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    Life-Altering Moments.

    Friday, February 29 2008
    Lucky's shot, Liz and Sam teeter on the edge of death and Patrick learns that he's about to become a father.

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    Posted by sadiebubs at Friday, February 29 2008 03:17 PM

    SOOO bummed that i missed todays show!!!! i don't have soap-net either!! Is there any other way to see todays eppy?

    I'm hoping that when sam is rescued, she is going to take care of joes baby!!!! what do you think of that??

    I can't believe claudia told kate about her and sonny!!!!
    nothin' like kicking her when shes down!!!

    Posted by esprit at Friday, February 29 2008 03:20 PM

    Reading from the recaps, it seemed like a good week overall... i havent' watched any eppys sadly (with you know life and all), but will try and catch up over the weekend.

    Till then, ummm.. I agree with you NYDrama

    Posted by Midwestern GH Fan at Friday, February 29 2008 03:25 PM

    Happy Friday and what a great Friday show it was. Monday should be as exciting.

    I too think that Pat is happy to finally know the truth. He suspected all along now it's up to Robin. I think we are going to see her make it hard on Pat to become involved-for a while anyway.

    What is Jerry upto again? He wants the piers but is it for or with the Z's. And the tatoo guy-do we think it's DR.D? Speaking of Dr.D-why does it always seem that he is on a sopa box? There is a lot more to him than meets the eye!

    Sonnylicious you frustrate me! Your son is missing and you calmly discuss yellow hats! Now you think you have it all wrapped up because you nabbed Johnny and Trevor but go looking for where they might have Michael. You have money,resources and manpower and all you talk about is the Easter parade. I think you may have pushed Claudia too far. And ITA with everyone who thinks that there is no communication in the Corinthos family. Carly and Sonny have not had one conversation since Michael went missing. Come on writers this is not believable!

    Posted by Midwestern GH Fan at Friday, February 29 2008 03:29 PM

    As much as I love Jason and am sure that he is going to save the day yet again, I was hoping that Lucky would have a chance to come out being the hero just this once.

    Posted by SparklesP at Friday, February 29 2008 03:33 PM

    Sadie Sam taking care of Joes baby is brilliant!

    Posted by Roe15 at Friday, February 29 2008 03:39 PM

    I HATE CLIFFHANGER FRIDAY'S! I hate when they do that, now I can't wait for Monday and I don't want to wish the weekend away. Ok, scenes I could have done without, Sonny/Kate/Claudia and Lulu/Johnny/Logan. I was screaming at the tv to Robin, tell him! So glad she told him and I hope he sticks around to be the baby's father after the shock wears out. I guess he heard us when we kept saying that he had to be stupid if he didn't figure out if the baby was his or not, hello, broken condom, Robin pregnant? Jason/Liz/Lucky/Sam, I can't take all the action, it should have been more of them today, that was real good, looking forward to Wednesday to see how they made those scenes, pretty cool. Nik, he will get his revenge soon enough with Diego. Maxi/Spin. what can I say, I love them. They are so much fun together, I enjoy watching them when other things are boring, they bring such fun to the show like another Diane. Speaking of, haven't saw her in awhile.

    Posted by Roe15 at Friday, February 29 2008 03:41 PM

    Sapphire, GHROCKS we got some Liason, I am so excited. NYDRAMA, you are going to be getting alot of Sam I am sure after this one is over. I heard that Dr. Devlin pays an interest in her, yuk, I don't really like him at all. Johnny, writting Lulu a song? Sonny, he is just getting on my nerves now. Come on, your son is missing and you are more interested in your girlfriend? Please, get your priorities straight, even my kids come before my husband(sometimes).

    Posted by plisanne at Friday, February 29 2008 03:42 PM

    Midwestern, I am just praying that Jax's men are successful in finding that little boy cuz if we wait for Sonny, Michael will be an old man by the time he comes home(atleast the statute of limitations law will apply and he will no longer be prosicutable for Kate's shooting)- Hey, maybe THATS what Sonny is waiting for to look for his son!

    Posted by Roe15 at Friday, February 29 2008 03:43 PM

    Midwestern, according to the rumors/spoilers, Jason does not take care of Diego. I also like the idea of Sam adopting Joe's baby, they know each other and I don't think Joe can handle a baby including if he does go to jail but I have a feeling he might not be but if he does, good idea and maybe Lucky could help out too.

    Posted by Roe15 at Friday, February 29 2008 03:47 PM

    plisanne, any snow yet? Not here in Staten Island but it did get darker than usual. I think Spinelli will be the hero this time and find Michael. He needs to do something right since he is trying to be a PI and keeps messing up.Speaking of, were are he and Maxi anyway? I heard them mention the sewer but where and since when do they have an elevator that looks like a prison? I am a bit confused on what Coop was trying to tell them. Does it have something to do with the TMK or something else? Anyone know?

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