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    Back Together?

    Friday, February 20 2009
    Sonny makes Jason an offer, Nadine faces the music and Maxie rocks the red carpet.

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    Posted by Mommy K at Friday, February 20 2009 04:42 PM

    ********* Spoiler Alert******

    I read on another site that Jax has a big secret. Does anyone knows what that might be?

    Posted by step85null at Friday, February 20 2009 04:50 PM

    Today was a good show Claudia and Sonny I get it they fit finally I was tired of sonny getting the same situation different woman same story the one that can save him no body can, Carly tired and look what happened and I Loved carly and sonny together but now we don't have to hear that same speech I don't understand your life it's getting old. Now they really have to write for them

    Nadine Nadine Nadine, Nikolas told you a year ago this is not a shock let me parphase nikolas I'm not good for you, I well never love anybody the way I love emily. Big red sign says stop guess who didn't stop = Crash Nadine kept pushing she knew all he wanted was emily, ghost or otherwise this couple was over before it began, and nadine annoyied the he// out of me so the fact that nadine finally heard Nikolas said those words thank you writers over done..

    The writers gave them stories they all failed cows, plows, deportation A little farm girl taking on the US Goverment mind you she wasn't the smartness nut in the shell and wins how stupid can you get. didn't work Aunt Raylene Seriously

    Rebecca, this just screams helena brainwashing to me I like what I'm see so far.

    Sonny and Jason back together again man love

    Posted by NYDrama at Friday, February 20 2009 05:04 PM

    Hi guys!
    Ransomha-yeah, no big cliff hanger today, guess w/all that's happened, can't be too picky. I agree, Maxie stole the show w/that gorgeous red dress! She and hunky Johnny looked like a real, beautiful couple. They look great together. Lucky girl, 2nd time you get to see him! Well, tell him we like him w/Maxie and enjoy what they bring out of eachother. Most of all, tell him to keep on smiling and don't be afraid to take off a shirt here and there. It's a soap, so we can expect that sometimes! Enjoy!!

    Kate-here too, I agree w/you Ransomha-I really like Kate and feel terrible w/how she's playing out her part. Sonny and Claudia and Olivia are really making her look pathetic. Yes, I know she's acting the part too, but Sonny and Olivia are really making her sink deeper. I truly hope she bounces back in full force and shows them that she's better off w/o them. She really needs to stop popping over. At this point, Sonny isn't going to throw her any bones.

    Sonny-I'm hoping he's acting all nicey-nice w/Claudia so she'll put down her guard. He can't possibly believe Kate is just being annoying or jealous. I think he's being pretty cool, back to his old self, though.

    Claudia-can't believe I'm about to say this, but she's starting to get on my nerves. I liked her, but now that she's getting the last laugh over Kate, it's irking me! Guess that means Sara Brown is doing her job pretty damn well. I like her acting w/Sonny, though I don't like them together as a couple. I perferred her more w/Nic-there was a steamy quality that was undeniable and made me want to see more of them. She's really good at this.

    Max/Healthy Heart-guess I'm in the minority here. I actually enjoyed the whole healthy commercial bit these past 2 days! I thought it was comical, sweet and educational. I like that they made a big deal of it, in your face kinda way. It should be, it's the #1 killer in women. It was clear, direct and honest and Max pulled it off beautifully w/his bro and his love. Very well done and kudos to GH for giving it so much worthy air time. Couldn't have been done by a better man! And throw in Carjax in the nude, and bingo, you got a great scene! Loved Carly's response to him and Jax too. Great stuff!
    By the way, loved the Carjax elevator scene-it was very soapy and very well done-sexy and funny! Bravo!!

    Jason-I agree w/whoever said his injury has vanished w/no medical care! He was suffering just yesterday w/that arm and I was itching to see him getting some shirtless care at Mercy.....have mercy!!! Oh well.....guess he hasn't removed that clause from his contract.... By the way, his scene w/Diane.....he looked smoldering and sexy, no? He SMILED!! And that shirt looked pretty darn hot too. Yum!

    Diane-Diane the divine! She was great yesterday, eating her Prego w/penne and divine today, pouring her heart out to Stone Cold. Loved her dialogue, it was so right on!

    Sam-looked absolutely gorgeous today! Wow, what a little smoke inhilation will do to some peeps! Anyway, bravo to you lady, for gracefully bowing out of Lusam! Bravo, bravo, bravo!!!!!!! Well done!

    Lucky-thank you for looking really hot while acknowledging Lusam was over. It means alot to us!

    Olivia-here too, is a character that I was enjoying from the get go and now am friggin' annoyed by her buttinsky ways w/her cousin. She is revealing her true self by being a thorn in Kates side, especially when Sonny is involved. I really was hoping the writers would have gone in a different direction w/her.

    Spin-cute! But my jaw was on the floor when he was considering on the sprinkler job at the event! Come on, even for Spin that's low. Very cute scene w/him and Lulu on the phone.

