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    One Less Evil Citizen in Port Charles.

    Tuesday, May 06 2008
    Jason shoots Devlin before he can spill the beans on Claudia, Carly tells Jax and Sonny to go to hell and it's date night at the Metro Court.

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    Posted by onlyonesoap at Tuesday, May 06 2008 03:56 PM

    ghfanagain...I asked the same thing about Carly yesterday...I really do not understand why she is doing me she is acting selfishly...and not in the best interest of Michael...I think this may sound harsh, but I mean Carly was never with him when he was 'living' and now she is going to spend every moment w/him...OH...maybe that is it...her guilt....which then in turn makes it about Carly and not here we are...right back where she started...not learning from this at all.

    Posted by onlyonesoap at Tuesday, May 06 2008 04:10 PM

    Two things...weren't Jason/Spin/Maxie and Ian in Canada, why would the PC police dept have come???

    Also, jmo, but I have to say it Claudia is such a waste of air time...she can't even hide her guilt well..I am so disappointed in the way this character acts...again...a waste of what could have been a kick - you know what - character!

    Posted by Gtayah at Tuesday, May 06 2008 04:26 PM

    This show is definitely in the pitts. Only interesting people are Diane and Max, everything else has been played to death. Clearly the show has no direction at this point!

    Posted by truetalltales at Tuesday, May 06 2008 05:12 PM

    onlyonesoap - "Two things...weren't Jason/Spin/Maxie and Ian in Canada, why would the PC police dept have come???"

    onlyonesoap - I am so glad that you caught that goof! I would have... but clearly this soap has addled my brain!

    Also I am not a Canadian, but is there such thing as a bus that would take you from Canada to Port Charles, NY. Can anyone elaborate on that? Or is that another goof by the lame writers?!?

    Posted by cbru at Tuesday, May 06 2008 05:15 PM

    Boy, Claudia certainly has delusions of her power and charm. If she wants her father dead, she needs to do it or have one of her goons do it. Sonny and Jason won't give her the time of day.

    Loved Max, Diane and Alexis. They are a hoot. But, I really wish Alexis would quit playing "mom" with Diane. She has no right involving herself with M and D.

    Carly needs to get a grip. Her guilt is making her totally oblivious to what her actions regarding Michael will do to Morgan. And I agree with all of you who are saying that she is only thinking of herself. For once, Sonny and Jax nailed it. I hope TPTB don't drag this on too much longer. It is getting old.

    Hi to raggs, rans, Sapphire, onlyone soap, aussie, ghfan, susie, shep and anyone else I missed.

    Posted by jaksoaperfan at Tuesday, May 06 2008 06:13 PM

    Hi everyone .... just get caught up on GH from last week and I am really confused ..

    As been said ... Jason & Spinelli were heading to Canada .. how did they know where Maxi was and that Dr. D. was with her. Didn't her text message get deleted.

    Sonny ... if I never hear him say 'my son' and do the 'three finger' point to his head showing where Michael was shot it would be just peachy.

    Carly ... can't take much more of her denial. Do what is best for your son and not yourself. Be grateful that you can afford to put your son in a 5 star facility and not a mental ward in some sub-standard extended care facility.

    Robin ... can not wait for this pregnancy to end. Jeeeezz.. how much more do we need to hear about this baby and that Patrick wants no part of her or the baby. Heeello !! didn't he make if perfectly clear that he wasn't ready to be in a committed relationship much less a father.
    She has her own agenda and everyone is suppose to fall in line and agree with her or else she has a hissy fit.

    It also sounds like she is having second thoughts about having a baby and raising it on her own.

    Lulu ... just plain annoying and can't they get rid of the little dutch boy hairdo???

    Posted by jaksoaperfan at Tuesday, May 06 2008 06:15 PM

    OOoopps .. posted to quick.

    Okay I will end this rant by saying the actors on GH are amazing. They perform every day and you can get really caught up in the drama.

    One last thing ... it may be my 'old ears' but it seems like Jason, Sonny and a few other will 'Claudia' Carly.

    Posted by BeanCounter at Tuesday, May 06 2008 06:49 PM

    I guess in the game of rock, paper, scissors, scapel, gun that gun wins every time. I wonder if the writers will remember Ian told Jerry that if he was killed, he would reveal Jerry's whereabouts to his enemies. But then we may be expected to forget about that along with the mysterious "Olivia".

    I am glad Diane reminded Alexis just who she is dealing with. I don't think Jerry is ever going to change his ways for anyone.

    It's strange seeing Jax and Sonny on the same side for once. Carly is only thinking about Michael. She has another son's well being to protect.

    Could Patrick get out of that room fast enough? As much as I want Anna back on the show, I would prefer her to be in a more adventurous storyline and not the meddling mother who comes to visit. I think Patrick went to the wrong man for advice about fatherhood.

    Posted by auntiep at Tuesday, May 06 2008 07:01 PM

    okay one question if you were running from the mob would you take a bus--I mean where was Dr-Devils car-- I sure wasn't expecting Jason to kill him so soon-- I though it would linger on a bit-- To bad he didn't tell them who hired him-- Jason should lie and tell Claudia Dr Devil gave her up--just to see her reaction.
    I loved Anna and robin, and Patrick going to Luke to talk--
    Diane, Max are so cut together, he has such a cute smile.
    Alexis is hooking up with another cute but bad for her man.

    Posted by Mob Boss at Wednesday, May 07 2008 01:31 AM

    Hey everyone, Its me..Mob Boss

    First, Rags..thanks for liking the way I post. I like to drive the point home lol. And Yes, I love Sam.. I dont like her to much with Lucky, But she just needs someone to love her..

    On to today however, I liked the show. I think the scenes with Carly,Sonny and Jax as I said yesterday. Carly is really showing her motherly instincts..Even though in this case she may be wrong Still and all no mother wants to let go of their son. I feel bad for Sonny as well.. Because what he never wanted to happen...Happened to him.

    Jason shooting Devlin? Man that was the best. So cold..and non caring. Though a word of advice..When you want to get information..and let me remind you I am no expert even though I am the Mob Boss. You dont shoot first and then ask them questions because Ya might not get answers. You should know this Jason..But of course, when it comes to Michael he loses any sense of rationality.

    Spinelli and Maxie...I actually Enjoy seeing them together..Despite the fact that I dont want them together haha. Though I am going to be honest with you, I have..flirted with the possibility that them being together might not be so bad..The hug looked so Nice..and he didnt seem as if he wanted to let her go. I got a chuckle out of that one.. Though did you see how Mac just hugged her and forgot her just to go and Book Jason lol...Darn Mac. though it was good to see him today. as well as Bobbi.

    Diane and Max. they are so hilarious together the chemistry is just there between them, And I am glad he is kind of getting over his..Crush on Carly..go and get someone who loves you to Max..way to go

    ..Wait..did I see this right today? Lulu? YES!!!! Thank you soap Gods..

    Luke should start charging by the Hour..He has become the Advice Guru suddenly..Anna seemed to calm down some today. Which was a good thing because the past few episodes she was becoming a bit cartoony..though I do like Robin and Patrick.. and I think they will become the stories new Alan and Monica..minus the drinking and cheating and what not..Patrick does seem as if he has turned over a new leaf..Did I mention Robin looked Hot today? If not..then.she did.

    But thats all I have for now...this has been your Local Mob Boss. See you ladies later

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