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    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'General Hospital'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates, which we strive to ensure are posted before 6:00pm ET!

    Faulty Brakes.

    Wednesday, April 23 2008
    Anthony sides with Ric over Claudia, Dr. Devlin sends Sam away and Jason witnesses a car crash.

    Nik goes out to his stables and finds Nadine there, ready to take him up on his offer to let her ride. They promptly disagree on how to care for the horses and she tells Nik that he won't be around long to do it anyway. Next they start talking about riding and argue about the differences between her rodeo style versus his proper English form. Finally she challenges him to a race and they're off. After a fast and furious ride Nik finds himself saying something about passing his love of riding onto his son and then stops. Nadine reminds him that it's not too late for him to have the surgery to save his life. Nik turns combative and insists that Emily is an essential part of him and he can't lose her. He tells her that Spencer will have Alexis, Lucky and Lulu when he's gone. Nadine is fed up with his "will to die" and leaves.

    Michael has been moved out of intensive care and into a regular room at GH. Carly and Jason are sitting with him when Liz comes in to check charts. The tension between Jason and Liz is palpable but Carly is too nervous to notice. Liz promises her that Robin will be paged when the doctors from Berlin arrive. After she leaves, Jason tries to talk to Carly about accepting reality, but she can't believe that he is giving up like everyone else. He gently tells her that he knows it's hard, and then asks her to take a deep breath and hear what the experts are telling her. Carly says that she can't live without Michael.

    Sam runs into Dr. Devlin at the nurses' desk and he asks her to see him tonight. First however, he wants to know why she's suddenly interested? She is able to convince him that her motives are true and they make plans to go back to his place later.

    Robin locks herself out of her apartment and screams in frustration! Patrick comes running to see if she's cramping and finds her picking the lock. She's upset that she's so absent-minded lately and Patrick takes charge of the situation by calling the superintendent. Once they're inside, she grumbles about turning into the clich├ęd pregnant woman. She finally finds the keys and then leaves her purse behind.

    Logan is pushing Anthony from physical therapy back to his room at Shady Brook. When they arrive, Claudia is sitting on his bed and acting like the perfect "daddy's little girl." She tries to take credit for hiring Ric to get him out of prison, but Logan says otherwise. Ric shows up just in time and busts Claudia for violating his restraining order. Claudia tries once again to tell Anthony that Ric is her hired gun and Anthony says that someone is lying. "Give me one reason to believe you over my daughter," he says to his surprised attorney. Ric and Claudia go at it and Anthony takes it all in. As Claudia tries to convince Anthony that Ric is working for Sonny a security cop comes in and throws her out. After she's gone, Anthony tells Ric that Claudia made some sense and points out that Ric wants power. Ric says that the only agenda he has is to gain power away from his father, that's all. Satisfied for now, Anthony tells Ric that he can handle Claudia.

    Claudia calls Jason from her car and tells him to meet her at the overlook on the road leading to Shady Brook. Jason, who is still with Michael, says he's busy but Claudia tells him that she has info about who shot Michael.

    After Jason leaves, the doctors from Berlin arrive and consult with Robin before examining Michael. After they've meet Carly and Jax and conducted a preliminary exam on Michael, they say that it's too soon to make any recommendations. Carly comes right out and asks what the chances are of her son coming out of his coma. They tell her that it's unlikely that he'll ever come around and if so, he will have some kind of brain damage. They leave to set up tests and Carly tells Jax that she won't get her fairy tale ending, but when her son wakes up she will care for him herself.

    Sam and Devlin go back to his dump and she asks why he lives in such a cave. He pours her a drink and says that the staff at larger hotels is too intrusive. She asks what he's so afraid they will intrude on? He quietly tells her that this sounds more like an interrogation than foreplay. She comments that an interrogation could be fun and proceeds to role play a cop for him, all the while trying to find out more about his background. Devlin is turned on for a moment, but then tells her that he knows she used to be with Jason Morgan and pushes her out the door.

    Robin comes home from work and Liz arrives soon after with some baby clothes that Jake has outgrown. The two friends sit down to talk and Liz asks if she can ask a personal question. "How did you stop loving Jason?" She explains that she and Jason had been seeing each other secretly until Michael was shot, but now know that they have to stay apart. Robin says that it took a long time for her to move on, in fact, she had to move to Paris and ultimately fall in love with Patrick. Liz smiles and says that Patrick is safe and dependable and Robin laughs that she should never tell him that! He knocks at the door and Liz uses an excuse to leave.

    Emily finds Nikolas out with the horses and comments on the wild ride he just took with Nadine. He jokes that being reckless is one benefit of knowing that you're dying. She starts to argue with him about having the surgery but he kisses her. Then she starts to tell him how much Spencer needs him but has to stop because Devlin shows up with news of a new drug that will keep him alive AND seeing Emily indefinitely. Emily takes it all in as Devlin asks for another ten million dollars. Nik sighs and then tells him no.

    Jason gets to the overlook before Claudia does, so he calls her. She tells him that she's just a minute away and he comments that he can see her headlights. Then she puts the phone down because she's having problems with her car. Suddenly there's a crash! He races over to her car and pulls her out.

