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    Tuesday, March 04 2008
    Mac is furious that Jason's action have brought a killer back to town, Lucky shows Sam some tenderness and Nik shows Diego his wrath.

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    Posted by kiakia at Tuesday, March 04 2008 03:36 PM

    Yes onlyonesoap they are putting way to much into Liz going to Sam's place. Dr Devlin has concerns about trying to reach Sam and let Liz know it was important that he be able to do so just incase something happen with her stitches. And being who Liz is and what I love about her she took it upon herself and went to check on Sam or atleast get her number so Dr Devlin could do so. I guess its like she doesn't like the woman so why does she care or go through the extra effort most wouldn't. Like if she had mention Sam was in the trunk Sam could have went over that cliff. But I also think that the guilt of not knowing if she was the one that hurt Sam is playing on Liz's mind so she wanted to make sure to get Sam's number for the doctor.

    Posted by kiakia at Tuesday, March 04 2008 03:40 PM

    Matthewsmom something about Jerry I like as well. But I still haven't forgiven him for killing Stan and taking joy in it. So I guess with him I have that flower I'm picking petals from I love him I love him not.

    Posted by onlyonesoap at Tuesday, March 04 2008 03:42 PM

    Well said kiakia!

    Posted by ransomha at Tuesday, March 04 2008 03:48 PM

    Carley still didn't mention to Sonny that Michael called! Kinda a important fact to leave out. Liked Layla's new hair cut. IF that is why Liz was at Sam's thats a pretty lame excuse. I think there is more to it.

    Posted by onlyonesoap at Tuesday, March 04 2008 03:52 PM

    ransomha...they are totally blowing that s/l. Carly and Sonny are supposed to be this great divorced couple sharing joint custody and it has been 48 hours and this is the first contact you have with eachother.

    Loved Jax in that scene, but can still see the despair Carly has between Sonny and Jax.

    Posted by plisanne at Tuesday, March 04 2008 03:54 PM

    Hey ladies! How are you guys doing. I havent watched todays or yesterdays epi yet ( Im about to go to youtube now to check it out) but I wanted to stop in and say hello first.

    Posted by kiakia at Tuesday, March 04 2008 03:59 PM

    onlyonesoap yes I agree with you they are handling this Michael being missing s/l all wrong to me too. You would think both Sonny & Carly would be combing PC themselves to find their child. I don't care if they left it to Jason I would be his backup. And you would think they would update each other with any info they could to ease each other minds.

    ransomha I guess I can totally see Liz's guilt as a main reason to check up on Sam. There is nothing like guilt to eat away at a person. Well some people others just go on skipping down the road. But if you supposed to be a good character your consciencous will get at you if even think you did something wrong.

    Posted by onlyonesoap at Tuesday, March 04 2008 04:04 PM

    kiakia...we are on the same page today...Liz does feel quilty-I forgot about the hit and Dr. Devlin' inquiry is probably just an excuse in her head to go check on Sam - maybe to also see if Sam remembered anything. That would match her character.

    Now that being said, the looks Sam was giving Liz could kill!

    Posted by plisanne at Tuesday, March 04 2008 04:05 PM

    I think the reason they are emphasizing Liz going to Sam's apartment is because thata was supposed to be Liz's opportunity to come clean and tell Sam that it may have been her (Liz) that hit her (Sam). I think Lz's main reason for going over to Sams was the guilt that she felt thinking that she may have hit her

    Posted by Midwestern GH Fan at Tuesday, March 04 2008 04:06 PM

    onlyonesoap and ransomah Sonny is so sure that the Z's have Michael that he is not thinking beyond that. So even if they do have him why not try to find out where and go rescue him? Carly not mentioning Michel's call and Sonny not telling about the bullets is wrong!

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