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    Unlikely Alliances.

    Monday, May 05 2008
    Sonny and Jax find themselves on the same side for the first time, Anna and Luke party it up and Claudia spews her venom on Kate.

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    Posted by raggsies at Tuesday, May 06 2008 05:56 AM

    one last post before i go----anna----i use to like that character back in the past (or day if you want me to sound more hip!) just do not like this crazy story line. her characters resume is so unbeievable and nowthis. robin should not cater to her acting like this either. i dont believe she needs all of that now, unless it amuzes her. robin and her regnancy is a happy event but it is also a dangerous event, she is pregnant and she has HIV.she needs to discuss those fear, if any, with her mom, not 007. i don't know i am a granny and i love it. i am even known to wear special colorful "granny" clothes when i am around them. the day my daughter gave birth is the day i felt like i had did something right as a mom. it was so special to me. i have 2 grandblessings now and hubby has 3. 5 grandblessings to always love and i didn't have to hang upside down from a swing in the barn drunk to realize that!!!!!

    Posted by bonbon45 at Tuesday, May 06 2008 06:01 AM

    Hello Ladies:

    Loved Luke/Anna/Robin/Patrick/Tracy...go head spanky go for a swing...that would of been funny...

    I'm not a huge fan of Lulu...but I don't dislike her...She is after all a Spencer...TPTB..I feel could write better S/L for her...make her more like Laura...

    I would not want to be in Carly shoes at all...LW should win a Emmy next year...her acting is great...


    Posted by gval25 at Tuesday, May 06 2008 06:57 AM

    i liked yesterday show. i thought jason,spinnelli and maxie were good. the looks jason was given to spinneli made me laugh. i wish carly would open her eyes and see she cant not take care of michael. michael needs speaical care and he can not get it at home. claudia i cant belive how she went off at kate. kate should of opened her mouth and told claudia off. if it wasnt for claudia michael would not be in the coma.

    Posted by LMA2931 at Tuesday, May 06 2008 07:49 AM

    thanks for all the lulu info. i see all of your points

    raggs me loving johnny boy may be why i still like her, this is sooo true.

    but i think also i keep trying to give her the benefit of the doubt, because she is young and even though they take it to extremes, because it's only a story i really think she is just young dumb and confused like many girls her age. i don't think anygirl that age knows what she wants but at the same time, if you go into half the malls in this countries you will find that 90% of the girls that age think they know everything about everything. they have attitudes and think they should be center of attention.
    she does get on my nerves but i kind of understand why.

    Posted by Susie1000 at Tuesday, May 06 2008 09:42 AM

    Hey LMA ~~ I just finished reading all the comments for yesterday's epi'. I agree w/ your comment about Lulu! She does get irritating at times, but I've accepted her character for the 'kid' that she is!! I raised 4 girls. All w/ different personalities. Each one had their own special way to push my buttons!!!! Two I even 'nicknamed'.....'Attitude' and 'Mouth!!!!' hehehe I still loved them. They eventually 'outgrew' it. As you said.....walk in any mall and observe girls Lulu's age!

    Posted by Susie1000 at Tuesday, May 06 2008 09:57 AM

    ITA w/ Raggs comment about Anna!! I've always loved the Anna from the past. I even enjoyed watching her w/ Rick Springfield and that s/l! The Anna we're watching today doesn't do her character justice. Getting drunk w/ Luke, playing strip roulette, swinging like a trapez stunt girl???? Totally 'undignified' behavior!! The first time I was a grandmother I was 36 years old!! Granted my life wasn't full of danger and excitement, therefore giving me reason to feel 'threatened' by becoming a 'grandmother!' I just think Anna should be able to accept being a grandmother w/ more grace and dignity!! My girls didn't wait until Robin's age to make me a grandmother! Anna should consider herself lucky if it bothers her so bad!! JMO!

    Posted by Susie1000 at Tuesday, May 06 2008 10:26 AM

    Hey Gval ~~~ ITA w/ your comment. I love the scenes and inneraction between Jason/Spinelli/Maxi!! I was sitting there w/ my mouth open in shock when Jason and Spin' drove off and left her standing at the bus stop, in the dark, defenseless!! How did Dr. Devious know Maxi was there? I missed something! When he came walking around the corner my heart skipped a beat!!! Now....seeing today's previews I know Jason and Spin' come back to rescue Maxi!!!!

    Posted by LMA2931 at Tuesday, May 06 2008 10:29 AM

    hey susie, i'm with you on the anna the grandma stuff. robin is what late twentys or early thirthies, she is not a teen and doesn't live with her parents so what is the big deal,

    my sister made my mom a grandma at 37 my sister was 17, and my parents went crazy,

    so when i got pregnant at 23 i was engaged living on my own paying my own bills and had a college degree and my daddy still flipped out...
    can someoone thats a g-mother explain that to me.

    Posted by GHOLTLFan at Tuesday, May 06 2008 10:47 AM

    WHY is Dr. Devlin back in town?? Get rid of him already! He blew thru $11 million already? (10 from Nik and 1 from Kate) Give me a break, what a stupid story line. And, to have Kate crying over Claudia, no way, the initial Kate would've given it back, what's up with her?

    Posted by LMA2931 at Tuesday, May 06 2008 10:55 AM

    i know there are not many people that will agree with what i'm about to say, but even though claudia had no room to say what she did, however, i kind of agreed with it, kate is the one who took michael there with out calry's permission, or even the curdosy of a phone call letting her know, i don't think kate is a bad person, it was sweet what she tried with michael, i think she really was trying to let some of the weight off that little boys heart having shot her, that was really great of her to do, i don't blame her at all but i think that she should really respect carly's request to stay away for now....

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