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    Two Women, Two Children and a Bunch of Russians.

    Friday, November 21 2008
    Sam tells Liz exactly what she doesn't want to hear, Luke appeals to Tracy and Claudia demands a proper proposal.

    Claudia and Johnny are hanging out at their penthouse recalling some of the fun they've had together there. She tells him that she'll be playing 'wifey' over at Sonny's house before too long. Johnny grows angry as he declares that love is supposed to be about love! Claudia laughs and gives him a big hug for being so idealistic. She promises him a powerful empire to inherit one day, but Johnny wants no part of it.

    Over at the Zacchara mansion, Anthony beams over the impending nuptials between his 'pearl' and Sonny. He tells Ric to pour drinks and Sonny reminds them that he answers to no one and if Ric or anyone tries to betray him, he'll walk. Anthony makes a toast to family and they all raise their glasses. He even promises to let Sonny carve the Thanksgiving turkey. Then he reminds Sonny that he had to swallow his pride and come to him because Jason wouldn't let him back into his own organization. Sonny promises to handle Jason and Anthony replies that he's counting on it.

    Sam is reminding the boys how much fun they had camping a few weeks ago as Liz drives to the cabin. Suddenly a tire blows and Liz goes off road. Both ladies admit that they thought it was a gunshot and are somewhat relieved as Sam changes the tire. When they finally reach the cabin, Sam tells Liz to get the boys settled in while she unloads the car.

    Jax shows up at Wyndemere in a fine mood. He tells Nikolas that the grounds where his stables are will make an excellent spot for his new resort. He mentions the tennis courts that will go in where the gardens currently are and speaks of a two-lane causeway that will connect the island to the resort. Nik tells him to leave and from the doorway, Carly tells Jax to cool it. Jax says that Spoon Island is a unique opportunity and he won't pass it up. After Jax leaves, Carly tries to explain what a horrible year she and Jax have had. Nik says that none of that excuses the way Jax is behaving right now. Carly reminds him that Jerry is presumed dead on top of everything else and that's why he's doing all of this. Nik won't allow either of them to become Jax's punching bag.

    Jason is at home telling Spinelli what Plan B of their retaliation will be. Spinelli blurts out a confession about his dismal failure to avenge Maxie and how Johnny had to save him from the Russians. Jason tells him to stay the person he is and he'll be Maxie's hero. There's a knock at the door and Jason is surprised to see Olivia, who has come to talk about Sonny.

    Jason sends Spinelli to go hide out at Bernie's house and lets Olivia in. She begs him to make peace with Sonny before something terrible happens, but all Jason does is ask why this is so important to her? Olivia says that she and Sonny go way back and she wants him to be well, that's all.

    There's another knock on the door and this time it's Ric. He tells Jason that if he wants to stop Sonny from marrying Claudia and running the Zacchara organization, he'd better act fast.

    Tracy is at the Quartermaine bar swigging single malt scotch. Alan appears momentarily and reminds her that she still loves Luke. He disappears as Lulu, Monica, Edward and Alice enter the room. Monica says that she's the Chief-of-Staff now and can't have Tracy and Luke's bickering interfere with her sleep. Tracy announces that Luke doesn't live there anymore, but he appears through the terrace door anyway. He plops down on a massage table in front of Alice and enjoys a deep-tissue massage as the family argues over who is welcome and who isn't. Lulu is, Luke isn't. Luke asks Alice to clear the room so he can speak with his wife.

    He tells Tracy that he loves her and isn't going anywhere. He admits that he also loves Laura because she is the mother of his children. Tracy tells him that if he wants to win someone back, he should work on Laura.

    Anthony has beckoned his children to his chambers. He tells Claudia to go to Sonny and seal the deal, and she agrees. Johnny objects and says that he won't go along with pawning his sister off to gain power! Claudia says this is just a business arrangement and Anthony says that he's proud of her. Suddenly Johnny gets that Claudia is seeking approval and warns her against hoping that Sonny falls for her. After he leaves, Anthony asks if Johnny is right and Claudia replies, "Do I look like a woman who has any romantic illusions to you?"

