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Tuesday, March 04 2008
Mac is furious that Jason's action have brought a killer back to town, Lucky shows Sam some tenderness and Nik shows Diego his wrath.

Epiphany is back to work and true to her grumpy form. Patrick has come in to get some files to take home with him and Robin snaps at him. Epiphany asks what's wrong with them now!?! Robin says that nothing's wrong with her, in fact, she's having a baby and feeling wonderful. They run into each other later and she asks why he didn't go back to Jake's yet. He says he missed happy hour and is waiting for "desperate hour." He informs her that if she's going to think the worst of him, he's going to live up to it.

Sonny goes to check up on Carly and Morgan and finds out that she's pregnant. He is surprised, but happy for her. She tells him that Jason thinks Diego is alive. Sonny says there could be life on Mars, too. He says that the Zaccharas are to blame for Michael's disappearance! Jax comes home and tells him if he's wrong it could cost them Michael. He says Sonny is being stupidly sure of himself and Sonny reminds him that Michael is still his kid. He tells Jax to concentrate on his own kid that's "in the oven."

Down in the sewer system, Maxie is grumbling while Spinelli tries to work on his laptop. Maxie asks why he never noticed Georgie in any way other than just a friend? He searches for just the right words and finally settles with, "I've never been in the position to give my heart, body and soul to someone. When I do, all there is of me will be all theirs." He quickly shakes off his sentiments and tells Maxie to try to squeeze through the bars. Glad for a plan, she gets halfway out and then realizes she is stuck. That's when Spinelli learns that he was indeed able to override the system only now the grate will retract and scrape off anything that's stuck to it. Uh-oh.

Nikolas has taken Nadine to the place on the waterfront where Diego was killed on the theory that he might be staying here. Nadine is able to produce a flashlight from her pediatrics bag and Nik starts looking around. She asks if he plans on "taking an eye for an eye" or if he plans to move on with his life? He lashes out at her for not moving on either and asks her what kind of life she's built for herself? He's hit a nerve and as he goes up some stairs, she throws something at him. That's when Diego shows up.

On the bridge, Liz is checking on Jason as Lucky hangs over the edge to look for Sam. She's hanging onto the ledge for dear life! He's able to wriggle closer and grab her hand. With a great deal of effort he pulls her up to the bridge. She tells him that he saved her life but he didn't have to. "Yes I did," Lucky pants.

The paramedics and cops arrive and Sam explains Diego's motives for coming back to town. Mac is furious. He says that Jason got away with killing Lorenzo and now everyone is paying for it. Liz reminds Mac that Jason saved her and Sam's lives tonight. Mac takes both of their statements and then puts out an APB on Diego. When they have a minute alone, Sam asks Liz what she was doing in her building? Before Liz can answer, a paramedic tells them that Jason will be alright, but his hands will need a lot of suturing.

Jerry pushes into Alexis' Metro Court office and before she can grumble about it, he reminds her that they shared a passionate kiss a while back. She reminds him that as the DA, she can't represent him any more. She suggests that Diane could be his lawyer since she can easily turn a blind eye toward her client's behavior. He says that he'd rather spend time alone with her. She reminds him for the billionth time that they only have a professional relationship. He reminds her that she is attracted to dangerous men and names Sonny and Ric. "I want you, understand?" Jerry says playfully. She tells him to find a hobby or read a book, but leave her alone!

Nik is looking around the waterfront in hopes of finding any clue to Diego's whereabouts. He starts to freak out, but when he sees Emily he calms down. Just below him, Diego has nabbed Nadine. She puts up one heck of a fight and starts shrieking for Nikolas. By the time Nikolas races down the stairs, all he can find is a jar of chlorophyll.

Michael has brought in some firewood and Peg thanks him. She tells him he should call home, and he finally tells her that he shot someone by accident. Peg kindly talks to him about it and then says that she hasn't seen anything on the news about a missing boy. Michael says that his dad told him to keep running if he ever touched a gun. Peg says that running away could cause more trouble and then goes to make supper. As he settles in for the night, she brings him a phone and tells him she'll pay for the call.

Sam is tucked into a hospital bed and Lucky stops by to see her before heading out to look for Diego. She tells him that he's hurt and needs to let someone else handle it. He won't hear of it. When Dr. Devlin comes in to check Sam out, Lucky makes him promise to take good care of her.

Down the hall, Jason has been evaluated and it isn't good. Patrick tells him and Liz that he has several deep cuts in his hands and one finger is hanging by a thread. He warns if they don't act fast he won't have the nerve coordination to hold a spoon in either hand.

Diego has freed himself from Nadine and makes his way over to a laptop. He pulls up a blueprint graphic of some property and hits the "Activate when ready" button. Just then he is grabbed from behind by Nikolas.

Next on General Hospital:

Luke asks Lulu if she's keeping anything about Laura from him.

Jason asks Patrick if he'll ever be able to work again?

Nik tells Diego that he's going to make sure that he stays dead this time.

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