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    Tuesday, March 04 2008
    Mac is furious that Jason's action have brought a killer back to town, Lucky shows Sam some tenderness and Nik shows Diego his wrath.

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    Posted by Dyallon at Tuesday, March 04 2008 02:42 PM

    Still at work...haven't seen the episode yet (sounds great!). Did Nik find CHLOROPHYLL or CHLOROFORM? One makes plants green...other puts you to sleep. Personally, I hope Diego used chlorophyll!

    Posted by onlyonesoap at Tuesday, March 04 2008 02:47 PM

    Ok - I am lovin GH right now!

    Patrick and Robin are really hittin the s/l perfectly! ITA with the way Robin is acting. Patrick seems to contradict himself...thru these few seemed as if he was softening and then to Robin...he says he was releived when he thought it wasn't his...but from my memory...I thought he seemed sad when he "assumed" Robin went to sperm bank. Anyway, his actions are speaking louder than his words! To me, he is just afraid to admit that he wants this baby with Robin! Go Patty Go...just do it already!

    As for my favorite s/l - Jason/Liz -- I have been a liason fan since the beginning and have waited patiently, but in no way shape or form do I want him giving up the Mob b/c his hands are busted. Please!! The ultimate love story would either be giving up the Mob for his family and him coming full circle with his emotions and leading an exciting life in some other occupation.

    Also, not sure why the are making mysterious that Liz went to Sam's apartment...Didn't Dr. Devlin ask her to find Sam??

    Posted by Midwestern GH Fan at Tuesday, March 04 2008 02:55 PM

    Finally Sonny and Carly have a conversation about their missing son! At least we didn't have to hear about yellow hats and Easter parades! Love Jax-the only one thinking clearly.

    Well it looks like Nik is going to be able to avenge Em's death.

    Posted by onlyonesoap at Tuesday, March 04 2008 03:00 PM

    Oh! Have to say I am liking Nadine and does anyone else think something will come about all the Pediatric talk? Maybe something to do with Spencer??

    Posted by Matthewsmom at Tuesday, March 04 2008 03:06 PM

    Ok I will try to post today. I am probably the only one that doesnt like the Nadine character. Sorry guys. She is just a babbling girl to me. Not good enough for Nikolas. Spinelli's babbling I pretty much am used to, so maybe she will grow on me as well. I love Jerry and Alexis together. "Tomato, Tomato whats the difference?" I love him! Bad boy or not he couldnt be worse than Ric. I would love for Jason to not be able to do mob work anymore. That would be a Liason fans dream. Come on TPTB give us our dream!

    Posted by onlyonesoap at Tuesday, March 04 2008 03:14 PM

    I was nice to hear Michael admit what he did, that s/l needs to move along now!

    I too did not think Mac's behaviour was professional...but yet what he said was true!

    AH HA! Maybe that is why Jason should leave the Mob-Emily's death. I have been watching GH but for the life of me can't remember -- Has Jason lost anyone close to him b/c of the Mob?

    Posted by onlyonesoap at Tuesday, March 04 2008 03:15 PM

    To death, that is?

    Posted by aussie-gal at Tuesday, March 04 2008 03:18 PM

    cjsmom, in answer to your question earlier, yes I went to the Daytime Emmys last year. And, they're in LA this year - June 20th at the Kodak Theatre...I can't wait.

    You can thank GHRocks for the evil laugh....I LMAO too!!

    Go Nik, I reckon it's going to be him that kills Diego!
    Poor Jase, I'll make you feel better.

    Speaking of Nikoas, where is NicFan & efizzle?....I miss them!!!

    Now, does Michael get to call his mother who is busy painting the nursery an awful awful shade of green??? Looks like something Carly's baby will throw up....hehehe

    Posted by aussie-gal at Tuesday, March 04 2008 03:20 PM

    Oh, thanks counselorgirl....

    Posted by kiakia at Tuesday, March 04 2008 03:31 PM

    Well I'm glad everyone was saved hopefully these four Liz Jason Lucky & Sam can make this a turning point and find happiness and stop pointing fingers or interfering with each others lives. But that is too much like right.

    BarbysAngels i think they are revisiting the story they did with Alan on his son Jason. Remember he hurt his hands and had to reexamine his life and career. Well now its seems that s/l has come full circle with Jason. If you can't shoot you can be a good mob enforcer eh?

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