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    Life-Altering Moments.

    Friday, February 29 2008
    Lucky's shot, Liz and Sam teeter on the edge of death and Patrick learns that he's about to become a father.

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    Posted by lovegh11 at Friday, February 29 2008 02:28 PM

    Hi all! So todays eppi was nail bitting, heart pounding awsome!!!!!! Can't wait till monday. I never wish my weekends away but i am this weekend.
    So glad the truth came out abt Robins baby daddy. Cind of diopionted she didin't tell him and he had to confront her, awell at least she didn't lie anymore abt it.
    RUN JASON RUN, save Sam & Liz!!! Poor Lucky was shot and he didn't even see it coming.
    Alexis is on to Jerry Hmmmm!!! Whats up his sleeve? Sure it's not good?
    So this is just my thought but, i'm pretty sure the man w/ the tattoo on his shoulder is the devious Dr. The voice sounds the same.
    Well thats my thoughts for today. Have a good weekend all! Bye.

    Posted by lovegh11 at Friday, February 29 2008 02:32 PM

    Sorry abt the miss spells. Meant to say Kind of disopointed she didn't tell him

    Posted by NYDrama at Friday, February 29 2008 02:33 PM

    Sapphire-are you happy? hee,hee,hee....
    What a difference a week has made right?

    Sam-so now we know what she was doing w/the phone, left it to record everything so she left her clues! Good going girl!!

    Alexis-what a grand performance from her today! Told Jerry she's onto him and his scheming ways. ha,ha,ha!

    Sonny-them is dangerous words you are spitting at Claudia! Now he is crazy, to taunt someone like her! Yikes!

    Robin/Joe-heartbreaking!!! Didn't expect that coming! So sad, such a great scene between them.

    Robin/Patrick-aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! I was holding my breath on that one! We knew he knew, guess he couldn't hold it in anymore. I am going to enjoy Robin this time around. Can't wait!

    Elizabeth-I was on the edge of my seat and I seriously felt nauseous with the intensity of everything that was happening. Like a horror movie, waiting for the scary man to wake up!! Geesh, that was crazy!! How did she recognize Sam's muffled voice? Hmmm, maybe she's got super powers too!! Oh man, wouldn't it be great if it really was the ladies that bring Diego down? But, alas...someone else has shown up.

    Lucky-for crying out loud!!!!!! This poor guy, he is the first on the scene, and BAM! Get's shot down before he can see or do anything. Why? Because you know who is coming to save the day, that's the only way it goes down in PC!

    Jason-what else is new?

    Posted by lovegh11 at Friday, February 29 2008 02:34 PM

    Oh i forgot to say, Do you think Johnny is writing a song for Lulu on the wall of the padded cell? Awwww, how sweet!

    Posted by NYDrama at Friday, February 29 2008 02:36 PM

    BeanCounter-I totally forgot Devlins scene. Love how he told off Dr. Ford!!! Yeah, he's had that coming. But, the question here is WHY was Dr.Devlin so compassionate? I'm not sure how to read this guy.

    Posted by BeanCounter at Friday, February 29 2008 02:42 PM

    I agree with you NYDrama. There seems to be two sides to him: sort of a Dr. Jeckyl/Mr. Hyde. That is what I find so interesting about him.

    Posted by FLAteacher at Friday, February 29 2008 02:46 PM

    I think it was lousy that Sonny seemed to pick on Johnny for feeling claustrophobic when he himself suffers from the same illness. And why the heck hasn't Carly called to tell Sonny that Michael called her!!! FOR PETE'S SAKE!!!

    Just reading this is so intense, I can't wait to watch. My hubby made me promise to wait 4 him... apparently it hooked him too!

    Posted by niko100 at Friday, February 29 2008 03:02 PM

    Today show was really good cant wait till Monday.I am happy Robin told Patrick the truth about the baby. Nydrama I also think Alexis did a great job w/today show. Have a good weekend everyone see you guys Monday.

    Posted by Susie1000 at Friday, February 29 2008 03:06 PM

    Hey Ladies ~~~ I didn't get to watch today's epi' yet. Car troubles delayed me in getting home in time. Of all days!!!
    Loved the update Julie. Can't wait to see it on Soapnet.

    Sooooooooo sad that Angela died!!!! How is Joe going to take care of a newborn from jail???? Somebody step in and help this guy!!!!! Hats off to Patrick for getting him out of jail, getting him a job, and getting Angela admitted to GH for their baby to be born. But, what's next???

    I can't comment on the scenes w/ Diego/Liz/Sam/Lucky/Jason yet......'cuz I haven't seen them!!!!!! BOO HOO!

    Gotta go fix dinner. Back in a few.

    Posted by plisanne at Friday, February 29 2008 03:08 PM

    Hey ladies, todays episode was GREAT!! I didnt even see the end yet (I had to leave 20 minutes before the show ended) and I am going to be biting my nails until someone finally puts it on youtube

    FLAteacher I totally agree, how come Sonny ddoesnt know that Michael called Carly yet. There is a serious lack of communication going on in that family. Whats the problem?

    Lovegh11, I also am disappointed in Scrubs. I am excited that Patrick knows now and i have hope that he will do the right thing... but I wish she would have come out and told him instead of him guessing. Especially because it was getting really obvious that he knew anyway!!!!! Robin... bad girl! Bad girl! I am just not satisfied with the fact that Patrick hadd to guess the truth. I think the writers made it way too easy for Robin... especially since she is "The Port Charles Official Baby Daddy Secret Blower". ... tisk tisk

    NYDrama, I was kinda disappointed when Nik stayed behind. I really wanted him to be the hero this time! He needs this! Jason is HOTTTTTTTTTTTTT and I'm always happy to watch him in hero mode, but... I was hoping the writers would do something less obvious than the "Jason and Lucky saving Liz and Sam story". It would have been nice if Nik could have avenged death of the love of his life and save his cousin and one of his best friends in the process. ...Oh well

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