    Out at Shady Brook, Logan has tucked Anthony in for the night and left. One of the Zacchara goons comes in and tells Anthony that the ambush on Claudia has hit a snag. He tells Anthony that Jason Morgan showed up and pulled her out of the car after it crashed. Anthony says that he wants the shooter to take them both out.

    At the crash site, Jason is pulling Claudia away from the car when bullets start flying. They take cover as best they can and Claudia comments that someone must want to finish the job. Jason assesses their location and tells her that they are trapped.

    Next on General Hospital:

    Lulu tells Johnny that she's ready to have some fun.

    Anna shows up and gasps at Robin's big belly.

    Spinelli asks Diane how to "tame the wild heart."

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    Posted by Sapphire Minx at Wednesday, April 23 2008 02:29 PM

    Hi all!!!!
    I loved watching Jason and Liz!!!! You can see what this is doing to them in their faces.
    I feel for Carly. I honestly do. Whatever she's done this is the hardest thing any parent can go through.
    Sam and Dr.D. saw that coming.
    I love Robin!!!! I always have and her preggies is funny!!!!
    I like the Patrick stand in.

    Posted by Sapphire Minx at Wednesday, April 23 2008 02:35 PM

    This is going to be funny with CZ.
    Jason is such a good guy!!!!

    Hi to Matthewsmom, Roe, Susie, onesoaponly, Renn, cbru, Spencer55, ms_than6, KiaKia, fraigle, NicFan, cjsmom, Ransomha,AussieGal, NY, and anyone I forgot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *********************Spoiler Alert************************

    Liz and Jason make love.
    Anna will be coming back.
    Sam and LS still like each other.
    CZ tries to get Jason to open up and trust her.
    Jerry and Alexis get closer.

    So far all the spoilers I've read have happened.

    Posted by Sapphire Minx at Wednesday, April 23 2008 02:35 PM

    or is that onlyonesoap, oh dear. I'm not doing good.

    Posted by Sapphire Minx at Wednesday, April 23 2008 02:45 PM

    Robin is funny!! I firmly believe in "absence makes the heart grow founder".... Liason will be together soon.
    Later all....

    I got stuff to do.

    Posted by patmemin at Wednesday, April 23 2008 04:22 PM

    can someone pls let me know what happened with the Monica thing. the last i saw she was in court. i guess i missed that episode. thanx anybody

    Posted by Roe15 at Wednesday, April 23 2008 05:08 PM

    Hey Sapphire, noone posted yet? Wow, I am shocked although GH has been boring of late to me anyway. I only enjoy it when Jason/Liz are on and today, was so sad with the way they were longing for each other, I was hoping that he would chase after her. The good thing is that when they finally do get back together, it should be good. Maybe we will see a shirtless Jason? No Diane today which I could have used some comedy. Sam and Dr. Ian was pretty stupid her trying to get info, boring storyline. The actor playing Patrick is really nice looking but I couldn't get use to him playing Patrick. Wouldn't mind him staying on for another character though, he had nice dipples.

    Posted by Sapphire Minx at Wednesday, April 23 2008 05:26 PM

    Monica is in rehab.
    Jason went and told her about Michael.
    I don't think GH has been boring.
    It bugs me when ppl. want action every eppy. and it just isn't that way.
    I've picked in at other soaps and to me GH has so much more to offer then those soaps do.
    Take care....
    Goodnight ladies.

    Posted by Roe15 at Wednesday, April 23 2008 05:57 PM

    Well Sapphire, I feel GH is a bit boring because I enjoy it even more when Jason/Elizabeth are on, true Liason fan, sorry. Don't get me wrong, I love the Spin/Maxi, Diane/Max, and Alexis/Jerry because of the comedy they bring to the show. I am bored with Ric/Anthony/Logan/Lulu/Johnny/Sonny/Kate/Carly/Jax/Dr Devlin/Claudia/Nik/Nadine,storylines because they are dragging them out I feel.(my opinion) Carly has suffered in that hospital for how long? I can't handle seeing Michael lying there anymore. Also Robin is getting on my nerves a bit with the pregnancy. Thank goodness Anna comes back to lighten things up a bit. Until Jason/Elizabeth get back together again, I won't be a happy camper.(lol)

    Posted by myhand at Wednesday, April 23 2008 06:01 PM

    Wow you liz jason fans get over it. just not going to happen. jason has seeing the light. with women like liz the man has a 24-7 job careing for them. with women like Sam and wow womwn like sam the man don't have to worry and in fact women like sam even help keep the man safe...jason has seeing the light ... yessssssssssssssssssssssss

    Posted by Dalltan at Wednesday, April 23 2008 06:15 PM

    I agree, that General Hospital has been boring lately. I need a break from Carly, that storyline has been stretched thin. What really is Ric's agenda? Is is ONLY to get back at Trevor, how does Sonny fit into those plans? I love the Diane/Max interaction, those two are fun to watch and throw Alexis into the mix and WOW - very intertaining.

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