    Sonny goes home and informs Max and Milo about his new post at the helm of the Zacchara organization. When Max hears about the newest Mrs. Corinthos-to-be, he says that this is a mistake. Sonny assures them that he's the one playing Anthony, not the other way around. He explains that if Karpov didn't shoot Kate, perhaps one of the Zaccharas did and that's why he needs to get inside the organization.

    Johnny is drowning his worries in booze over at Jake's. Lulu comes in and finds out about Claudia and Sonny. She says that Claudia is making her own choices and that he feels guilty about everything, including being a Zacchara. "Maybe it's time I quit," he says as he pops a peanut into his mouth.

    Claudia finds Sonny at home and says the only problem with their arrangement at this point is that he hasn't proposed yet. She says that she wants to do it right, and Sonny cracks that he assumed she would. Like a bratty big brother, he whips a ring box across the room toward her. Then he asks her to marry him with all the enthusiasm of an automated bank teller.

    Back at the cabin, Liz calls Jason to tell him that they have arrived. He's not happy to hear that Lucky didn't accompany them and says that he might move them to a safe house. After they hang up, Sam rushes inside and bolts the door. She says that the Russians are outside. Liz checks the phone but the lines have been cut and they have no cell reception. "We're definitely on our own," Sam warns.

    Detective Harper shows up at Jason's and arrests him for the murder of three men.

    Next on General Hospital:

    Sam and Liz do their best to fortify the cabin from intruders.

    Jason is unable to do anything but sit at the PCPD for questioning.

    Alexis resolves to make Jason pay for all of the violence.

    Jax tells Nikolas that his next acquisition will be Wyndemere.

    Sonny assures Claudia that Johnny isn't his enemy.

    assures Claudia he doesn’t view Johnny as an enemy as they set some ground rules for their marriage of convenience. After a chance encounter at Jake’s, Olivia informs Carly of Claudia and Sonny’s impending marriage. Carly and Olivia bond over matters of the heart while discussing Jax and Sonny. Jax offers no resistance when Kate suddenly

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    Posted by BernieBaby at Friday, November 21 2008 02:04 PM

    After all the year the Keystone Cops of Port Charles have arrested Jason for some crime or another haven't they figured it out yet that he hasn't and probably never will serve time. So why do they waste theirs? Also currently there are three crime families in the immediate area - why is it that Jason is the only person they ever bring in when somebody gets killed. If I were Jason, I would sue them for harrassment and being stupid.

    And Alexis is a hypocrite - she was a mob laywer, had a mob boss' child, slept with Jerry who was mob connected (not to mentioned who tried to kill her daughter, was married to Ric who is mob related and now she is trying to play a holier than thou, upstanding civil servant who is bringing law and order to Port Charles. The citizens of that town need to fire everyone associated with the police department and D.A.'s office and hire new folks. TBTB should read what they are writting.

    Also - would someone please tell me how Jax could buy part of Spoon Island from under Nicolas and not own Windemier? The Cassidines bought that Island years ago - lock, stock and stables!

    Posted by heartliason at Friday, November 21 2008 02:22 PM

    Another weird epi, anyway, Love seeing the Q's
    Like seeing vindictive Jax.
    Olivia again being nosy and eavesdropping, she need to get a life and stay out of people business, she knows where everyone lives and their business, is there nothing that she does not know?.
    Love how Sonny got engaged to Claudia he threw the box at her so cute.
    Saliz or Sam and Liz well not realistic, me being a mother could not stomach being around a woman that did me that wrong, but love to see that they are civil.
    What a time for Jason to get arrested.
    LIASON ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    hey all!!!

    Posted by firebird85 at Friday, November 21 2008 03:33 PM

    Claudia should listen to Johnny about marrying Sonny. Sonny treats her like garbage e.i. throwing the engagement ring at her. She's only doing it for Daddy's approval.

    Nice to see the Q's.

    There's Olivia, pushing into Jason's home and demanding, demanding, demanding...

    Sonny, wonder who's playing who?

