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    Let's Hear It For the Boys.

    Wednesday, May 07 2008
    Carly brings her beloved son home, Nikolas comes through his surgery and Jacob Martin Spencer celebrates his first birthday.

    Nikolas is on a park bench wistfully watching couples walk by. Before long, Emily appears and takes his hand. He promises that he won't back out of today's surgery because she convinced him that he needs to go on for Spencer's sake. They laugh and recall their first kiss that took place in the same park. Nik says that he was honored that she loved him from such a young age and she reminds him that she will always love him. He breaks down and she reminds him not to let his memories get in the way of his new life. She promises that when he dies many years from now she'll be waiting for him.

    Jason has spent the night in jail. Alexis finds him in the interrogation room and says that his story about protecting Maxie holds up and all she needs to know is what Devlin said before he died. Jason won't talk without Diane, but he doesn't have to wait long because she appears in just a few minutes. As if Jason isn't in the room, Alexis and Diane argue over the legality of Jason's actions in the name of protecting Maxie. Alexis turns to Jason and promises that she will go after Michael's shooter if only he'll tell her what Devlin said. She says that she doesn't want Morgan and Kristina to be the next in line and then leaves. Once alone with her client, Diane asks Jason if Devlin said anything and Jason says, "Not anything you need to know." She promises to get him out in about fifteen minutes and apologizes that she wasn't able to do so last night because she was otherwise engaged. She asks Jason not to mention it to Sonny and he says that one night in lockup is nothing compared to what Michael is facing.

    Anthony barges into Claudia's room and tells her that she's careless and that he knows she hired someone to try to take Sonny out. Claudia denies it and then Anthony says that Johnny told him that she slept with Sonny and that was a mistake. He says that Corinthos is NOT right for his daughter and that she knows who is.

    At GH, Carly tells Michael that he's going home today. She promises to open his windows, give him fresh air, and play all of his favorite music. Jax arrives and their argument from yesterday picks up where it left off. Bobbie comes in and tells them that the ambulance is waiting outside. "We're going home baby," Carly tells Michael.

    At the nurse's desk Liz tells Epiphany and Robin that she's only working a half day because it's Jake's birthday and they're having a little party in the park. She says that Lucky's out of town on police business but Cam wanted the party to go on as planned. Patrick stops by and snags an invitation, much to Robin's surprise. She pulls him aside and tells him that her mother was just spouting off and he shouldn't pay any attention to what Anna said about them getting married. She says that she told her mother the subject was never on the table and it's all good. Patrick is glad it's all straightened out.

    Lulu is setting up the birthday party in the park and Spinelli shows up to help. He also wants to snap a few pictures for Stone Cold, but Lulu won't hear of it. She says that Carly is dying inside over Michael, and Jake could have the same fate if the world knows that Jason is his father. She tells him to stay away because that's the best thing he can do for Jason as well as Jake. Spinelli obliges and leaves.

    Back at GH, Nik's surgery is about to begin. As he goes under anesthesia, Emily tells him that she loves him. Patrick gets his first look at the tumor he tells his team that if the patient had waited another week he would've been dead. He is able to remove the entire mass and Nik is taken to recovery. (As he sleeps, Emily's ring is lying in his hand.)

    Claudia calls Jerry and asks him to meet her in the park. Once they both arrive, they discuss what might have happened between Ian and Jason before he died. Jerry speculates that if Ian talked, it's likely that Jason will kill them as efficiently as possible and they'd better be prepared when Jason gets out. He suggests that she leave town now while she still can.

    Spinelli goes to see Jason at the PCPD and reports that he didn't get a picture of Jake on his b-day as planned. Jason echoes Lulu's wishes that he stay away from Jake. Just then Mac comes in and tells Jason that he is free to go. Then he tells Spinelli that he holds him responsible for his daughter nearly getting killed last night and if it ever happens again, he'll break every typing finger he has. Duly noted, Spinelli says.

