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Friday, February 22 2008
Logan slips into a coma, Carly slips into panic mode and someone slips a cord around Sam's neck. It's Diego!

Jax returns home from checking all of Michael's friends' houses and finds Carly pacing. No one has seen him. He thinks it's time to call the police but Carly wants to follow Jason's orders. Jax reminds her that they are Michael's parents and get to make all decisions regarding him. He says that he's tired of having 2nd rate status in their marriage and for once doesn't want Carly going by Jason and the mob rules. Carly thanks him for yelling at her when she is scared to death and Jax apologizes for upsetting her. He goes out for a while and Carly calls Bobbie.

Dr. Leo comes into Kate's room and Sonny tells him that she is going in and out of consciousness. Dr. Leo asks him to leave so he can do an assessment. Sonny meets Jason in the hall and learns that Michael is missing. Sonny says that they need to wait to be notified by the Zaccharas with a ransom demand. He says that he thinks Claudia is the worst of the bunch and likely shot Kate. Jason doesn't get why he'd make that assumption. "Let's just say she doesn't take rejection very well," Sonny tells Jason.

Claudia is deep in thought at the mansion as Trevor finds her and demands to know if she shot Kate Howard. She denies it and then asks when he was going to tell her that he is Sonny's step daddy. She says that he is far too involved in her family business for someone with so many secrets. She promises to take him down and Trevor says she is over confident. He informs her that all he needs is the Alcazar property and then he'll take his rightful place. He threatens to have her carted off again if she gets in his way.

Ric has asked Liz to come over to take a look at Marianna's cuts. When she takes a look at Marianna's bloodied face Liz asks Ric what he did to her!?! Ric doesn't blame her for making that assumption, but says that he didn't hurt her. He tells Marianna that she can trust Liz. They tell Liz about her immigration problem as Liz gently tends to her wounds. After Marianne goes for a bath, Liz asks Ric how much he's told this woman about his past. Ric says that he can't change what he's done, but can redirect his future, then he tells Liz about the waterfront property he was given. He asks her if Jason were to change his life and be with her, would she want everyone to judge him for his past?

The new lovebirds wake up together and Johnny says it's the first time he can remember that he's happy to wake up. He goes out for coffee and comments that there's nothing but a seedy coffee shop near the Haunted Star and that there's a gold mine waiting to be developed. Lulu is impressed with his business sense and he says that he feels free all of a sudden. Lulu gets weepy because they are feeling so good while Logan is in trouble. She says that she was involved with a potential serial killer and that is confusing to her. Johnny assures her that she has a trusting heart, that's all. He says that he was ready to let her make her choice, but was afraid that his life would hurt her if she chose him over Logan. Now it's different though, he says. He's ready to step out from behind Trevor and his family business. He asks her to meet him in an hour for a real date, but first he needs to go home and straighten something out "with a little girl with red shoes who thinks that love kills."

Back at the hospital, Alexis finds Sam outside of Logan's hospital room. Sam lists all of the victims and potential victims of the TMK and asks if she really thinks it was Logan Hayes? Alexis says they need to let it play itself out and then presents Sam with a new phone that does everything but mix drinks. They laugh as they say that Sam needs something to preoccupy her for a while anyway. As they sit and talk, Sam says that Dr. Devlin agreed to send her home today. Lucky is nearby and overhears. He says they need to talk about that, but then takes a call. Alexis says that she would feel better if Sam would come home with her. Sam says that she is perfectly capable of going home by herself.

Jerry finds Alexis and asks how Kristina is. After they go their separate ways, he takes a call. He listens for a while and then says, "Do you have any idea how many people are going to be upset by this news?" He hangs up and finds Jason as he's about to leave the hospital. He says that they need to talk about Lorenzo Alcazar. Jason's ears perk up as Jerry tells him that Lorenzo has been making withdrawals from Venezuelan bank accounts for months.

Kate wakes up and finds Alexis sitting with her. Groggily, Kate tells Alexis that she's glad she's okay. Down the hall, Lulu is outside of Logan's room as Patrick tells Scott that Logan has slipped into a coma.

Over at Ric's, Marianna has finished her bath and Ric gives her some tea. They sit by the fireplace and she asks if he still loves Elizabeth. He says he will always have a fondness in his heart for her, but he betrayed her. She looks for her clothes, but he says they had blood on them so he arranged for some new things to be delivered. Later, there's a knock on the door and Marianna is surprised to learn that it's Trevor. He is impressed to find her there and comments that she might have forgotten who she's working for. Ric comes out and asks what's going on.

Johnny has gone home looking for Claudia. Instead, he finds Sonny who promptly says, "This is for Kate," as he pulls his trigger.

Jax has come home with some healthy food for Carly. She says that her instincts tell her that Michael is scared and cold and wants to come home. Just then, her phone rings and although he doesn't speak, she knows it's Michael on the other end.

A masked man is in Sam's apartment waiting for her to come home. When she keys into her door, he hides. Before she can settle in, Lucky shows up and wants to talk. Sam takes a hard line with him for feeling nothing but pity for her. She says that she is hurt inside and out, but at least all of her secrets are out now. Lucky asks her to call if she needs something and she says that he will be the last person she calls - unless he calls back for the right reasons. Lucky leaves and Sam starts to unpack. It doesn't take long for her to end up with a cord wrapped around her neck. She struggles, breaks free and finally lands on the couch. She gasps as she asks the masked man who he is. He takes of his mask. It's Diego Alcazar.

Next on General Hospital:

Sonny tells Johnny that the next shot is for Michael and this time he won't miss.

"Here I am," Diego tells Sam.

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