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    General Hospital - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'General Hospital'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates, which we strive to ensure are posted before 6:00pm ET!

    It's Mrs. Spencer vs. Mrs. Spencer.

    Monday, November 10 2008
    Laura's kids fear the worst when Laura and Tracy come face to face, Sonny asks Carly to provide an alibi and Robin promises Patrick that she'll fight to live.

    The cat and mouse game between Jerry and Sam continue out on the freighter. He laments about how much he did truly enjoy her mother, but he's too much like her daughter to live a straight and narrow life. When he's looking out of a porthole, Sam is able to stretch her body far enough to send a distress signal from a ship-to-shore microphone. Soon, the coast guard is outside and Jerry slaps Sam in the face.

    He stashes her away and then invites the cost guard guy onboard. He explains away the distress call by saying that he and his girlfriend were messing around and accidentally sent the call. He apologizes for any inconvenience and the guard lets it go for this time.

    Carly is stunned to open her door and find Jax offering her divorce papers. She points out that just last night he was ready to give them another chance! Jax says that was before he realized that she was hiding Sonny from him. Carly says that she can explain everything, but Jax says that he's done with her and she shouldn't bother trying to explain because she's addicted to Sonny.

    Sonny painfully bends down next to Karpov's lifeless body to retrieve several bullet casings and then leaves the scene. From her hiding place, Olivia fumbles for her phone to dial 911, but then hangs up.

    At GH, Patrick tells Anna that as long as Robin's blood won't clot, her chances of survival are slim. Anna tells him to stop thinking like a doctor and start acting like a father! He goes back to Robin's bedside and Robin weakly asks how Emma is. Patrick jokes about his fathering skills as Anna looks on. She can sense that Robin is giving up, so she tells Patrick that Robin needs to see her baby. After Patrick is gone, Anna speaks to Robin sharply and tells her how much her daughter needs her. When Patrick returns with Emma, Anna leaves them alone. Robin gently holds the baby and promises Patrick that she's going to recover somehow.

    Olivia is very shaken as she comes into GH to check on Connie. Liz asks if she's okay, and Olivia asks her how anyone could be with a guy who could kill another human being like the drop of a hat?

    Carly isn't at all surprised when Sonny bursts through her door saying that the cops will be looking for him and he needs an alibi. Through tears, she tells him that he ruined her life tonight and maybe she should just ruin his. Sonny asks for a glass of water and something to eat so that he's not weak when the cops show up. Carly isn't in the mood to dole out snacks and says that she's tired of covering for him. She can't believe that she's the one who brought him the gun and says it's proof of how sick her thinking is. Still, it's only a matter of moments before she appears with a glass of water and a pop tart for him.

    Olivia goes back to the waterfront and sees that the cops have arrived and are investigating the scene. Mac spots her and asks if she saw anything out here tonight.

    Before long, Detective Harper shows up at Carly's house and asks Sonny where he was about an hour ago. Sonny refuses to talk, so he asks Mrs. Jax for her statement. She won't talk either. Then he places Sonny under arrest and reads him his rights.

    Jason and Spinelli are brainstorming scenarios about 'who's zooming who?' when it comes to Sam and Jerry. As they talk, Spinelli's computer beeps and he learns that a man named James Brosnan was just investigated by the coast guard on a freighter. That's all they needed to hear.

    Out in California, Lucky, Nik and Lulu show up at the cabin door just as Luke and Laura are starting their second kiss. Laura rushes to the door and greets her three children. After lots of hugs and kisses, she offers them a deal. She promises to let them know if she feels herself relapsing and in return, she implores them to be honest with her from now on. Then, Nik calls for a chopper.

    Back at the hotel, Tracy gets a call reporting that Luke and Laura were found by their children and are safe. Scott tells her that it looks like they lost and that Luke and Laura will go off into the sunset. "Don't count on it," Tracy scoffs. She says that she is the perfect woman for Luke now.