    Jax and Carly are at home waiting for the ambulance to arrive with Michael. She tells Jax that her son will know he's surrounded with love and that will make all the difference to him. Later, after he's settled in his room, Carly begs him to come back to her. Jax steps in and announces that Mercedes is walking up the sidewalk with Morgan. Carly meets them at the door and explains that Michael is upstairs, but in a deep sleep. She walks him upstairs and all Morgan can think of is playing with Michael when he wakes up. Carly says that Michael needs rest and is getting stronger thanks to all the machines that he sees around the bed.

    Carly goes downstairs and tells Jax that Morgan took it pretty well. She tells him that they're all home now and he can go back to work, but he'll have to hire someone to take her job at the hotel. Jax hugs her and says that he hopes it all works out the way she wants it to. "The worst is over," Carly tells him in a voice that sounds more like a scared little girl. Meanwhile, upstairs Morgan has gone back into Michael's room and he is trying to get him to play.

    Jake's party is getting underway. As Robin holds Jake, Patrick comes by. He reports that Nikolas came out of his surgery just fine and Lulu and Bobbie are relieved to hear it. Robin beams at Patrick and suggests that he help Cam with is new car. Patrick digs in.

    Alexis calls Jerry to the PCPD to ask him what his connection to Ian Devlin is. She tells him that there are too many similarities between the two men's backgrounds for them not to have been working together at some point. Jerry doesn't flinch, but he doesn't say anything either.

    Claudia returns to her room and finds Jason there. He says that he thinks she knows who sent Michael's shooter.

    Next on General Hospital:

    Sonny asks Diane to get him sole guardianship of Michael.

    Jason tells Claudia he'll give her one chance to come clean.

    She quickly tells him that her father is to blame.

    Nik asks Luke how to move on without the one woman who makes it all worth while.

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    Posted by Roe15 at Wednesday, May 07 2008 02:32 PM

    Wow, I have never been the first to comment. Anyway, today's episode was good and annoying. I felt so bad for Nik saying goodbye to Emily, his tears were so real, they have played together for so long and dated once, must have been hard for both of them to really say goodbye but it was done nice with her leaving the engagement ring. Carly, my heart goes out to her, Laura Wright, she is playing such a good part right now, I enjoy her acting but I wish they would move on with the storyline since I feel bad that Dylan Cash has to just lie there all these weeks. Ok, now for Lulu, can I hit her now or later? She had no right telling Spinelli not to take a picture of Jake for Jason. Who is she to tell Spinelli that Lucky is his real father? Lucky's a cop, his life is just as dangerous. Jason should have been there, could have showed up like a friend since he's always there for Elizabeth anyway or he could have been in the bushes and Elizabeth could have saw him instead of Johnny, where did that come from? Ok, we have been hearing all the rumors about Johnny being Trevors son and not AZ and it was very strange when AZ told Claudia who he thought she would be best suited for and Johnny walked in. Does this mean they are not brother/sister? We have been saying that it's creepy how she acts towards him, maybe she knows they are not related? Again, do we need to see Claudia every day? She's on more than Sonny. Jake looked so cute today, he's a really cute baby, see him going for the candles and Cam is so cute too. Jason/Elizabeth/boys would be a nice story to tell.

    Posted by firebird85 at Wednesday, May 07 2008 02:35 PM

    I'm probably in the minority but I happen to like Lulu. I know she can get bratty but she's got spunk. I especially like her scenes with Maxie, Spinelli & Johnny.

    Posted by EBONY0628 at Wednesday, May 07 2008 02:37 PM

    Hello everyone,

    Forget Carly's heart Morgan broke mine.

    Alexis used a lot of truthful low blows. Poor Jason i felt for him.

    Now im officially creeped out. CZ asked AZ who would be good for her and he said you know who. Anthony did not speak to Claudia after he sent her to Italy. Therefore if my logic is right then he was setting Claudia up with someone when she was still a child. She was 9 right? I was thinking maybe Trevor but did anyone else catch the look Anthony gave her. EWWWW. I knew something happened to her when she was a kid but if they really go down that road. *vomit*.

