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    Spinelli Gets Help from an Unlikely Ally.

    Tuesday, January 27 2009
    Jason agrees to let Spinelli help him find the cargo before anyone gets hurt, Kate finds the DVD and Sam breaks up with Lucky.

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    Posted by aussie-gal at Tuesday, January 27 2009 07:00 PM

    Hey lulufan, I'm glad they broke up too!
    But I think they should've broken up over Lucky's possessiveness. He acts like he owns Sam but when he gets the chance, he runs to Liz and helps her out....I don't get that.

    Posted by LEVIC at Tuesday, January 27 2009 07:01 PM

    lulufan84, so you think it's alright for a guy to call his girlfriend the name of his ex-wife?!?!?!? WHF???????!!!! That is totally not cool and I would have broken with any man that call me the name of his ex. But Lucky knew that Sam was doing something undercover and plus he would have broken up with her but he decided to hop in the hottub with her.

    Posted by heartliason at Tuesday, January 27 2009 07:02 PM

    What a stupid way to break up, dont want lucky with liz, and comment more later.
    Hey all!!! NYMimi, gen, shep, ghforlife, aussie

    Posted by EBONY0628 at Tuesday, January 27 2009 07:25 PM

    Hello everyone,

    So Sonny via AZ or AZ via Sonny is hijacking weapons grade biotoxins. Well now, I know Sonny doesn't ship drugs but drugs seem milder in this situation.

    Kate handle your own problems stop sending Olivia to Sonny because when something happens your going to complain that she had no reason to.

    Johnny BRAVO, BRAVO, ON MY FEET APPLAUSE. Its about time he told Lulu off. Too arrogant to work? He was mopping floors to pay his rent. From mob prince to mopping floors thats a pretty big drop for his ego.

    Serious question for everyone but haven't we seen Johnny at work, or job hunting more then we have seen Lulu near the Metro Court?

    Sonny...breaking someone's knee caps for messing up the sound quality on a vhs to dvd transfer. He needs a chill pill.

    The writers are really annoying me GIVE REBECCA SOME LINES, wandering aimlessly around town is not doing anything for me.

    Patrick forget Robin, focus on Emma then you can deal with your wife.

    Lucky called Sam Elizabeth. That was definately the straw that broke the camel's back. (Or whatever animal goes in the saying).


    Hello to jaks, cbru, cynic, genhospchat, beancounter, nydrama, aussie, fire, matthewsmom, susie, and everyone else.

    Posted by JenniferT4683 at Tuesday, January 27 2009 08:13 PM

    Well there is surely no love in PC Today

    LuLu/Johnny- LuLu just proved today that everything Maxie said was true and she knows nothing about this man she is suppose to love calling him arrogant when he's out there busting his chops trying so hard, and the only way she got a job was because of her cousin and did I miss something but didn't Kate tell LuLu to go handle the phones when her and Carly got into it so Why is she back at home calling Maxie screaming at her when she should be at work handling her business???? This girls got Issues and she irritates me!

    And someone posted something about someone coming up Preggers possibly Sam I Actually read a Spoiler and buzz is saying that it will be LuLu maybe! That would completely Suck I hope not!

    Oh and Matt doesn't die Spoilers are saying the ones that dies will be Trevor,Leyla,Earl,and Andy
    but good news I read that Leyla just might die so dont know who they would knock off instead of her guess we'll have to wait and see

    Posted by DetroitGHer at Wednesday, January 28 2009 04:47 AM

    Of course didn't see the show yet but I really hope that the writers just don't fall back & put Jason/Sam and Lucky/Liz back together. I mentioned yesterday the character they are bringing in that is suppose to be an "Aussie" and trys to con Luke & he is suppose to be connected to a family that the Spencer's had a past relationship with I was wondering if anyone can think of one other then the Webber's and Scorpio's. Also if Rebecca is not going to turn out to be Emily then I hope they don't put her with Nikolas. If Sam does turn out to be pregnant with Lucky's baby is he going to fight to take the baby away from her so he can raise it with Liz.

    Posted by Cynic at Wednesday, January 28 2009 05:00 AM

    Winfred was quite sweet today. She seems to me as if the FBI hired her for her exceptional computer skills rather than what it takes to be an agent. She and Spinelli could make a cute couple out of touch with the rest of the world, but happily wrapped up in their own. I had a couple of family members who met at a Star Trek or Star Wars convention and lived for role playing, dungeons and dragons, collecting little figurines, etc. They now take their children along with them. The rest of world moves along totally outside their sphere of perception.

    aussie-gal I thought you lived in Sydney! It rarely got that hot when I was there, a day or so over 100F and then it would drop to the 90's. No one I knew had A/C we just opened the windows and sat around half dressed! ha ha! We are back to the upper 80's again in Florida. We had overnight freezes for about a week which wrecked the garden, then back to warm and sunny.

    Posted by naks75 at Wednesday, January 28 2009 06:15 AM

    It took forever for me to like Sam & it's over. I never cared for her & Jason. Honestly I liked her with Sam has been around for the short time she's been here I hope Patrick & Robin can be one of those long term couples.

    Posted by julieok at Wednesday, January 28 2009 09:56 AM

    Anyone else think the DVD Kate stole is NOT the one about Claudia but the X-mas one of Michael & Morgan Sonny was going to give to Carly?

    Posted by 89SPORTY at Wednesday, January 28 2009 01:25 PM


    What could the writer's do with Sam?

    Sam could open a tour boat business that provides a dinner cruise/sunset cruise in the Port Charles Habor. She could host Valentine cruises, Holloween Cruises you know all major holidays. What do you think? Should I write Frons and make the suggestion?

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