    Soon, Tracy's eyes light up at the sight of the Spencer clan coming through the door of the hotel. She guardedly tells them that she's glad they are all safe, and Luke stands next to her. Nik and Lulu awkwardly make small talk and Laura tells them not to handle her with kid gloves. She says she is tired, but she won't rest until she talks to Luke's new wife.

    Everyone walks away and lets Laura talk with Tracy without interference. First Laura thanks Tracy for her kindness to Lulu, and then she apologizes for how painful it must've been during the staged wedding a couple years ago. She calls Tracy generous, and Tracy cracks that she doesn't do generous. She says that she doesn't share her husband either and that she hears Scott Baldwin is available.

    Next on General Hospital:

    Spinelli reveals that he has successfully tracked Jerry's whereabouts.

    Jason finds Sam on the freighter and sets off the detonator while fighting with Jerry.

    Olivia and Carly realize that they both know the same thing.

    Jax understands why Carly was harboring Sonny, but walks away anyway.

    Laura meets with Nadine and Johnny, and learns that Jake isn't her grandson after all.

    Laura busts Tracy with her newest manipulation.

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    Posted by Mycutiepie at Monday, November 10 2008 01:49 PM

    Thank God I'm the first one doing a comment. Can somebody liked jason or sonny or me please killed that psychopath criminal jerry please I'm begging you I want him dead. Carly have no reason at all to blame sonny for her marriage being destroy and that jax is leaving her, she should be blaming herself for destroying her own marriage because she the save sonny and took him to her house to take care of him.

    Posted by Mycutiepie at Monday, November 10 2008 01:51 PM

    Thank God I'm the first one doing a comment. Can somebody liked jason or sonny or me please killed that psychopath criminal jerry please I'm begging you I want him dead. Carly have no reason at all to blame sonny for her marriage being destroy and that jax is leaving her, she should be blaming herself for destroying her own marriage because she the one save sonny and took him to her house to take care of him.

    Posted by elae21 at Monday, November 10 2008 02:11 PM

    Olivia should have walked away yesterday now she's acting guilty. I hope that she doesnt turn Sonny in as far as Carly her marriage will be fine Jax's ego is hurt thats all. I love Jason he always thinks before he acts or assumes anything unlike Sonny. Spinelli I love the names he comes up with for everyone he needs more of a storyline hope it comes soon.

    Posted by Jackie Giese at Monday, November 10 2008 02:31 PM

    Hey guys! I have to start today by saying that I HATE CARLY! She blames other people for her own misteaks. She should have ignored Sonny and Called for an ambulance and the cops. I personally think that Jax isn't the right man for Carly. He is too high and mighty. I think that Jax and Jerry should both just GO AWAY! They THINK that they are the entitled. They should get what they want when they want it. I hope that Luke and Laura get back togehter. I think that Tracy and Scott would be better together. I hope that Laura likes Johnny and Nadine. I think that Jason is very sweet to find Sam and help her bust Jerry for the scum that he is. Let me know what you think ot there. More tomorrow. Bye!

    Posted by jaksoaperfan at Monday, November 10 2008 02:39 PM

    Laura found a cabin, complete with coffee, and all the makings for breakfast. Nice. And they forgot to put out the fire in the fireplace before they left.

    They were'missing' an entire day without a thought as to who would be looking for them. Did they even consider that Lucky, LuLu and Nicholas would be looking for them. That they might be worried. Nope.

    And what is with the PC police .. they went right to Sonny. Didn't bother with Jason. Could they actually be getting a clue?

    I think Carly finally got it. She realized that Sonny is selfish and only cares for himself. I really hope she doesn't provide him with an alibi. As she said .. maybe he deserves to finally pay for something he has done.

    Really hope that Carly & Olivia step up and tell Mac what they know.

    There was DNA at the scene. Remember Sonny spit on Karpov's body. Proving he was there.

    Hi to cbru, ebony, matthewsmom and all the posters.

    Posted by brwneyez at Monday, November 10 2008 02:54 PM

    first of all sonny is the father of carly's son so she is right to help him, i know i would be there for my kids father and if the man i am with can't handle it then he's the wrong man for me....jax knew all about their toxic relationship when he signed up for it, he wanted to be the one to rescue her and now he can't handle it....

