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    Unlikely Alliances.

    Monday, May 05 2008
    Sonny and Jax find themselves on the same side for the first time, Anna and Luke party it up and Claudia spews her venom on Kate.

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    Posted by GH FAN 4 LIFE at Monday, May 05 2008 07:54 PM

    Shout out to all the GH ladies tonight!!! roe,sapphire,shepmajor,auntie,raggs,cali. nydrama where you been girl? I am back posting and now you are no where to be read. What up?
    1.Claudia telling off Kate. Stupid stupid stupid. Ransomha ITA what was the purpose of her even being there and they way they had her speak to her I would have dropped kicke her out of that office so fast. I hope Logan dosn't fall for her. Loved Kates dress.

    2.Lulu giggling behind Kates back...sickening AND the less I see of her and Johnny the more I like GH. Thank you TIVO fast forward button!!!

    3.Spinelli and Maxie LOVE THEM!! But what kind of a man would leave a women at a bus dtop at night?

    4.Carly/Sonny/Jax loved there scenes. I hope TPTB continue to show the maternal side of Carly. What a heavey decision to make.

    6.Cannot wait for Anna to make an exit. Her s/l makes no sense IMO.

    CHRIST304 ITA It sure does seem that GH is making Johnny/Lulu like Luke and Laura. But there will never be a s/l like that one!

    Hey Aussie read your response from yesteday. I love they way you show humor when you are grilling me about liason!!

    Posted by GH FAN 4 LIFE at Monday, May 05 2008 07:56 PM

    Sorry. I meant heavy, not heavey. DUH!!!

    Posted by l_s_b at Monday, May 05 2008 11:11 PM

    Anna is coool i can't belive she wants to gooo
    why can't they keed it her

    Posted by Mob Boss at Tuesday, May 06 2008 12:49 AM

    Hello tonight everyone. Mob Boss here..

    Lulu, I am beginning to like less and less of her. I just cant quite at the moment put my finger on why..she is just rather annoying. some days I have to admit I can tolerate Lulu..but then she does something stupid. or says something that turns me away from her..Her and Johnny scenes make me want to look up at the ceiling and twiddle my thumbs until I hear someone else come upon the screen..

    And wow..Claudia blasted Kate... I haha. I personally believe she called her quite well, and I think Kate was shocked to realize Claudia pegged her so well to..then she goes and cries..Way to be tough Connie..of course, in the same breath. What Kate does shouldnt be any of Claudia's business, And If I were Kate would have reminded her of that as well.

    It was however a shock to me to see Sonny and Jax actually getting along.. In fact all of the scenes with Carly,Sonny and Jax were dont perfectly.. I hope to see more..

    Hooray though for Jason being on the road with Spinelli..that meant we didnt have to sit through another Jason-liz scene which sickens me..They just should have kept him with Sam..thats one girl I like...But back to the topic..When Spinelli called Maxie Dazzling..Jason looked at him as if he was on something..and even had to check like. did you just call her Dazzling? The scenes between those two are funny as well..With Spinelli you get to see the comedy side of Jason.. I am so glad he took him in.

    Oh, and they decide they were just going to scrap the whole, who is Spinelli's father thing on GH?

    thats all I have for now..until later..this has been your Local Mob Boss

    Posted by Roe15 at Tuesday, May 06 2008 05:02 AM

    I forgot Lulu was sitting in Kate's office when Claudia was there, see, that's how much I like Lulu. First of all, Lulu is Carly's niece, it was up to Lulu if she wanted to, stand up and tell Kate off for Carly but then she would loose her job but it still wasn't any of Claudia's business to open her mouth and why didn't Lulu say something or throw her out? There will never be no matter how they may try another Luke/Laura. You could never top their adventure plus the storylines were better and the characters Tony Geary/Genie Francis were better than Lulu/Johnny. Claudia and Johnny's relationship is so creepy to me, I was thinking, maybe they think they are brother/sister and aren't? Maybe Claudia has the hots for Johnny? Hey, it's a soap opera, anything could happen. I am not that close with my brothers like them two are, it's just weird. Who ever commented about Spin's dad storyline, I hope it's not over, it would be so much fun to find out who it is. I am still going with either Trevor/AZ/ or even Jerry. Those are the only men I feel that could be old enough to have a son that age.

    Posted by raggsies at Tuesday, May 06 2008 05:22 AM

    hey boss man! (mob boss) my name is raggies and i am glad you joined our site. we are pretty much on the opposite side of the clothes line but i like your posting style, not too harsh but on point.

    at first i didn't like claudia but she grew on me and changed my mind. yesterday pretty much ended it though. it was not necessary for all of that. i felt that kate really didn't desere all of that. i believe that kate is really conflicted on all of this. she loves sonny and wants to support him and his needs, she seemed to be very concerned about michael and i think she really felt terrible about carly and her grief. it is a weired situation. i feel for her there. now the ian thing, boo boo to the writers.i don't blame kate for that even though she is the character. i bet when she got that script connie herself said some bad words! i also think that if sonny had been in the room while claudia was going after the jugular kate would have asserted herself more. she tends to be like that when sonny is around. i felt the tears were genuine and in that i felt sorry for her. she is in a terrible position.

    ahhh, great! another sam fan. there are many of us that likes sam. i fall on both sides of the fence there. i actually like liz alot too. hard to comment on them right now cause they aren't really showing them that much.i think the reason i like jason and liz alot is because they have really been through alot and if they want to be together then so be it.

    have a great day and happy posing!, raggies.

    hey cbru only one soap, gh fan 4 life cemic i am waving to you!

    Posted by LMA2931 at Tuesday, May 06 2008 05:26 AM

    morning everyone, i have a question, and i'm only asking so i can see different views....

    i'm a huge Lulu fan, how come she is so unliked by so many? please everyone feel free to share i won't be offended, promise

    Posted by raggsies at Tuesday, May 06 2008 05:31 AM

    hey there roe! i thought the luluu/claudia/kate scene wa stinky too. lulu missed her golden opprotunity to butt into kates business. she acted so selfish, gigiling,unconcerned. if maxi was there she would have been right in claudias face, she might not would have been able to do much but at least she would have shown who she supported.

    Posted by EBONY0628 at Tuesday, May 06 2008 05:36 AM

    LMA2931 i was a lulu fan until they got her on the self righteous holier than thou cloud (plus shes in everyones business... shes not living her own life anymore just trying to control everyone elses) ... actually alot of female characters on the show are on the cloud. When they fall through and land back on earth i will be glad to watch their scenes. Like Carly all the apologies and bonds that were made due to the story line made her more watchable(always understood her but not always able to watch her). JMO

    Posted by raggsies at Tuesday, May 06 2008 05:44 AM

    LMA hey gal, in the beginning i like lulu because she was lauras child. now there seems to be so manny reasons to not like her. i am sure you don't want me to mention all the times she missed the boat. sometimes i think your attraction to her is only because you love johnny so much, so luluu has to come along.when se opens her mouth to talk most times you will notice that she really doesn't know what she is talking about. she is always defensive. the way she treated spinn was pretty bad too. she just reminds me of these black flies we have, they irritate you to death buzzing around and then land on you and bite you. i just don't like anything that irritates me. maybe some of the other gals might want to express some stronger views but that is the only explanation i can give you. (sorry mob boss "guys" too!)

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