    Posted by JenniferT4683 at Friday, November 21 2008 03:40 PM

    UUUUGGGHHHH Sonny aggravates me to no end! HOW many times did Jason try explaining to him that just because it was a Russian bullet didn't automatically mean that Karpov was the Shooter?!?! And he so calmly admits to Max that just because it was a Russian bullet doesn't mean it was Karpov anyone could have purchased Russian bullets YOU BIG DUMMY JASON TRIED TO TELL YOU THAT then all this war could have been avoided!

    Max and Milo were like a breath of fresh air to me today I enjoyed their scene so much I want more! I wish they would bring his dad back to port Charles that was the best S/L I've seen in a while!

    I even enjoyed the Quartermaines today Its nice to see them back in action its been a while! And I must admit when LuLu is not whining and acting like she knows everything because she is a Spencer she is okay.

    Yay! no Nadine

    I look forward to seeing Alexis can't wait to see how she's reacting to Jerry's disappearance.

    And this thing between Jax and Nik is crazy Jax needs to figure out another way of taking out his frustration and leave Nik alone.

    Olivia aggravates me she comes in port Charles acting like she knows sonny like the back of her hand but how long has it been since they were together I'm sure he's changed a little since then. For as much as she preached to Connie about getting away from sonny she is making sure she stays up in the middle of everything.

    And I have to admit if I were fixing to be in the middle of trouble I think I'd take Sam on my side any day than Liz sorry Liz fans! Can't wait to see those two in action though. You take away Lucky and Jason and they actually work well together!

    That’s all from me Later guys!

    Posted by EBONY0628 at Friday, November 21 2008 04:13 PM

    Hello everyone,

    Where to start? Sonny of course. Maurice Bernard is doing an excellent job but Sonny is just about ready to make me wish for an end to this character. The ego is too big, the attitude and supreme being, this is not the Sonny I knew. Whe i started watchong GH everyday (use to watch it sporadically before that) Ric had kidnapped Carly and had her in the panic room. I saw Sonny at his crazy and his manic depression crazy many times over but this is beyond ridiculous. The chage in character hasn't been properly explained and the only timeline relevent was Kate's entrance. (Look what he did to JZ without proof and tried to do to Karpov the first time).

    Jason ... I feel for Jason... its hard not too. Like Lulu said the other day we love Jason inspite of what he does not because of it. He needs some romantic time off.

    Olivia ... I honestly like her when she is not hounding down people and getting in their face. I'm sorry to be that will always be Carly's job. Although Carly and Olivia should be friends. It is possible to be friends with someone who doesn't like another member of your family. I do it all the time.

    Kate ... if you break up with someone don't go telling them other people's secrets and stop getting in their face. Kate's acting more like she was the one who was dumped.

    Claudia ... even though AZ is a evil hilariously dark kind of person I understand that underlying need to get "daddy's blessing/approval". Its just a common unconscious psychological need females (at least human ones) have.

    Lulu stop talking negatively about CZ just support your man without criticizing his sister all the time. It is possible.

    Sam and Liz ... can't wait to see how it plays out.

    Where has Alexis been?

    I don't like Ric but he does look good in suits.

    Jax is a child. Taunting Nik like that.

    I want a Nik and Carly friendship.

    If you cant tell I want Carly to have friends so she can learn to be less reliant on Jason. When Courtney was around Carly wasn't running to Jason every five seconds.

    Except for Harper is there one uncompromised person at the PCPD and the prosecuters office. I mean every sinegle character there with a name has been on the other end of the law more than once and they keep hounding Jason like they are saints.

    More Diane, Giambettis, Q's, Jake, Spencer, Does anyone remember what Kristina or Molly looks like? A glimpse now and then is all I want.

    Sorry for the long post. Hi to cbru, cynic, firebird, jaks, nydrama, beancounter, aussie, and anyone else.

    Posted by EBONY0628 at Friday, November 21 2008 04:16 PM

    Also there has been alot of uncontrolled spoilers around lately. Just to remind everyone if it hasn't been showned yet it is a poiler so just do as follows....

    *** SPOILER ALERT ***

    There should be space between your comments and the spoiler alert because we want to hear/read your opinions but some of us may not want the show to be spoiled.

    Posted by susart at Friday, November 21 2008 04:29 PM

    Can someone explain how Jax could buy Spoon Island without Nik's knowledge? I am sorry, but that makes absolutely no sense at all.

