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    Spinelli Gets Help from an Unlikely Ally.

    Tuesday, January 27 2009
    Jason agrees to let Spinelli help him find the cargo before anyone gets hurt, Kate finds the DVD and Sam breaks up with Lucky.

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    Posted by Debbie562 at Tuesday, January 27 2009 03:16 PM

    Luke and Laura produced a couple of duds ? The writers should do something with Lulu and Lucky's characters and make them seem more like their parents least show the viewers a few similar personality traits so they SEEM related...? LOL.
    Anyway my only thought for todays show is MAXIE PLEASE MAKE UP YOUR MIND AND GO GET YOUR MAN ONCE AND FOR ALL !!!!!!!

    Posted by aussie-gal at Tuesday, January 27 2009 03:21 PM

    I was listening to a podcast of Daytime Confidential and someone on there called Lulu SCHRULU...that was funny!!

    Posted by Debbie562 at Tuesday, January 27 2009 03:23 PM

    Oh and it is quite obvious that Maxie is in love with Spinelli. She needs to come to terms with that and admit it. you hear me ? LOL !!!!!!!

    Posted by firebird85 at Tuesday, January 27 2009 03:52 PM

    aussie.. I started to feel warmer when you mentioned a shirtless Johnny!!! lol

    It looks like TPTB are pushing Maxi into Johnny's arms. Have to see how it plays out.

    It seems Rebecca back floating around PC. I am curious about Rebecca's agenda. It should be interesting when more people interact with her.

    Posted by cjsmom926 at Tuesday, January 27 2009 03:53 PM

    Hey Aussie--Stay cool. How was the Open? Hope you had a good time and a few Pimms cups. I am glad they finally did away with Sam & Lucky. Maybe now they will let Sam act like she has a brain in her head again.

    Posted by LEVIC at Tuesday, January 27 2009 03:56 PM

    aussie-gal, I was more of Sam who broke up with Lucky.

    But I have heard about Sam being pregnant with Lucky's baby but if it is true I wonder if tommrrow when she cashes her car and ends up at GH and then doctor tells her that she is pregnant.... I wish Sam could have children but now that LuSam are over I don't won't her to pregnant with his child but if they get JaSam back together I hope she gets pregnant with Jason's baby!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by LEVIC at Tuesday, January 27 2009 04:00 PM

    firebird85, I repect you decision about Sam,Jason,Lucky, and Liz but who do you think they could be with bc there ain't that much men or women on the show for them

    Posted by aussie-gal at Tuesday, January 27 2009 04:01 PM

    Hey cjsmom, yes I was at the tennis a few days last week.
    Because of my job, I also got to see Rafael Nadal inside the press conference. He was like 2 metres away from me.

    Levic, yeah I too would love to see Sam pregnant. We know she can't have kids but hey it's a soap after all....anything can happen! I would enjoy a "who's the daddy" storyline w/ unLucky & Jason.

    I liked Sam w/ Lucky when he was mature. But when he's acting like a spoilt child demanding Sam spend time w/ him etc he annoyed me to no end.

    Posted by firebird85 at Tuesday, January 27 2009 04:27 PM

    LEVIC.. that is a good question. Someone did mention pairing Rebecca with Lucky or how about Olivia?
    Coleman might bring some fun to Sam's life. Matt and Liz are cute together. Something to think about and maybe expand in the message board.

    I thought that Johnny would come clean about Michael's shooting when he was arguing with Lulu. Glad he can keep a secret.

    Posted by jaksoaperfan at Tuesday, January 27 2009 05:30 PM

    Have been watching GH on and off for a while but have been reading the posts and there have been a lot of interesting comments.

    I watched today's show and the highlight for me was when Johnny told LuLu to SHUT UP!! loved it ... loved it.

    She claimed she went out and got a job .. well this one was handed to her by Carly and as much time as she spends there it is a wonder she still has a job.

    It is my imagination or are the ladies of GH wearing a lot of heavy make up lately?

    Finally, the storyline of 'who shot Michael' is coming to an end.

    Seems like this deadly virus is a way to get rid of some chracters ... could name a few who I would like to see gone ..Nadine .. LuLu .. Nadine ... LuLu.

    Anyone else wondering how the mystery man swallowed those biotoxen balls. It would take a lot more than water to get those babies down. They were huge !!!
    And why or why bring back NL .. didn't she just die. Are we not suppose to remember her being on. Has she done anything but ride the elevator since she showed up.

    One last thing ... does Sam ever change the water in her hot tub ? .... yuck

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