    Posted by GOCARSON at Monday, November 10 2008 02:58 PM

    Today's episode was good but Carly come on. You love Jax more than anything and aren't in love with Sonny but you always put Sonny first. Sonny and Carly should just realize they still love each other and fix it. Can't wait for Jason to find Sam and "kill" Jerry. Hope Luke picks Tracy. Olivia keep your mouth shut. Sonny told you to walk away you should have run not hung around to witness a murder. Still maybe it will give her more motivation to break up Skate, won't that be great. If she does tell the cops at least will get a Sonny/Carly murder trial and get to see more Diane just love her.

    Posted by NYDrama at Monday, November 10 2008 03:16 PM

    Wow! ANother great show!

    Anna-beautiful, beautiful!! I loved her straight talk w/Robin. Only Anna could have spoken that way. Such a great scene!!!

    Laura-so good! Looks like everyone needs Laura to step in and straighten everything out. I feel as though she spent all that time in her catatonic state, revving up to wake up and shake everyone up. Such a spunky Laura! Love it.

    Olivia-what a great eppy for her! How great was her speech to Liz? She said it pure and simple "murder is murder". Here is miss tough-as-nails Brooklyn girl Olivia, questioning Liz's motives for sticking around Jason. I found that scene to be very well done. Too bad the only answer Liz could come up w/was "it's personal". All that passion and fury coming out of Olivia, and w/all the pent up frustration I'm sure is building up in Liz, I really thought it would have triggered a little more from Liz. It seemed to portray Olivia as the more "cautious" of moms. Thought it was a very interesting, powerful scene. Good work.

    Carly-man how I loved her speech to Sonny! I'm not a huge Carly fan, but that was priceless! Loved that she admitted her faults regarding her association w/him. Such a great scene.

    Jerry/Sam-this keeps getting better and better. The games they play back and forth is fun to watch and feel that Sam's showing she can keep up, even though she hasn't much to work with as the hostage w/a disadvantage, chained to the bed, surrounded by bombs. I enjoy Jerry's evil ways and am loving thier scenes. Can't wait for more to come!

    Jax-oh brother. He really is annoying as husband. I love you, I can't trust you, I'm leaving you, I love you, I can't take this anymore, I want to try again, blah,blah,blah. As wrong as Carly has been, I can't feel sorry for this guy. Maybe he should try those scenes w/an unbuttoned shirt? I may be more sympathetic....

    Posted by heartliason at Monday, November 10 2008 03:34 PM

    I love jerry (love his craziness) and he is a genius, but after today when he hit Sam, I was like kill the bum. Sonny is completely ridiculous, that is why he and carly deserve each other. Carly is sad about her getting a divorce and sonny's response is be my alibi?
    I like Olivia, but please get off the high horse, she is questioning liz motives and witness a murder and did not tell the cops about it? Really great time to judge someone else for excusing crimes when she wont admit to seeing one.
    Love Tracy, go tracy in saying she does not share!! Finally get to see the spencer family. Thank God no Nadine, love it!! And for people who are on opposite side of the law, jason and spinelli sure do know how to catch criminals, lol

    Posted by cjsmom926 at Monday, November 10 2008 04:49 PM

    NY, How funny it is that we almost always see things eye to eye. I am loving the show more these days, Robin, Anna, Patrick and the baby great job, Jason and Spinelli to Sam's rescue (although to our girl's credit, she is no shrinking violet) she managed to send a distress call, get the paperclip to open her own cuffs while chained to the bed, and generally try to foil Jerry's plot at every turn ALL BY HERSELF.
    And most wonderful the newly revived Laura. Too bad they won't give Genie a contract, cause Luke & Laura still have the chemistry, but I do enjoy the sparring with Tracy and Luke, I am just sick they are going to have Laura ride off into the sunset with Scotty. Boo Hiss.
    But they could sway my vote if there were more/any/all shirtless men all/any/more of the time!

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