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    Robin's Big Day Finally Arrives.

    Friday, December 26 2008
    Maxie worries that Robin's wedding will be ruined again, Jason asks Sonny to leave the Zaccharas and Robert walks his little girl down the aisle.

    Maxie shows up at Patrick and Robin's house and freaks out because Patrick isn't at the church. She takes Emma from his arms and tells him that nothing can go wrong with this wedding and he has to go! Later, Mac shows up and tells Robin that he will be her personal escort today. As he watches her with her baby, he recalls the day she told him that she was HIV positive. He tells her how precious this day is to him.

    Sam wakes up in the hospital and finds Lucky standing at her bedside. He tells her that she didn't break any bones when she fell into the pit, but she was suffering from hypothermia when Jason brought her in. Sam tries to explain why she met with Sasha in the first place and Lucky tells her that she has almost died twice this year.

    Jason goes home and finds Spinelli asleep on his laptop. He tells Spinelli that the Russians are pulling out of town and Sam is safe. Spinelli's first comment is that now he can reconcile with Sonny! Jason says that he'd like peace but it might be too late because Sonny is in too deep with the Zaccharas. He changes the conversation to Robin's wedding and says that he won't be going this time but Spinelli should give his regards.

    Over at Sonny's house, Claudia overhears Sonny give an order for a shipment to land in one of Jason's territories. "That's asking for trouble," she tells him. Sonny says that Jason is too distracted at the moment and then says that he's heading over to Queen of Mary's church to see Robin before her wedding. Before he goes, he brings up the fact that he caught her on her laptop and asks what she's trying to hide from him. She decides to tell him that she likes sex and is attracted to him, but he's forcing her to sneak around since he won't sleep with her. He laughs at the thought of her sleeping with Ric and she says that his brother is naive and believes in true love. Sonny tells her that story of Robin and Stone and says that such a thing does exist.

    Alexis brings Sam home from the hospital and they find Lucky there. Alexis looks confused, so Sam explains that she and Lucky staged their breakup so that they could frame Jerry. Alexis leaves them alone and Sam asks if they are still together? Lucky says that he wants them to get back to where they were and Sam says that she wants that too.

    While Sonny is gone, Claudia starts looking for Jerry's planted DVD. As she searches the house, Jason shows up. He asks what she's looking for and Claudia tries to deflect by asking if he's come to knock Sonny off! Jason says he came to talk to Sonny, that's all. Claudia says that she has things to do and leaves him to wait alone.

    After Mac has escorted Robin to the church, Anna comes in to the bride's room to help with make-up. They speak of what a special day this is and laugh at themselves for crying. After Anna goes out to the car to get a gift for her, Robin recalls a time when she showed Stone the headpiece that her mother wore at her wedding. She told him that she hoped to wear it one day and Stone said that she would make an amazing bride.

    Sonny finds Patrick at the church and promises that he won't stay for the wedding. He says that he just came by to show his support and will leave so as not to cause any trouble here. Patrick tells Sonny that he feels like the luckiest guy in the world and promises to give Robin everything that she deserves.

    Mac finds Robert and recognizes the stressed look in his eye. He says that he felt that way after walking Robin down the aisle a few weeks ago. Robert thanks Mac for taking such good care of his daughter all those years and seeing her through so many hard times. "You did good little brother," Robert tells Mac.

    Later, Robert finds Patrick and asks what he'd like to hear from Emma's fiancé on her wedding day. Patrick smiles, but his voice thickens with emotion as he talks about the kind of love and commitment that he hopes to hear about. He concludes by telling Robert that is the kind of life he wants with Robin. Robert is satisfied.

    Luke shows up and tells Robert that he looks seasick. He reminds his old friend that he has recovered national treasures and stopped wars from taking place, and asks what's the big deal here? Robert tells him that he'll get it when he walks his daughter down the aisle. "Bite your tongue," Luke snipes.

    The guests have arrived, the Scorpio family has cried and fluffed and gushed. Robin and Robert finally walk down the aisle toward Patrick and the wedding begins.

    From her pew, Maxie says a silent prayer that nothing will go wrong before Robin and Patrick can get married.

    Sonny comes home to find Jason looking at pictures of Michael. Jason tells him that he ran the Russians out of town so Sonny doesn't need the Zaccharas anymore. He asks Sonny to end his alliance with them.

    Next on General Hospital:

    Jason won't agree to give the business back to Sonny, so he refuses to leave the Zaccharas.

    Jason leaves Sonny with a warning.

    Jax goes to Carly on Michael's birthday.

    Carly and Sonny run into each other in Michael's hospital room.

    Jax goes to Sam to ask about Jerry's last night.

    Robin and Patrick enjoy a perfect wedding.

    Sam warns Jason that the Federal agent had questions for her about Spinelli.

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    Posted by Mehetabel at Friday, December 26 2008 01:41 PM

    Greetings to everyone. I wish all a Happy New Year!

    Today's episode was good being that it was right after the holiday. The only thing that bothers me is that Liz has not been on for a while. I wonder if she is on vacation or maybe she is pregnant in real life and she needs some days off. Even if that is the case, how could GH not have her attend Robin's wedding? That didn't even make any sense!

    Jason ran the Russians out of town, let me guess, he still can't be with Liz. The writers are just pathetic! It is the perfect time for him to be with Liz.

    Sam calling for Jason when she woke up was so Sam. How she could lie to Lucky about the real reason she called out for Jason is beyond me. I know she really wants Jason. I think her relationship with Lucky has run its course. However, I do not think that Sam belongs with Jason or that Lucky belongs with Liz. I just think GH needs to get Lucky a new love interest. I don't know who to hook Sam up with. I definitely think that Liz belongs with Jason. The writers need to make that happen. Liason is the only true couple of daytime tv. Liason forever!