    Sam and Liz in action defending themselves sounds pretty entertaining.

    Sonny is self destructive but damn good looking, love him!

    Jason too, he's a favorite.

    And can't wait for Spinelli and Maxi to get together, they are a cute pair.

    Posted by cbru at Friday, November 21 2008 04:50 PM

    Hey, I have an idea. TPTB should pair Sonny and Nadine. They are both brainless idiots. He was totally pathetic thinking he is charge today.

    The Keystone cops never change. And now Alexis can join them. Jason is responsible for everything that goes down in Port Charles, never mind Sonny, AZ, the Russians, etc. It would be nice if the cops and Alexis could get a clue.

    I am also wondering how Jax can buy the island without Nik's knowledge. The Cassidine's have owned it for years. Another ridiculous s/l. Maybe TPTB think the viewers don't remember anything. Jax needs to grow up. It is payback time.

    Loved seeing all the Q's today. They are like a breath of fresh air compared to the Carly, Sonny and mob sl's. We need to see more of them.

    Hi ebony, jaks, Sapphire, Ny, susie, shep, cynic and anyone I missed. Have a great weekend all.

    Posted by lulufan84 at Friday, November 21 2008 04:50 PM

    Hi Everyone,
    Sounded like a wierd show today. First thing: Sonny, Sonny Sonny: What have the writers done to this character? I used to like Sonny, and I remember seeing him when he had his breakdown, but they have destroied this character. I don't even like him anymore. Now, he gets engaged to Claudia by throwing a ring at her? What's that about? I would think that if you were going to do this, and she said that she wanted to do it "Right", you wouldn't throw the ring at her like that. I think his behavior started this way when Kate came to town.
    The whole Jax and Nikolas storyline is stupid. Jax is acting rediculous. What is he hoping to gain from all of this?
    What's up with everyone aresting Jason for all of the criminal activity that is going on in Port Charles? Does anyone know the crimes that he had been arested for this time? Ddid they happen to mention iton the show? didn't watch the show yet, but I read the update.
    I like Olivia, but why was she barging in Jason's house like that? She thinks she knows everything about everyone else, but I think that she needs to worry about her own life, and how Sonny is going to react when he finds out that she has hid his son from him for all these years.
    Sam and Liz, I like that they are able to be civil to each other. .
    The best part of the show for me was we got some Quartermain scenes! It's been too long since we've seen them!

    Posted by NYDrama at Friday, November 21 2008 05:11 PM

    Hello everyone!
    I'm left as baffled as you guys! But what a Friday it's been!

    Q's-they stole the show today! What a relief to see this quirky family take the screen. Luke having a massage from Alice in the middle of the room w/all the Q's surrounding him was hilarious! That whole entire scene was genious and I just enjoy them to pieces. Pls keep them coming!

    Monica-did I hear her right? She's the new Chief of staff? Well it's about time! Now, that scene made perfect sense.

    Jax-he is so good at playing an annoying pain in the butt, right? Man he was good today. I really was hoping Nic or Carly would punch him. That s/l is beyond understanding. How can something like this happen to a Cassadine? Alexis should be fired.

    Jason-he's got some real problems now. Looks like Jason is incapable of saving the day. But, I'm sure he'll get out of jail soon, right?

    Sam/Liz-You knew it was the perfect set up for a Russian attack, right? Two women, 2 kids, all by their lonesome....could the writers come up w/something more interesting? Here we go.....

    Johnny/Coleman/Lulu-what an enjoyable scene at the bar! Loved every line and wanted it to go on and on and on....

    Olivia-still love her, no matter how many times she's peeking thru windows and doorways. She's a nervous nelly and doesn't trust anyone, so it's pretty typical behavior and very soapy. I like that she has the guts to approach Jason, Karpov and anyone else. Pretty cool chick.

    AZ/Claudia/Sonny-as crazy as this trio is, I am looking forward to this new family dynamics! Can't wait. Now, I'm equally intrigued that Sonny seems to be a little more w/the program today. Hmmmmmmmm...

    Milo/Max-hysterical! Loved every line!

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