    Lulu was talking to Spinelli like shes been to the hospital since the last time she was there on Johnny's behalf. Did i miss something?

    Those are my opinions for now. More later

    Posted by EBONY0628 at Wednesday, May 07 2008 02:41 PM

    Roe15.... ITA with you. IMO ONLY Johnny is Claudia's son. IMO ONLY.

    Posted by counselorgirl at Wednesday, May 07 2008 02:44 PM

    Hi, to all my GH friends!! Been out of town and not able to watch lately. Miss posting w/ all of you.

    I REALLY hope they find some way to redeem Jerry. What if he was working undercover for someone??? He and Alexis really have awesome chemistry, and besides, there is something about him that is so dang HOT!!! But, like many of you, I can't get over all the bad things he has maybe he's good and we just don't know it yet!! Well, a girl can hope!!

    Posted by ilovejasonseyes at Wednesday, May 07 2008 02:45 PM

    Sad for Nik and Emily, he should've been nominated x( I know, I've been saying that for a while, but it's true.

    Liz and the kids were cute today, reminds me of the celebration we're having for our daughter's first birthday. Can't wait until the 16th

    Other than that, the show was a big *yawn*

    Posted by raggsies at Wednesday, May 07 2008 02:52 PM

    roe i am right there with you regarding lulu. lord have mercy i too wanted to get violent at that moment. the look on her face when she saw johnny just about made me sick. she plays the part really good. they must want us to not like her. the look was so smug and immature. the bangs make her look like a midde school girl(ouch, everyone with bangs don't clober me! yall look good!)

    firebird it is ok if you like luluu. we aren'tgonna hate you.

    the claudia az was certainly creepy. i don't think the writers know what they are gonna do there. they don't seem to be putting much preperation into alot of s/l now.

    michael well gal we differ there a tad bit. i still believe carly did the right thing for her family for the time being. when she realizes she can't do it all by herself then she will get michael into the best place. she needs the chance first. i hope they all have some special time together before they have to put him somewhere. my broher was in a coma for 6 months not expected to live and he came out of coma and is living today. we took care of him, my mom and i. gotta go. dinner bell needs a ringing. talk to you tomorrow am roe, raggs

    Posted by Roe15 at Wednesday, May 07 2008 02:59 PM

    counselorgirl, welcome back, hope you had a nice time away. I actually like Jerry too, maybe it's his accent and that smile he always flaunts. The chemistry with Alexis is real because I read in one of those soap books that they are really dating, he's divorced recently. Anyway, I was hoping that Jerry and maybe Anna would be into some spy thing and that's why she came back but it looks like that's not the case since she left. I think Jerry wasn't suppose to be liked at the beginning and that's why he was bad but since everyone likes him, they are trying to change him. If he was smart, he would go to Jason with the truth and tell him yes, I gave Ian the gun but I had no idea what he was going to use if for and then when Michael got shot, etc. You know Jason is not going to find out about Claudia because SBrown has a contract until the end of the year unless it comes out then, so it might be another story dragged on all year of who hired Ian. I guess we all just have to wait and watch.

    Posted by lovelyliz at Wednesday, May 07 2008 03:12 PM

    Can't wait to get home to watch Liz and her Boys. Go Liz. Liz fan 4/ever.

    Posted by fcc_21 at Wednesday, May 07 2008 03:19 PM

    Hey everyone,todays eppy was great,i actually watched the whole show. I can't believe that this is emily's last week on GH,it's so sad to see her leave and the end of nick and emily they have such great chemistry with each other... what's up with lulu she really needs to get over herself, I really don't think johnny was spying on her....the scenes with morgan were so sad, carly thinks he understands but he don't.... i think jason should of been at jakes' b-day instead of claudia's. after all, he already got the shooter a little beak wouldn't hurt, it's his son first b-day he should of been there,even if it was behind the bushes...... well gotta go i'll check in later .....peace....

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