you get in any relationship you should never get married or have children.
    This writing for them sucks and I'm a die hard fan of Scrubs , all the crap through the years, birth and marriage and Patrick turns soft, please. Patrick is a weak wimp whining to Liz about his wife, give me a Fu_king break. Where are Patrick's balls? Is this the same person giving orders and taking charge at the hospital crisis? I think not, and rumor has it he will be named the new Chief of Staff, which was a rip off from NS2. Beenaroundalongtime, I didn't see Emma in the car, if she was that's what they do to make you watch, putting scenes of one thing making you think you saw another. Love, seeing more of Alexis and Jerry never died, there was no body he planned it well.

    Posted by azzure1020 at Thursday, March 19 2009 02:58 PM

    Hands down Liason was the best couple that never was on GH! The writers never gave them a real chance which is the main reason I just read recaps now. Now on to the show today, Mac trying to take Emma was so dumb. You would think the Chief of Police would know that wouldn't hold water in a court of law. Then again the Port Charles Police force is by far the most inept police department ever in the history of soap opera crime fighting. Emma could probably solve more crimes than those band of morons. LOL

    Posted by beenafan4ever at Thursday, March 19 2009 03:18 PM

    If Spinellie is going to keep going against what Jason says, I hope this is the prelude to him learning how to take care of himself. And why can't Maxie be helping him like when they looked for Georgies killer?
    An idea...RUMOR has it Not SPOILERS.....

    That Spinelli will start to rotate out of the mob orbit. B4 he does, can Jason show him how to handle a gun and maybe throw a punch....then Johnny can show him a little more and work on his confidence...then Spinelli can rescue his Fashionista Maximista all by himself in some adventure they go on.

    I hope that Claudia looks classy and beautiful for the party...and that she keeps the look instead of whatever look you call it now.

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