    Rebecca-as annoying as her scenes have been, today was different. Nic approached her nicely and she seemed to respond well too. I hope this s/l is done well, it could be really good. I'm definitely able to separate Emily from Rebecca. Yeah!

    Posted by NYDrama at Friday, February 20 2009 05:07 PM

    step85null-liked your Nadine synopsis! Good one!

    Posted by NYDrama at Friday, February 20 2009 05:10 PM

    Firebird-I thought that comment from Sonny to Claudia was strange too! It left me hanging a bit. I was like WTF, where is that leading to? He's definitely got something up his sleeve.

    Posted by Mob-Princess at Friday, February 20 2009 05:49 PM

    Today's episode was filled with laughs! I just loved Max sitting at the end of the bed with Carly and Jax fixing to get in the sack. Then Morgan playing staff was absolutely adorable!

    Diane rambling to Jason was priceless as well! Anytime she rambles is funny to me in my sick and twisted world!

    Lets not forget the Max and Claudia moment before Connie barged in and ruined my day. Or when Jason tried to snatch Spinelli's laptop and he pulled it away all in on quick second!

    Congrats to Sam for getting a nice, new leather jacket! Really shiny, but I doubt it'll stay that way for long.

    Posted by firebird85 at Friday, February 20 2009 06:00 PM

    Mob-Princess, you noticed that too!! - Spinelli snatching his computer away from Jason. I am still smiling over that one. Also enjoyed Max & Claudia (It was nice to see Sarah smile; it seemed so genuine).

    Posted by BeanCounter at Friday, February 20 2009 06:01 PM

    If someone barged in on me and my significant other in our hotel room, I wouldn't be saying Close the door I would be saying Get the Heck out!. It was a amusing scene despite it being another shameless plug about Campbell's products.

    Poor Johnny looked like a deer caught in the headlights when it was suggested he escort Maxie. Loved Jason's reaction to Spinelli saying that he would hack into the event's sprinkler system. A shame he couldn't do that to GH's sprinkler system.

    Loved the way Kate just popped in suddenly after Max brought Claudia all the healthy Campbell products. Look, there's another DVD nearby!

    Anyone notice that Alexis is never in a hostage situation or a burning building. Maybe she should get out more. While talking to Nicholas, she should explain the legal ramifications of stalking. Nadine was nice but if I were her, I would have bopped him on the head for chasing ghosts.

    Speaking of ghosts, Rebecca is an unemployed x-ray technician but she is staying in a five-star hotel instead of a local Holiday Inn. Looks like she is going to meet Nicholas, but I wonder if he will leave her alone afterwards.

    Lucky and Sam breakup Take Two. Nothing more to see. Move along.

    I normally don't advocate violence but if Jason had shot Agent Leeds, I would cheer. Agent Rayner is either very smart or very dumb for putting her in charge of Spinelli. Meanwhile, Sonny being a jerk as usual to Spinelli, whose hacking charges by the way was in service to Jason, wants to work with Jason. Want to bet, he isn't doing it out of the kindness of his heart.

    Posted by firebird85 at Friday, February 20 2009 06:43 PM

    NYDrama, I felt that Sonny was hinting at something about Claudia. We will (hopefully) find out in the future.

    I wish Kate would go back to Crimson. She is good business woman, plus Jerry planted enough DVD's for everyone in PC.

    Posted by cbru at Friday, February 20 2009 06:48 PM

    Okay, Winifred, even for you, this is going way over the top. Going to Jason and expecting him to dig up dirt on Sonny and then turn him in just shows how hung up on Spin she is. This girl-can't call her a woman, has seriously got the hots for Spin.

    Kate either needs to spit it our or get off the pot. This woman is turning into a deranged nut case with her revenge. And when Crimson goes down the tubes, you can bet she will find some way to blame Maxie and Lulu. Jax needs to think about something besides Carly for five minutes and look into this since he is backing Kate.

    At least the break-up between Sam and Lucky was civil. And she wants to get her P.I. license to feel good about herself. Chuckle, chuckle. Two things I am sure of-Jason will be riding to her rescue yet again. I am also sure Lucky will be back to annoying the viewers in no time.

    Gotta love Max and Diane. He cracked me up with Jax and Carly. And when Diane is not in her lawyer mode, I love her, whether she is with him, blathering about him or going on and on about clothes.

    Maxie and Johnny looked smashing today and I love these two together. My one quibble is with Lulu, naturally. Could she possibly act any more juvenile. If the rumors are true about her and Ethan, it can't happen soon enough.

    Nik and Rebecca talking?? Take a lesson, Nik. Lose the stalking, smothering and manipulation, and she might actually feel like doing something besides running or calling the cops.

    I have to say it. I saw the last line in the previews and wanted to tear my hair out. My take on it is twofold. Robin can't stand the competition from her own daughter. Plus getting a nanny means she won't have to touch her or deal with her at all. Can I smack her now?????

    Hi rans, aussie, jaks, fire, heart, cynic, NYD, NYM, tipsy and anyone I missed. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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