    Posted by BeyondReason at Friday, December 26 2008 02:18 PM

    As a Scrubs fan, I'm so happy about today's episode, only wish it was longer. I cried before the wedding got started, with all the flashbacks and every one's sentiments. Mehetabel, the only true couple on GH is Scrubs. RH is on vacation and that's why she's not at the wedding. Some people don't need to be with anyone and it's clear that Jason is one of them, his life doesn't allow it. Matt's rambling reminds me of Maxie's, I still think they could be hot together.

    Posted by Mehetabel at Friday, December 26 2008 02:54 PM

    I am sorry to all the JaSam fans, but apparently your long awaited reunion of the couple is what is causing Steve Burton to consider leaving GH. According to daytime confidential, Steve wants the writers to improve and keep the Liason s/l going. He is not a fan of a JaSam reunion! This is good news for me, but bad news for all GH fans. I guess the writer that is pushing for a JaSam reunion is Frons--I don't know. It said he's concerned about GH's ratings. Well if that's the case, he needs to gear up for some more declining ratings. I guarantee that a lot of people tuned out GH because there was not enough love written for Liason fans, and they were just tired of stop go, stop go. Now, if reports are true that he is indeed trying to reunite JaSam, GH will lose even more viewers. I'll make sure I do my part. If there is a JaSam reunion, I will not watch! I'll also do my part to encourage other Liason posters to boycott. This is drastic, but something has to be done to accomodate us, we've waited for years, it's time we received a well written family s/l for Liason fans. JaSam was together for 3 years, enough is enough already. I will go hard on an all out blizz--no Liason, no GH!

    Posted by JenniferT4683 at Friday, December 26 2008 04:24 PM

    Just reading the previews for tomorrows show I wonder if the new Tech girl showing up in January is going to be working for the Feds since they're questioning Sam about Spinelli.

    Didn't get to watch all of today's show but from what I saw was pretty good Loved Maxies little prayer before the wedding started too cute.

    Posted by JenniferT4683 at Friday, December 26 2008 04:28 PM

    Well if they put Liason back together they're going to lose ratings because they're such a bore I wouldn't sit through their scenes and I'm not saying that b/c I'm a Jasam fan I wouldn't care if they put Jasam back together or not but him and Liz are such a bore together.

    Posted by cassowary at Friday, December 26 2008 05:12 PM

    I'm following the mystery plot from Jerry to Claudia, can't wait to find out what the clue stands for.

    Could it be the under the Soles of her Red Shoes???????? I know she preferred Red
    Shoes during her introduction as Claudia Zacchara.

    Anyone's guess.?.?.?

    Posted by ScrubsAlltheWay at Friday, December 26 2008 05:27 PM

    I loved today's show.

    It had heart.

    It had history.

    It had family.

    It had a nice wedding buildup for a character that could have flashbacks as a child.

    I loved it!!

    Posted by Mehetabel at Friday, December 26 2008 05:35 PM

    JenniferT4683 I understand your frustration, but you should not be upset with the pairing of Liason, instead you should be upset with the writers. As I said in my previous post, Steve wants the writers to improve the writing/scenes between Liz and Jason. I too am upset with the writers! A lot of Liason fans were just saying if the writers are going to do this stop and go thing with Liason they should just break them up and pair them with someone else besides Sam and Lucky respectively. Liason fans only said that because they are tired of waiting for them as a family. Liason fans want a true dipiction of how Jason would conduct mob business with a family that he was committed--sorry if I spelled that wrong. Liason has never really gotten a chance. I feel if the writers did their job and wrote inspired stuff for Liason everyone would be happy even the JaSam fans. I just don't think it's fair for JaSam fans to see JaSam back together when they had three years together. Liason have never really been given a shot. If Frons it concerned about ratings he should pick up on his writing skills, and not blame the couple that is responsible for many viewers watching the show. Plus, whether you're a JaSam fan or a Liason fan I would want to do whatever it takes to make one of the major characters happy. Steve said he wants Liason with better writing and scenes or he wants to leave. Nothing last forever, but who wants Steve to leave? I sure don't! If Liason is not the reason a lot of people watch GH, Steve sure is. He alone draws in probably 1 milllion viewers, I mean he is the show!

    Posted by BeanCounter at Friday, December 26 2008 06:28 PM

    Some very nice memories of Robin when she was younger, and some nice chats with Mac and Robert, Robert and Patrick, Patrick and Matt, Anna and Robin, and Robin and Sonny. Robin looked lovely coming down the aisle but I must say that I preferred the other wedding dress.

    Well, Emma may be in high school before Claudia finds the first DVD. Claudia isn't exactly a brain trust. I kept thinking look behind the mirror you dumb chick. I want to find out where the first dvd is hidden.

    Wow! What a climatic end to the Russians! Jason just announces that they are gone. I guess Sasha's murder may become an episode of Unsolved Mysteries. Jason is asking Sonny to end his alliance with the Zacharras. All I can think is that when Sonny tries to land his shipment of Widgets on Jason's pier, I hope that he steals the shipment and destroys it and leaves the remains on Sonny's doorstep. What a jerk!!!

    Posted by JenniferT4683 at Friday, December 26 2008 06:50 PM

    Mehetabel I get what you're saying but me personally I just feel that It just isn't working they tried and tried for those two so I think they should move them on to different things Its going to be sad if it causes SB to leave GH but I really don't see how they could possibly turn Liason into anything interesting.

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