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    Bittersweet Holiday Moments.

    Friday, December 19 2008
    Carly recalls happier holidays, Sam envisions Alexis in her mind and Robert returns to Port Charles to meet his granddaughter.

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    Posted by NYMimi at Sunday, December 21 2008 05:35 PM

    OMG Aussie-gal, your a mind reader now. I've heard so many rumors about Guza trying to woo back Vanessa Marcil. I wish Brenda would come back....honestly she was (is) my all-time favorite character on GH. The Sonny/Brenda/Jax love triangle was the best ever! Man...those were the days! But to your post about her being re-cast, I don't think I could see it. I mean VM is Brenda I really don't think I would like them to re-cast her. That's like re-casting Sonny or just don't do it!
    *But they did re-cast Carly and I really like the current Carly the best. SB was great when Carly first came to town but now her character has evolved and I don't see SB portraying Carly as well LW.

    I LOVE Australian accents.....if I meet a guy with an aussie accent I just melt!

    Posted by SWEET1 at Sunday, December 21 2008 06:00 PM

    love the whole claudia and sonny thing..dont like how things are going for carly.I never realy seen her and jax together but after a while they dawned on me.kate and her cousin are corney and boring to watch.please put maxie and speneli together.its about time he get some

    Posted by aussie-gal at Sunday, December 21 2008 06:56 PM

    Hey NYMimi, I love the American/Canadian accents. They're very similar! I'm w/ you there!!

    Now, Brenda was my all time fav character too! Especially when Miguel & Lily were on the scene and they all went to Puerto Rico. Sonny & Brenda were making out in the pool etc. Those WERE the days weren't they?

    I don't think I would like a re-cast BUT if VM isn't interested, I think it would work as Brenda hasn't been on the scene for so long.

    Posted by cassowary at Sunday, December 21 2008 07:17 PM

    I think Jerry's DVD could be hidden in Claudia's RED high hilled shoes stored in a clear plastic shoebox, under the soles of her shoes. I love mysteries.

    Posted by TipsyTess at Sunday, December 21 2008 08:45 PM

    I do hope that Carly letting Sonny seeing Morgan is not just a one time thing as that would be so mean of her as Sonny loves him so much and is hurting not been able to see him. He really does loves all his kids so would be a great time to bring in his new son. I did hear they want to age Micheal then bring recast him. I can see him following in Sonnys footsteps.
    I also read somewhere that Vanessa Marcil very much wants to come back as Brenda. I would love it if she had Jax baby as he so wanted a child. This would surely tick off Carly but will make a great storyline.
    They are only keeping Olivia around as her son will be coming to town, think in Jan. I unlike most of you do like Kate. She may come off as as a stuck up....but really if you have a look she really is nice and she likes Maxi..Gee what other boss would like her. Actually I like her with Jax. Now when Brenda comes back it will get good as then we can feel them all out..Jax-Carly, Jax-Kate, Jax-Brenda then there is Sonny- Claudia, Sonny- Kate, Sonny- Brenda, or would I wish Sonny and Carly as they really do click and best part Sonny would have his sons back.
    P.S. I also love Australian accents.

    Posted by aussie-gal at Sunday, December 21 2008 09:04 PM

    Tipsy, that's good to hear.

    I love Kate too but I want her w/ Sonny. I want Jax w/ someone else - not Carly. She's a witch and deserves to be all alone!

    Gosh, if Brenda does come back, it would be so exciting!!

    Posted by da_kid at Monday, December 22 2008 03:51 AM

    I agree that it would be interesting if Brenda came back. She would be able to stand up to Morticia. I,too, would not like to see Morticia with Nicolas. He is too decent for that slimy thing. But I think he can do better than Nadine. Nadine would be ok if she just wasn't written to be so sappy. She is a genuine, kind-hearted person, which is what Nik needs, but she talks and acts so stupid she gets on my nerves. I don't feel sorry for Jax because everyone tried to tell that dummy that Carly is the town tramp, but he wouldn't listen. Maybe Brenda could come back and hook up with him. How can the cd be anywhere near Morticia's soul. She doesn't have one.

    Posted by TipsyTess at Monday, December 22 2008 07:35 AM

    da_kid I had to laugh at your comments was funny but some ever so true.
    This game Jerry is playing is a good one sure has all of us thinking.

    Posted by raggsies at Monday, December 22 2008 09:04 AM

    cynic, i understood what you were saying, i live in florida too. i know you ment no ill will, we have been saturated with it and sometimes i can't bear to hear it anymore. just very thankful that they found her.

    gals i have had to catch up on 2 days of shows but it has made a nice monday morning. i was really touched by alot of the "family" togetherness we saw.

    i am not real keen on them bringing back emaily if that is the case. i did like her alot but there has not been enough time laspe to bring her back yet. i wonder why she wants to come back if she was the one that wanted to leave? anyone know that?

    sasha's death kinda surprized me, i thought they would drag that storyline on a little longer. glad her character is gone from the show though. i liked the lady that played her though, she was very believable.

    hope there is some tender moments between spin and maxi, i would love to see some more "enlightening" between them.

    i am bored with johnny and lu luu again. he is just not that great as a regular guy. i can't see him doing that very long.

    what happened to the strong business man nick? i need him to get back on track with whatever business adventure he is going to work on. bet he goes in with nadine to start using the patent of the farm equipment. i can tell you that that kind of business is expensive. it doesn't come cheap.

    i hope to catch up with you later in the day. feeling better today so i hope to travel to my parents thursday for christmas day, 7 hours away to pensacola. whoa!!wait a second...let me go back and find someone i haven't met yet and post to them. i am trying to meet a bunch of you new gals. this is the only way to do it. jennifer, i met you last week, nice to see you posting again.

    Posted by raggsies at Monday, December 22 2008 09:13 AM

    ny mimi, love those aussie accents too. mine is pure southern, deep south southern. strange at times when i travel.

    cassowary, great idea on the shoe angle. you have an "inquiring" mind! keep searching for more, i like your detail.

    tispy tess, you hit it right on the head for me regarding sonny and carly. i have come to a point that i want them together. they always end up together and sonny would just have to find a way to keep them all safe. i want michael to come back now, a little older but not with revenge in his heart.

    okay, by for now...see yall after the show!

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