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    One Less Evil Citizen in Port Charles.

    Tuesday, May 06 2008
    Jason shoots Devlin before he can spill the beans on Claudia, Carly tells Jax and Sonny to go to hell and it's date night at the Metro Court.

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    Posted by 89SPORTY at Wednesday, May 07 2008 04:36 AM

    Good morning everyone and welcome MOB Boss (you make me laugh I enjoy your comments).

    Here's my problem...Jason has been the "best" hitman in the business for 10 years. So with that said since when does a professional hitman drag a computer tech to a "information gathering meeting" or make his plans known to the Commissioners daughter?

    I do not like what the writer's have done to Jason he has been acting out of character for the last year!

    Also where in the heck is Kelly Monaco? She is a wonderful actress and I can not believe the writers have put her in the back seat!

    OK I will end this on a happy note....I LOVE Max & Diane and Spin & Maxie

    Posted by Mob Boss at Wednesday, May 07 2008 04:51 AM

    well thank you for finding humor in my comments Sporty..and thank you for the welcome as well..

    But yeah you do have a point, the writers have changed Jason alot. But some of them arent bad. I mean the whole spinelli thing? I can sort of see how that works in to this all because I mean they had Stan..who did just about the same thing Spinelli does. just not as well haha.

    And yeah I have been wondering where she has been as well.I miss her.

    thats all for me. This has been your Local Mob Boss

    Posted by EBONY0628 at Wednesday, May 07 2008 05:07 AM

    Mob Boss ...i agree with you...what happened to shooting them in a non lethal spot get your info and put them out of their misery.

    Someone asked if there was a bus that goes to Port Charles no there is not. Unless they were going to have Maxie take the bus to Manhattan, Brooklyn, or New york city and transfer from there.

    Someone else asked how did Jason and Spinelli know where to find Maxie. They were the ones to kick her out at the bus stop.

    89SPORTY...Jason's out of character acting is suppose to be because of Jake and his "secret pain" as Spinelli once called it.

    The writers really should have had Canadia police arrest Jason and then tranfers him to PCPD but oh well..

    Im not trying to be picky just trying to answer everyones questions. IMO only.

    Posted by LMA2931 at Wednesday, May 07 2008 05:13 AM

    morning ladies i just got to work and i'm going to go through and read all the comments before i make mine see you all soon, and have a most wonderful morning

    Posted by gval25 at Wednesday, May 07 2008 06:07 AM

    good morning everyone, i liked yesterday show the last two days the show has gotten better. i love diane and max together. and carly i dont agree what she is doing with michael by bring him home, but what i think is going to happen, is morgan is not going to be able to handle seeing michael in a coma. and that will open carly's eyes. she is not thinking of that little boy at home who needs her more now then he ever did before. and why didnt maxi tell mac that jason saved her, but let mac put the cuffs on jason. and i am so happy to see the doctor gone and now if they could get rid of claudia charater i would be happy. claudia and carly are the same the way they think, treat people and how hateful they are but i like carly much better then claudia that is jmo.

    Posted by Citigirl at Wednesday, May 07 2008 06:17 AM

    89SPORTY...GV(Lucky)mother in-law passed away so tptb push some of the s/l back involving KMo(Sam)and BH(Liz)giving them some time off. You start seeing alot of Sam I think starting next week don't quote me but I do know GV is back at work.

    Posted by LMA2931 at Wednesday, May 07 2008 06:50 AM

    we need more lusam and liason

    ebony; with you on CZ's hit man line, nobody on that show ever hits the right person except jason, it's funny cause i think if i was being paid millions to make one shot i would get it right

    firebird85; you are right on anna/robin, they are dull, i think this weeks story with them was almost like a "filler" story, so that all the characters in the major story lines that they are gearing up for can take a break

    spixie is awsome awsome awsome

    i want more carly/liz scenes

    GHfanagain; i think that carly is selfish i agree however just my opinion, i think that she is doing the best she can, i think it is a mother's instinct to just squeeze tight when your baby is ill, it's like when the dr cant fix we go into mommy mode, if i hug and kiss him enough because we don't know what else to do, i'm not sure i would be on my best behavor either if i were in her shoes, also we gotta try to remember that it's been weeks and weeks for us but in soap land it's only been a few days i think she will do what is right, "one more thing i'm a huge carly fan so i tend to see what i wanna see" have a great day, love reading your thoughts.....

    i think kate and sonny are over soon, and this time i will agree 100% WIth sonny for the no forgiveness, because i think she was wrong, she just gave the person who shot his son an escape just so she would not have to deal with sonny killing him, that choice was all about her and her selfishness and i hope that carly/CZ/liz/sam/lulu/maxie/and jason let her have it and she leaves town forever. i wish the actress was playing a different character, because i really like her she is beautiful and could do so much, for the show but the character just makes me angry, ooooh....

    onlyone soap, ITA i like maxie more and more and more every day, and for some reason that i don't know yet I really like jerry too.

    Mobboss, i like what you said about carly she may not be doing what is best for the boy but according to whom? i thought that a mother knows in her heart what her baby needs, and i really think that once she begins to thaw, she will do what is best the problem is not that she isn't think about michael i think she is but she is thinking with her heart and not her head, i can't even begin to fatham the pain she must be in, i also kind of agree with the anger she is having towards sonny and jax, becuase the little boy had only been out for two days and they were like ok lets ship him out now they pretty much told her she was wrong to have faith, and i'm here to tell you that when something like that happens faith and miracles are all you have, and to have someone tell you that that's wrong.... i don't think i would stop either, i would not stop trying to find a way to make him better,

    on the flip side, she does need to remember that morgan needs her too.

    Posted by alioop at Wednesday, May 07 2008 07:07 AM

    MobBoss: you are a breath of very fresh air here and so glad to have you on. My question for the day, week Month is.... where the heck is SAM? Where the heck is LUCKY? What is going on with the show? The comments and conversations are at an all time low here due to lack of story lines and repeating ourselves at least a million times. NYDrama girl where are you? Lots of my sparring partners are missing as well. I think this should speak to the writers at GH and get them on the ball with something to get folks back in or we are all going to end up tuning in once a month just to find as well that nothing has changed. Right now the only thing that keeps me from fast fowarding is my Spixie fixes. I like Diane and Max to but I think that some of the outrageousness of the relationship especially for Diane is making her and Max look a little to ridiculous. Diane is a classy and smart woman, just give them a little reality and then the outragouesness would be better balanced for her character at least.

    Posted by liason tie the knot at Wednesday, May 07 2008 07:30 AM


    Posted by gval25 at Wednesday, May 07 2008 07:33 AM

    alioop the story line with diane and max is suppose to lighting the mood on gh. for about year now the show is very depressing with everyone who got killed off. i am hopeing they bring back gh the way it was prior to the mob story lines. they should put the mob in the back burner

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